World of Warships – Hotel Yamato

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Weird random battle with a bunch of ships just throwing their lives away, teams are back and forth with myself and a couple left to fight it out. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Replay – Discord Server


  1. Ah. Little Yammy. The only Tier 10 BB that player need to know how to angling and constant vigilant when sailing broadside, for if you are not careful, even a tier 8 BB like Bismark or Richilieu ( Smallest main gun calibre ingame at tier iirc) can ruin your day). 😉

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Mammoth Mk3 you can citadel Montana too. Not as easily, but you actually can. Its not as immune as people think.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Risheen Mukherjee oh yes you can citadel a Monty – but to actually oneshot one from max health – with 5-7cits from BB guns in one single salvo – is pretty rare now a days.
      I’ve seen it once or twice – but still pretty rare – unlike the past.

  2. Can we get a guide for ibuki

  3. Finally! A Yamato Video!!
    Its been Too Long!!

  4. Musanix - World of Warships


    But nice video 🙂

    • In reality the Yamato was considered too valuable to be lost in combat action, thus spending many of her days as a floating luxury resort. Japanese sailors from other ships in the same port as Yamato could go aboard, eat quality food and relax for a brief time.

    • Joe Average And well, not javing enough resource also help ( Fuel for example). XD

    • Musanix – World of Warships Eh, Conqueror indeed is pretty strong, but even her have her weakness. Imo most of the tankiness draw from her heal and the ability to disengage and reengage at her choice with her concealment. So in order to defeat Conqueror, a little bit of teamwork is need, one ship spotting the Conqueror, the rest: gangrape her. 😉

      And also, Lion at tier 9 have the same advantage with Conqueror ( With one less turret), so you will have plenty of time to prepare and practice. 🙂

    • If that’s the case, your waifu is probably 2 feet taller than you.

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    *Yamato : HOTERU ARIMASEN!!!*

  6. Indiegames player3858

    Uh oh kancolle fans comin

    Izumo is my waifu

  7. I really REALLY wish you would call the modules your loading by their actual names like you do your Commanders points. It makes it very difficult to follow (and duplicate) your build when the names you’re using don’t actually match up with the game. And I know someone is going to say “well just look at the icons” yeah, go back and look at the icons when the game came out, they’ve changed, and are likely to change again. So again PLEASE call them what they are!!! Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control System 1, Aiming System Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 2, Concealment, and Main Battery Mod 3. Thank You!!

    • Dan Girard
      wow taking so seriously its just a game calm down

    • SnipertypeEmp23 !

      So the first thing you walk up in the video is just seeing him in a Yamato, but didnt actually “see” his build… well i cant blame ya.

    • @Hell Reaper… I”m calm man, don’t worry. If it’s just a game, then why does Notser put so much money and time in to making everything is just “perfect” in his video’s?

    • @SnipertypeEmp23 I saw the build, but if I was a newbe just starting out I wouldn’t have a clue what “lower chance of flood and fire” is because the mod is called Damage Control System Mod 1.

  8. “why you would turn off the red tracers” to avoid being focused since ppl know what happens if you kraken! Better pretend you’re regular captain until you start erase ships every 12 secs haha

    • In war the worst thing you can do is go “Hey! Look at me!”. I’m just some rando firing at you and totally not the same 155 Mogami that’s been spamming HE at you for the past minute or so.
      edit: Now if we could turn our tracers pink or rainbow colored, that’d be a different story, because that’s just hilarious.

  9. TomsonPRoDuctions

    _”Geez… stop calling me _*_HOTERU_*_ already!”_

  10. Didnt they make some of the American battleships skinny enough so they could fit through the Panama Canal? Unlike the thicc Yamato.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer


    • The mighty moe was built to fit threw the cannel

    • The Yamato and Musashi were purposely built wide so any American contender would be too big for the Panama Canal. If you look at an Essex class carrier, they are purposely built skinny so they too could use the Canal.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Fun fact – the Japanese who designed Yamato knew of the American 33m beam limit in order to fit for the Panama Canal. They manage to make an accurate estimation of what the most powerful USN Battleships could have been and made a draft of what was highly similar to the Iowa Class… Hell they even got the 406mm 50cal gun right apparently (probably from the initial Lexington Class Battlecruiser design). The only thing they failed to estimate was the development of mk8 super heavy shells. Other than that the draft was used to ensure that the Yamato were armoured and armed heavily enough to completely counter it – or so they thought, as the two classes never met in battle.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer instead it met the vast airforce of the US which finally took yamato down

  11. Always love your vids noster

  12. She is not a hotel biggot

  13. Re: your aim. It looks to me like you’re very much a DD main. You instinctively aim for upper hull/superstructure. With Yamato, go a bit lower, like 1 or 2 *pixels* above the waterline (unless the enemy is angled away of course).
    With that Massachusetts salvo where most of your shells hit the island, switch turret cam so you aim with the view that has the biggest chance to hit the island (in this case the front guns). That way you’ll have a better idea of when you’ll clear the island itself. (as you could’ve nuked him had you waited a few seconds, though I’m guessing you were painfully aware of that yourself at the time)

  14. Hey Notser. Can you play the Iowa in the next video please.

  15. I love you Notser, but as a Yamato main, I am sorry to say that your aim hurts my soul.

  16. Midway with 7 airplane kills,no please don’t play it again,just NO

  17. Ive got a bit of an unrelated question but seeing as this vid is for the Yamato it is kind of i suppose , anyways , when it comes to the special commanders and the skills they “come with” for example the french guy come with turret traverse and adrenaline rush , is it completely pointless to then purchase those skills as well ? or just the “bonus” stack

    • They come with stronger skills you can spec into but you get no benefit without taking the commander skill

    • ok so you still need to buy the skill , thanks for the info dude , couldnt find it anywhere and i didnt know what to do with my French Commander

  18. TemporaryINTER135

    Best BB IRL, but worst in game

  19. So good to see an interesting video on your channel, and not cruisers hiding behind islands. I’ve missed good ones like this.

  20. Most of us struggle at 20km and I thought you played a really solid game that benefited the team. I really can’t fault your aim as I didn’t see anything really out of line, but you did have a few bad rolls. You probably realize there was no pressure or reason to take the shot at 4:11 because it’s not a DD that going to slip out of detection or out maneuver your shells. A BB isn’t going to be able to stop or turn before it clears the island and waiting 3-4 sec. costs you nothing in this scenario. At that angle you might have connected for 34,000 damage instead of 3400, had you waited. Thanks for the upload!!

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