World of Warships: Hot Sauce (WiP, Twitch excerpt)

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I take the upcoming USS Worcester out for a spin. Things burn. Many, many things burn.


  1. No Wittherer…..not all the fires 😉

  2. mynameiswritinwater

    informative…. and iz would be reall ynice,, iy you could show us the torpedo variant of Monaghan as a youtube clip as well ? much appreciated

  3. What camo is that? Is it the one from Twitch, and is it a perm camo? Thanks!

  4. why is the sauce hot?
    coz ye poured it on the barrels, ye knucklehead!

  5. That camo really gives me that Saved By The Bell, A Different World and Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air vibe

  6. Can’t wait for the other insane Japanese gunboat.
    The Harugumo with IHFE, Yamamoto captain and a torpedo reload boost for EXTRA LOLZ

  7. mmm I think she is fine as she is .. powerful guns and toys . Squishy when fired on .. The Megalanta ……

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