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In which I try and to stop talking about upcoming to World of Warships while Kartoffelkreiger does his best to run up a cricket score in the background.

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  1. i dont think wargaming needs to buff the ships.. just give each pristige rank a different paint job. peoople will be happy to just get shiny!!!

    • @Jaime Bacariza Morillas Not really though. Even if credits and XP was increased by +100%, it would still take a long time to get back into tier X. And when you get there, you can do another reset for a new prestige skin, but the leveling speed stays the same.

    • Prestige skins bronze/silver/gold would also cost WG no money in dev time (just like this NTC bullshit) and people would eat that shit up. The hardcore players would jump at the opportunity to show everyone how huge their e-penis is by flashing those skins, and they would not actually ruin the game that way.

    • Yeah, because people will grind the GK 4 times for a shiny camo

    • @ainumahtar i would love that!!!

    • This is pretty much Guild Wars 2’s business model. Still going strong after 7 years, with fairly regular updates from the devs.

  2. Christian Schinner

    When they want to have a credit sink, then they should make it possible to exchange oil/coal/steel (for a very high rate of course)

    • This I can agree with

    • Michael Andrejco

      This would be perfect and stupidly easy to implement which is why they’ll prob never do it

    • they could of also avoid this whole thing if they kept the boosted ships thing limited to only PvE missions, while your ships are non-boosted in anything where you face against other players. also custom camo/aesthetics for the the boosted ships.

  3. WG’s idea of a resource sink is selling 3 enter lines of ships, so you can re-buy them and go though that painful grind again. Yes I’m super excited about replaying some of the crappiest ships in the game, aka the mid tiers, just so I can get all these useless resources off my account. Because Grinding through the mid tiers is super fun and those mid tier ships don’t suffer from being under powered and bottom tiered most of the time.
    2019 the year of bad ideas from WG for WoWs.

    • @Wessel van Daele That will surely make it better… not. Cause they then will give you like 5 times bottom tier in a row, you get 5 times seal clubbed and quit the game before you even get a victory that felt meaningful. Yeah, no thanks…

    • They don’t want you to replay lower tiers, that’s just the marketing line. They want you to pay to release a million free xp to go through the entire line again. And should you be a poor (according to wg: useless) player, you can shill for one of the xp boosters, and if you can’t afford those, well, enjoy the suffering of either grinding slow, or getting absolutely shat on my paragon 3 ships.

    • Well I haven’t seen it yet.  I know statistically I see 64% over-tier in all my matches.  64%, almost 2 out of 3 on average, I’m over tiered.  If you’re a DD it feels even worse than that, since the carriers all focus your but.  Include radars in on Tier 7 and above, and it makes playing DD’s down right stupid.

    • and now you’re going to add another competitive advantage to people who play all the time and are ridiculous at this game already?!?  Money grabbing whores is the term I would call these people, and I don’t typically swear, but this sounds appropriate.  I will no longer play this game if this happens.

    • Stompey they have already announced they are not going to give combat buffs to ships anymore as part of the NTC. Rejoice, the complaining worked for once =)

  4. I think you’ve got a bit of a skewed perspective on this jingles. I’m more than a casual player; have premium time, premium ships, use flags and camos and have the missouri and even participate in CB, but I still struggle to keep up with all the stuff which WG puts out. After 6k games there’s entire nations I’ve barely touched, lots of freeXP ships I’ll never get and events I’m barely able to participate in before they’re removed and replaced with something else. The brakeneck pace of CB followed by ranked, followed by special torpedo event, followed by more CB is kinda what’s pushing me away from the game right now.

    • Yeah, I appreciate that. I guess I’m more of a regular than a casual, but I wanted to emphasise not being a professional or hardcore no-life wows player.

    • In almost 4 years I’ve played something like 3600 games. I’m ok with not being able to get the Mizzou, Stalingrad, legendary upgrades which aren’t even just all around buffs. I’m not being punished by not being able to get those ships. I sure a Stalingrad may punish my Buffalo from time to time, but I’ll never gave another Buffalo that is more capable of punishing me than I am him since he has a buff that I don’t. If he punishes me it’s because he out played me. That’s how things are supposed to work.

    • @TallulahSoie This, so much this ! This is the answer !

    • @ainumahtar Cause they are a silver sink. You can be in the negative for gearing up with premium consumables a lot. Then you have to afford the higher tier ships.

    • Just a random Horse. Really? Unicums are the issue?

      Most of the unicums i know advocate for changes that are good for the game. I should know, being in several of the bigger communities, including Flamu’s. Sure there are a couple of unicums that want to keep their favorite stomping machines. We call those guys assholes. The question you should ask yourself is this: would i rather personally struggle a little more in a ship, but know that no one using it against me can stomp all over me, or do i want an easier time for myself now but open myself to be shit on by unicums playing this? If you want the second option, YOU have an opinion that is bad for the game. Unicums generally want to fight each other on a fair playing field. Can’t do that with OP shit everywhere.

      You can not believe me if you like. Unicums know the game better than anyone else, and the better ones (i don’t mean skill here) listen to what casual players think and want. If you let game balance decisions be dobe entirely by a committee of the best players, the game would be in a MUCH better state.

  5. Who gives a damn about resources? I don’t want a new and exciting way to spend credits, I want dynamic and interesting gameplay at mid and low tiers. I want to sail ships and fire guns, not manage resources and grind endlessly. Wargamming, give us new gamemodes and missions. Those should be the reasons for us rebuying ships we’ve unlocked. NTC is shit.

    • So much this. Sure, it might be a bit weird to accumulate credits and xp and nothing to spend it on, but the main focus should be the gameplay. The ressources are there to get to the ships you enjoy playing. Not to accumulate more ressources.

    • @noobtotale This exactly. what the hell were they thinking with this nonsense they came up with. I”m sure I”m not the only one who thinks most of their prem camo’s are shit. Make some new one’s that you can buy with x amount of whatever resource. Jesus it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that people like their ships to look cool as well as just popping of shells.

    • @Wessel van Daele I’m not arguing that the NTC wouldn’t give such people a place to put said resources… I’m arguing that it’s not a “problem” that needs solving. BTW, if you have ANY mainline T10 ships, I consider you a veteran ;-).

    • Okay Ben, and what are you going to pay to do that. At the end of the day Wargaming has to pay to give you that, they make back that cost, (and make money out of it), by getting players to buy premium time, doubloons, and premiums. And that money has to be split between keeping the servers up, developing new ships, and developing things like new maps, balance fixes, mechanic tweaks, and so on and so forth. Nothing right down to your ability to fire up the game and play a match now is actually free. Someone somwhere handed wargaming money so you could do that. Now if your a big spender that person may have been you.

      Thats really the secret of free to play games though. They provide a play experiance, (and word of mouth exposure), that only a game with a large community can have by having the players who are willing to spend a lot cover the cost of providing the game services to those who spend little or nothing and in the process this enhances the game experiance for those willing to pay. And it’s those willing to pay a lot types that this is targeted at.

      I’ve said ti elsewhere but if the NTC buffs involved different MM for ships at different prestige levels from each other and stock ships there isn’t a lot to complain about because it stops being mandatory, and it is the mandatory thing thats the problem here.

    • @Είστε Τρελοί
      You seriously underestimate how much money big companies like WG makes with these games. Even if they are “free to play”. All the premium time people buy, all the premium ships people buy, all the doubloons people buy… AND don’t forget that they are/can be in bundles which are so bloody overpriced, it’s not even funny. You can buy full AAA games for the cost of 1 bundle/ship/etc…

  6. I have 5 tier x ships, and i wish i had to many resources in world of warships . Yeah, there is a group that has that, but the majority doesn’t.

    • Warhealer. My only questions revolve around whether you just like the goons logo, or are a part of the federation. ?

    • Exactly. The vast majority already have a resource sink called linegrinding, resourceships and getting 19pt-cpts. I mean there’s so many ways you can solve this imaginary problem with excess resources. Just give them something that boosts their ego, like a rare and exclusive sign with their name or something, blingy and rare camos that’s already been suggested etc. Most of them would spend they’re “excesses” there.
      But DO NOT make a resource sink an OP-store for the ingame-richest minority.

    • @Omar El Ali Not if you’re patient, which is unfortunately a rare attribute today that companys are very aware of and profit from. If you want to go up fast, yes, then credits are a “problem”.
      Just play casual, learn the game and manage creds and xp wisely. Learn which ships are good and worth having and playing.
      No point rushing tx if you’ll get crushed reaching tx battles. That’s no fun and atleast I play to have fun.
      It takes time to learn this game, mechanichs, different ships diversities, strategys and different playstyles and scenarios.
      While prioritizing learning, the player can accumulate atleast some basic funds for progression.
      To me playing good is worth more than having everything.

    • ooh boy a goon complaining about resorces, go back to delve you twat!

    • @Ragnar Svedje well said, i have been realizing that recently . got Bismarck , Amagi , Alabama since i was searching for a good ship, just to realize that its not the ship , its my skill that needs improving . thus i went back to lower level learning and enjoying myself .

  7. One of the issues to be fixed, according to WG, was lack of people playing low/mid tier ships… Maybe this has something to do with the fact that every time WG releases a new line of ships, they give everyone the chance to skip all the way to tier 8? just a thought…

    • I agree. I have quite a few tier 5, 6, and 7 (could never get the 8) sitting in port. I didn’t like skipping half the line just to get a faster chance at grinding up to tier 10. Granted, I did miss out on some bad ships, but on the other side of the coin I missed out on part of a line that may have been fun for me.

    • I agree as well. I avoid these skip-the-mid tier events like the plague. I will never learn about a ship’s weakness or strengths if I’m not incentivized to play it.

    • It might be because of what you mentioned. It also might play a part that the mid/low-ish tier ships are ‘terrible’ in terms of bad matchmaking, or performance in general. From my (little) experience in the game the difference between T5 and T7 ships is quite big and from what I have seen on this platform it’s not going to get much better at T6-7. Perhaps WG should think about fixing such core (imo) issues instead of making ships more powerful for the few people who already have the most powerful version of said ship in the current game version. (all captain skills unlocked, ability to ‘pay’ for premium consumables etc.)

  8. Madcap Magician

    I’m struggling to gather the required resources to get either Georgia or Jean Bart, (will never afford both.) i don’t have stacks of coal, steel or credits hanging around, so the NTC is not something i would use.

    • Oh wow, you’re doing exactly the same thing I’m doing. I’m grinding for the Jean Bart too. At least i was until the Georgia came out, now I don’t know which one I’ll get. I’m in the same boat as you. I will never be able to afford both so it’s one or the other. Just don’t know which one would be better for me. I think the Jean Bart, but i just don’t know.

    • if youre having a though decision on which ship to get, ill say this: Get the Jean Bart, the reload booster and better sigma than Richelieu make it the best t9 battleship in the game

  9. I somehow have to disagree Jingles. You mentioned it once but from my point of view this is the most important. The guys you are mentioning having to much ressources are alpha/beta testers, whales and streamers. And excuse me jingles: this is the f****** minority of people. I am playing “more than casual” (3/4 evenings in the week weekends a little bit more) and i dont even have ALL tier X. I dont have a billion credits nore free XP. And also i dont have the money to constantly play on premium time to maybe get the unbelievable amounts of credits/free XP etc etc. I also dont have only 19 point caps. maybe a hand full or two but enough ships left without and enough lines left to grind. enough legendary modules to grind. and with all the events ongoing (which loot liek steel i also want to get to have a additional prem shio) i also dont have the time to finish all lines in a foreseeable time. So the NTC and also the “necessary” ressource sink is something for hard core gamers, streamers 8 to 10 h per day players. And how many players of the total player base are those? i have no clue but i think not that much. oh and very is another “class of players” who I think will like this kind of grind. BOTS, just BOTS you can let play for hours of hours and lines and lines to get the OP (or atm not so much OP) upgrades from the NTC.
    So in total: WE (the casual player base who once has been the “primary customer group” for WoWs) do not need a ressource sink at all and in especial not the NTC.
    Maybe do the same thing like quickybaby: start with a new “free to play account” with NO prem time and NO prem ship (only what you can grind by playing) and see how long the grind already takes. This might give you a better feeling for “the casual player base”

    • Yup, It’s basically the “let them eat cake” point of view, they just don’t understand the economic struggles of the average player who isn’t a CC/Streamer/Whale.

    • NTC is for maybe a few hundred players globally max. But it’s the only players that WG ever talk to.

    • I concur with this man. Jingles, respectively, you should start up a new account and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a new series.

      Personally, I’m in it for the “Free-to-play”. I like free. Doesn’t cost me a cent. “Premium time” is a choice, not a end all/be all.

    • The problem is that the casual play for free player is not their target demographic. Sure, they offer FTP but premium is how they profit. They want to make more money. Whales have the money. Streamers get the word out and bring in more players. It’s sad that they cater to only the elite, but that is after all where the bread is buttered. Other games have gone through this phase as well. Eventually they fail because the player base wanders off to a new game that does listen to them. For a while.

  10. Quite frankly, I don’t see what the harm is in having these resources and just letting them lie around. Certainly it’s no justification to throw the complete game balance out of whack. Nothing at all can justify that. The consequences would be enormous and completely unpredictable.

    If WG want something like that then they should hand out other things, like cosmetic options, that don’t affect balance in any way whatsoever. This would mean playing to their strengths. They are very good at modelling and visuals.

    Handing out prestige buffs on the other hand would mean playing to their biggest weakness – they are epically bad at balancing ships. Don’t even mention the CV rework.
    Also they need to get in through their thick heads that overpowered ships (Black, Flint) are not a fitting reward for extraordinary players, of all people.
    And if they want to increase mid tier population, it’s easy – just *reduce the matchmaking spread* to a single tier so people are less often everybody’s punching bag in their mid tier ships.

    • Cancun771 yup, welcome to wg, they won’t listen. And they’ll add it, and then add more things thats cost $$$$$$

    • Cosmetics are a proven money and time sink in online games. People love them, it doesn’t upset the balance and money will be spent on them.

    • Jorg Pot maybe they do, but when there are other issues that are more present. Such as cv’s. There shouldn’t be more cosmetics.

    • People have been asking WG for 2 years for something to use their credits on in the forums… People don’t want them to ‘lie around’.

    • @IceStrikke77 Launching Japanese hybrid carrier battleships in 3..2..

  11. aluminiumcowboy

    how about other skins for ships as a xp credit sink? Such as HMS Jamaica in addition to HMS Fiji or USS Houston USS Galveston in addition to USS Cleveland.

    • Dominic Herring

      The problem with that is it eats into their pool of potential premium ships. I think your idea about ship appearances being the credit sink though. It reminds me of how the only time I have really noticed a ship being elite status was the St Louis with its golden smokestacks…. Maybe they could implement a system that means people going down the prestige route have something visual about the ship and their appearance in battle (maybe their name has a gold star next to it or something) to show off to others that they are at a level higher than elite.

      I’d bet that there would be a teamwork effect too – with more average players knowing whom to follow and support!

    • Dominic Herring

      OMG how about this…
      The prestige system with the buffs they suggested *except* they are not applied to ownship but the ships in an area of affect around the player! So the player on the prestige system would be actively encouraging team play by giving out bonus buffs to people who offer support on the flank, or bolster a capping action!

      What do you think to that??

    • AoE buffs would be very difficult, what would happen if I div with 2 clan mates in 3x belfast with the aoe buff? Skins is the way to go, not combat bonuses. we NEED to keep telling WG that this is unacceptable!

    • Dominic Herring

      @ainumahtar since Belfast isn’t a tech tree ship you wouldn’t be able to prestige it. But let’s say you change that to 3x minotaur (with radar and smoke combo)… Well what would be the difference between that and what happens now when there is a good player or division in a battle?

    • This is moot as thank FUCK WG have announced they will not do this, but a mino with 10% more hp (so one more citadel from a lot of ships they could take and plus the heals effectively like 25% more ehp) more accuracy, more trop range, and accuracy? basically a lot more than they would now.

  12. Burçak Başkan

    Jingles I have to disagree vehemently with your analysis of “the problem”.
    I’m one of those “veterans” you talk about. I have 14 Tier X ships with a few more coming up (at tier 9). I’ve accumulated these over 4 years. I’m not going to sink another 4 years grinding them out all again, even for a single prestige level. I still haven’t managed to find the time to grind out the legendary modules btw.

    Now let’s get to where I think you’re wrong. When I play regularly, i can barely manage to find the time and patience to complete the two daily chains for the 400 daily coal. Keeping up the same play schedule on special events with “halls of fame” at the end usually puts me in the top 5%.

    So “the problem” as you put it applies to less than 5% of the WoWS community.

    I think the problem really lies with Wargaming falling for the general gaming misconception of “engagement”. Game companies think you should play their game and their game only. What this does to me as a player is piss me off and burn me out to the point where I stop playing the game. Plus, I don’t want to be stuck playing a single game. I like variety.
    The latest super grindy events that happened in WoWS are a great example. I who have managed to gather everything that came out in WoWS events have simply stopped grinding for these latest events because apparently spending 2-3 hours every evening is not enough anymore. Sorry, my time belongs to me, not to a game.

    Warcraft did this in the past, catered to the top raiding guilds and it nearly killed the franchise. As a matter of fact, that’s when I quit playing WoW.
    Let’s hope Wargaming doesn’t make the same mistake.

    As for your claims of requiring a resource sink, I don’t see the problem as that bad. Not all of us are Flamu sitting on millions of Free XP. As I said I’ve been a pretty regular player for the last 4 years. I still find I have to grind out free XP to train captains to 19 or bypass a particularly annoying module upgrade. The only things I don’t feel a shortage of are credits and camos. Everything else is already getting soaked up by existing methods. And to be perfectly honest, not having to grind XP or camos is this game’s blessing, not its curse.

    PS: Also a secondary problem: they’re already having enough problems balancing hundreds of ships. Add in new layers of ships with buffs and that problem is going to grow exponentially. They’re literally shooting themselves in the foot here.

    • This is all done purposely to create outrage. They floated an idea so stupid that it caused universal outrage. Now they pull back on the really stupid part (combat bonuses) and leave us regrinding entire ship lines. Players are patting themselves on the back like we won some great victory and slathering praise on Wargaming for not doing their stupid idea…. It is all manufactured and they have played us. This all stinks to high heaven, Wargaming is not to be trusted.

    • As another veteran player with all but I believe 3 T10’s, I completely agree with you. I absolutely abhor WG’s you must play every day for 3 hours events. It pisses me off and I stop playing for a while, currently on hiatus. This naval grinding academy can go shove itself, I knew full well the consequences of grinding everything in the game. They implement this and I’m demanding a full refund.

    • the majority of players in this game are casual and they and me already feel at a disadvantage to anyone who can play clan battles and has the time to play alot. i mean come on the legendary modules i don’t have a single one i have only 2 tr 10s. but anyone who plays clan battles now has a massive advantage across the board in ships and resources. im sure that the instant they release this 5%of the player base will free xp themselves to tr 10 in a few lines and start Seal clubbing at tr 10

    • Who’s the more knowledgeable here you or Jingles? Jingles is soooo_(=/)_/

  13. Honestly I don’t know who except full-time streamers would have “an excess of doubloons, credits and coal” lying around.

    • I play casually and have 130 mil credits and from Christmas I still have 5K+ doubloons. Have less coal, steel, oil, etc… though but have no issues getting credits.

    • @Brian Ganger I’m not sure you’re using “casually” the same way most people would.

    • Apothecary Terry

      @Brian Ganger You don’t sound very casual…

    • @Brian Ganger Same here, I casual play so I don’t have the obsessive min/max “burn every camo/consumable” attitude of the obsessives, so I am awash with unused currency and resourses they spam you with.

    • More Tea Please

      I have 30m creds, but I have never gone past T7 and generally just play bonus xps down at T5-6. Because that’s where the most fun is anyways. I do have a few premiums from cheap sales, so that helps, but I think the real reason is that I didn’t get into the upper-tier money sinks (nor am I going to).

  14. Honestly, just add vanity stuff to the endgame. Skins, bling, animations, voicepacks, fancy explosives… also the option to hide that all for those who prefer the realistic art style.
    Also, the option for prestige leagues. Add the naval academy and grind just as planned, but add the option to play with regular people and regular ships, so that only the grinders play the megaships. Megaships get downgraded in regular games.
    Or boss battle mode. Many regular ships, possibly low tier, against a few megaships.
    Ship refit customization options. Add more torpedo belt, remove armor to increase speed, etc. Possibly just in the megaship modes to not upset historical accuracy and game balance.

    So many options, and they will probably go with the worst.

  15. So punish people who have things to do other than sit and burn the days/nights? Game won’t last.

    Hell, it might be another Warplanes incident.

  16. Most greedy way to get MORE AND MORE money from players. It look like game is dying… and they want us to spend how much we can……before death…

    Edit: I got every tech tree tier X ship discovered, almost every steel and coal ship, sure I don’t have many things to do in WoWs, but ONLY NOW I can enjoy game as I should at the beggining…almost no frustration about battle. But I DON”T WANT TO RE”GRIND EVERY LINE OVER AND OVER AGAIN……

  17. Jingles, I’m blaming you for this. You had a chance to get Wargaming into Drug Treatment and failed, they still have that Crack Pipe.

    • Absolutely perfect!  They are rolling up those bills we all pay them with and smoking crack with them.  How do you expect them to keep smoking that crack without the rolled up bills?

    • Jingles might be taking a few hits as well.  Damn it, he’s too happy not to be smoking something.

  18. Dear Jingles,

    I’d love to give you another perspective. I lost the majority of use of my limbs in an IED explosion in service. I’ve played both WoT and WoWS. I’m not very good these days as you can understand given my issues with manual dexterity.

    Long story short, I work a few jobs now to pay my way. My PC blew up a few months ago, it’ll take me awhile to get another one. So if this comes into play in the next couple of months, there will be 1000’s of players with better ships than mine. Not only will I have to make up for my, lack of movement, I’ll be stuck with a poorer version of a ship…

    I know people say this, but I would physically have to find another game to play to remain at least somewhat competitive…

  19. If there’s anything the gaming industry has taught us, it’s that cosmetics are the answer for resource sinks. If you put powerful items instead, then it breaks your game. How many times do we have to learn this?

  20. The main problem I see with it is for the casual gamer. If you enjoy playing for playing its gonna put us casual players at a big disadvantage.

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