World of Warships Hotfix 8.0.3 CV Attack Plane Balance

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Hotfix 8.0.3 brings such much needed help to destroyers by nerfing CV attack planes and their rockets. In doing so, we now must ask if its even worth having them as a squadron type in World of Warships. Still, its good to have more balance improvements, and this is another step in the right direction.


  1. Ya DDs need nerfs not buffs, something can finally counter DDs effectively and they throw a fit.

    • +MidKnight2142 My allies will push after 10min, what do I do till then, hug my Worcester?

    • +Shedin Dhinakar they stated the rework was to being people to playing the cv.
      Now this latest patchs its back to pointless.

    • +Jerry Glaze They gave many reasons for the CV rework and DD countering was also one of them.

    • +Shedin Dhinakar so why nerf them into the ground again. I am sure you have seen the new nerf

    • +Jerry Glaze let me be honest, I don’t care about CVs I just care about the other three classes. The game would function smoothly without CVs. I’m just annoyed that WG would not quit trying to shove CV down our throats. So, if CVs are shit and the CV gameplay is boring, no one would play them and the game would effectively have only three classes. That’s what I want.

  2. I don’t know how is CV in server NA and EU. But in server SEA, they are dying. In patch 0.8.0, CV can make dmg and help team by F-SPAM. In patch 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 , WG nerf it. It is ok. The good CV player can survive without F-SPAM BUT AA TOO OP. FLAK can be dodged by player but CONTINUE AA can’t. how can CV player survive in 2 patch at SEA server. they spot and hunt YOLO ship. the next patch 0.8.3, they nerf attack plane. it’s still OK with MIDWAY player. we can use DB to hunt DD. THE BIG PROBLEM in this patch is Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. that is good for DD but not CV. BECAUSE CL AA RANGE is bigger than air’s detect range. CV MUST GO IN AA RANGE BEFORE SPOT THEM. THIS IS VERY BAD. DO YOU KNOW SPOT AND ATTACK CL FOR SUPPORT TEAM IS SUICIDE. WHY WG DONT KNOW HOW CV PLAYER FEEL? WG NERF CV EVERY PATCH. CV IS USELESS NOW. THEY CAN’T SPOT, THEY CAN’T ATTACK. WHAT CAN THEY DO NOW ? (p/s: sorry for bad english. I’m ANGRY after see this stupid balance patch. that is true story in SEA server.)

  3. I think this is really going to hurt t4 and t6 cv really badly. They are already reliant on rockets to do work. Torps are easily dodged and do bugger all damage, especially at t4, and dB’s just get shredded. I feel like cvs are being balanced for t10 and against top skilled players. Again.

    • This hurt ALL CV’s and especially IJN ones.

    • Yeah, they’re too worried about Unicum players being good. Its ok to do 300 to 400K in a battleship, cruiser, or destroyer but not ok in a Carrier. So they implemented a change to make carriers more popular for not so good players and then nerf them into the ground because of the good players. What about the average guys, shouldnt that be the basis?

    • +Dustin Spiegel Indeed. Its hard after these hotfixes to do even 200k with a CV, you need extreme luck in order to get those flood and fires that actually stick.

    • Makes sense, high tier players are probably the only ones being really vocal on the official forums complaining about stuff. I didn’t see this change as necessary at all tbh destroyers can just choose to hang around light cruisers if they’re being focused and provide smoke screen support…

  4. They nerfed CV into the ground with this patch…. Who thought making AA cruisers stealth a good idea??

    • +Gandalfwiz2007 … the hell are you on about lady?

    • I left this game shortly after 8.2 and I’m not coming back. I enjoyed all the classes and am in the top 50 worldwide for most damage dealt in a single round. So yes I can be good, but also mistakes do get made. Anymore I just keep an eye out on this game hoping for Wargaming to hire people with half a brain to run things and not the idiocy that has been there screwing us over with a CV rework nobody asked for.

    • Same company that made stealthy AA cruiser possible for ages back in the old RTS days? Worcester+Mino could only be spotted after breaching their AA bubble back then too….

    • And yet I still took out my Lightning today and got into a 2 CV match with a t6 and t8 CV. Was spotted and mauled by aircraft pretty much 70% of the game and finally got killed (after like 10 attempts) by a torp drop by the tier 6! Oh yeah… nerfed into the ground.

    • AA in general is unrealistically effective in this game. If you look at real naval battles barely any naval aircraft were ever shot down by AA it was more like a deterant not a counter.

  5. That wasn’t ballance,, I want to Cry….
    -20% detection range everybody is ok, but
    8km torp and everybody lost their mind….

  6. Hakuryu is now completely useless and Midway torps suck even more! IJN CV’s can no longer properly even defend themselves against DD’s! *WG is killing their own CV rework even for the people who actually enjoyed it!* Fighters have to fly straight and thus they take most damage from AA than any other plane type and now even if you just attack a battleship you will just lose all or most of your fighters! WG needs to make the rocket planes way more durable or something because now it is almost pointless to use them if you have other planes!

    • ​+Adau K Wyun No after these massive nerfs Hakuryu is total shit compared to the Midway. Hell and even with Midway you have to work your ass off to get 100k damage. Haku’s AP bombers are too RNG and die much faster than Midways DB’s. Midway’s HE DB’s are much better, you deal roughly the same damage plus you have very high chance of setting 1-2 fires. The best that Haku AP bombers can do if all 3 bombs hit the citadel is 25,5k damage. Yes you can get lucky detonations with AP bombs (and torps), but they are too rare to be considered.

      Also the Hakury 8km torps are just too easy to dodge simply because of their long arming distance and slow travel speed. You rely mostly on luck with hitting with the 8km Haku torps. Also the Haku’s 6km alternative torps are just plain bad. I dunno why WG does not make the Haku’s 6km alternative torps 3 drops per attack instead of just 2 like its now.

      Not even to mention that Midway at least can choose between two rocket types, not that rockets much use anymore. They are the least useful and the weakest plane type now after the latest nerf.

    • +CloneD Anon Sounds like we are playing a different game lol
      Firstly I dont use alt torps on haku, I dont like it. The 2torp squad is way more consistent on dealing dmg for its easier to aim. Though I’ve seen player still getting good drops on ppl consistently with 4torps, those are their skills I guess

      For ap bombs, have u been dropping from high up?
      U can drop really late and even have ur planes start going forward and still hit battleship/cruiser citadels. (I usually drop when theres about less than 2s left on my bomb run, so the planes were really going forward already) If u drop high up then chances are u wont land more than 2 bombs and u dont hit the citadel. U can even do that on a GK and still hit all the citadels, the ap bombs pen is just that good. Maybe u’ll only ever need to drop high up when dropping on carriers with armoured flight deck.

      Still, when I go for bad drops I usually still hit 1 citadels and with 1-2pens, which is easily over 10k (usually dealing between 9-14k on regular drops) and 25k drop really isnt rare

      I only played midway on PTS so i cant say I have enough experience to tell wuts the avg dmg u can deal with those HE bombs, but I feel like the ap bombs are doing a pretty good job and I can always effectively take out a big chunk of hp on my targets. Since it sounds like ur talking from experience I would assume the efficiency of the db from both nations are more or less the same

      Rocket planes, ha, I mean they can still hurt dd but less efficient, but the nerfs made them look like a joke to me…

      Well im still playing the hakuryu now and I still find it good. I just cant play midway becuz the aiming feels so clumsy :s I tried and I dont like it

      Breaking 100k was never hard for me until this hotfix though because the fighters catch up to u much faster and u have to spend more time avoiding them. And since fighters are more efficient I spent more time defending allies. Still trying to balance things out but I still like haku over midway haha

    • ​+Adau K Wyun Err basically you just agreed with everything i said or vice versa about this hotfix, except that you for some reason like Haku with its inconsitent AP bombs. I know how to dive bombs and i know how to aim DB’s its my main source of damage. Also i have my both tier 10 CV’s built into DB’s.

      Midway still even after the nerf has some useful torps that i usually manage to land 4-6 against less maneuverable BB’s every time when i can line up my attack properly. Not to mention that i can same average damage with HE bombs like 10-20k and still manage to set 1-2 fires which will do even more damage than AP bombs ever would when they stick.

      Lastly Hakus planes are just too weak and as useless as rocket planes now might be at least the Tiny Tim rockets can be used to deal decent damage + fires to cruisers and battleships, but most of all i can still defend myself properly from destroyers on a Midway because its HE bombs were always the most effective tool against DD’s after you learned how to aim properly with them!

    • +CloneD Anon
      I see
      Hmm I never considered the possibility of striking bigger ships with american tiny tims. U just dont consider this option in ijn rocket planes

      Never thought about dive bombing with HE bombs neither. Now when I come to think of it, usn does carry more bombs per plane. Just like how I consider ap bombs on haku to be easy to use, if u say he bombs would work on dd to that extend then I shud probably try that. More options means more versatility and thats exactly wut CV needs becuz the aa is so brutal

      The sole reason I like haku over midway is the aiming speed but the things u said are quite impossible to do on haku lol

      I guess I’ll go play midway and see how it works now thanks for the discussion

    • +Adau K Wyun No problem. You should do fine if you know how to dive bomb already. Just try to make those fires stick 🙂

  7. Well guess it’s time to take another break since WG wants to nerf CV’s to where their unplayable like they did in the first hot fix by buffing to AA OP!!!!! WG have literally ruined the rework to where cv’s have no chance now

    • Yeah, I just went back to playing other ships and sold my tier 4, 6 and 8 CV. It’s.. really more of a chore than it is fun to play.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t they called attack aircraft? There is a fighter consumable, so way are you using them interchangeably. I understand if it was a one time thing, but I’ve heard this many times throughout many videos.

  9. Okay again correct me if I’m wrong, but when you mention the decreased hit points of fighters between the time 5:05 and 5:50, WG is talking about the consumable, not the attack squadron, which are called attack planes not fighters. I think you’re getting confused. They did this to the fighter CONSUMABLE to decrease the incentive for CVs to hover it over dds for spotting.

    • Yeah Zoup has things mixed up. Also the fighter buff is mostly meant for the ones you can spawn along your flight path to protect various areas (and the same had an HP nerf against AA to prevent them being abused as spotter planes)

  10. Why not remove Cv spotting all together.. I’m a Cv main and I am thinking removing Cv is best thing now I am done with game

  11. The real issue is that this was a needed fix, because WG has made it more or less impossible to do much else then pick on DD’s in more then half the round in WoWs.
    2:03 How? How does it make rockets more useful against crusiers and battleships? I want to get a answer from you on this, because no, it does not, that’s just stupid….
    4:00 still not going to actually help at the moment to be honest.
    The amount of draws the game has been having has tippled sense the rework. It’s because CV’s get stuck as the only ships left and are unable to actually sink each other.

    Right around 10″00 i really have to think to myself. “Self I like Zoup a lot.. but I wonder how much he’s getting paid by war gaming?”
    Because at this point your well into #paidshill territory. Not quite as bad as fem. ( I mean she DOES work for WG) But still pretty bad.
    And I get that your most likely just being overly nice because wg are a bunch of cry babies when it comes to CC’s but really. grow a pair man.

    • If he says it like it is, then he’ll lose his toys from WG and won’t get any more new shiny stuff to play with from them.

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      What I don’t get is why he’d WANT to be a paid shill for WG. I mean, the going rate is only thirty pieces of silver.

  12. WG is killing cvs once again we wont see CVS in game and DDS captains should be happy they get to be OP ships again

  13. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Zoup… try to step back from this and look at it like many of the est of us do… your latest videos make you sound like you are being paid to do damage control for WG… it all rings a bit hollow…

    .. had they successfully conducted a PTS system, we wouldn’t be being forced to be the beta testers. This process has broken the game.

    “Good on Wargaming” for fixing issues they should have uncovered in the pTS , had they actually wanted to, but they didn’t. They were told in the extremely limited BETA and PTS they did hold, that there were issues, but they ignored it all and decided to use the live server as their test bed. Rather that fix the PTS, which they have been given suggestions to fix, they foisted an unworkable mess on the live servers. A low census on the PTS is wholly WG’s fault, but rather than taking on this issue, they punted to the live server. Lazy programming and short sighted management. This process, breaks game play, and uses paying customers as test subjects for ideas that didn’t work out properly in the lab.

    • After iChase was removed as CC, they’re all too chickenshit to do anything else. Not a single CC is worth listening to anymore, they’re either ignorant of the game like LWM, a toxic entertainer like Flamu, or a weak ass “If you don’t like it, you’re just bad” like this joke of a player. You want to learn how to play from actual good players who understand the game? Go watch a member of 07 or ZR stream on Twitch. These youtube shills aren’t worth supporting.

    • Since when iChase was “removed” as a CC or did he simply leave himself? That is a major difference. Hell iChase posted videos so rarely that it most people were very surprised that he even posted like 4 videos about 8.0 after TWO MONTH PAUSE! Maybe he LEFT CC program because of LIFE or maybe he was not even a CC for WG? Maybe he Maybe its even more complicated than you think. *Spreading unverified rumors is just typical BS from morons like you.*

      I am pissed off about these nerfs for CV’s, but i am still not all doom and gloom. I still like WoWS and i think that WG is trying their best though they often fuck up, but i believe that they are trying the best to please everyone. Does that make me a “shill”? Get a fucking life and stop trying to ruin the game for the rest of us. If Zoup is a “shill” then maybe you are hired by WG’s competition in order to all shit over their game and their CC’s? Not everyone is like you, majority of us likes the rework.

      People like you who do nothing but complain like little bitches and you call those who are simply optimists in life “shills”, you truly are the most pathetic people. You are the social media hate mob that just circlejerks and pat each other in the back without saying a single constructive thing. Pathetic.

    • +CloneD Anon He was a CC and after a scathing video he put up, a NA WG WoT manager removed him from the WoWs CC program. After things died down a bit he was asked back and he refused till fairly recently.

    • +Brian Ganger Sounds more complicated than “he was just removed”. Maybe he was removed for a reason? Maybe he asked for a pause? I mean unless you know iChase personally in real life as a friend, i would doubt either side in whatever they say.

    • And unfortunately he also conveniently avoids answering peoples queries too. How many replies to you see from him here? He doesn’t care any more than WG does at this stage.

  14. Really? DD players feel miserable when they’re perma-spotted and harrassed the whole game… welcome to how BB players feel when an invisible DD spams walls of skill or sits in smoke and burns down a battleship… lmao.

  15. Zoup, you mixed up fighters and attack aircraft in almost every sentence. This makes it hard to understand your point.

  16. WG is screwing up CVs horribly. They reduced flood chance across the board. Since the hotfix, I have had 3 floods from a CV TOTAL with dozens and dozens of hits. Even before the rework, I was having a low level of CV flooding. Now it is completely abysmal.

  17. “Wargaming is being really receptive to what everyone is saying” except those who play cv’s.

  18. they need to stop listening to dd mains. dd players will not be satisfied until they have 1km detection and 100kt 20km torps. DD’s do not need help. turning off aa and maneuvering works. they just refused to do it

  19. I dont understand why DDs are having such a damned problem. I’ve personally had no issues since day one of this patch. And as a BB main, that includes even going VERSUS a rival DD. DD drivers just suck right now. The good ones are so easy to identify be use they do not die in the first 2 minutes. They keep moving and don’t stop. Or they use their stealth like they’re supposed to. Or they stay within 5km tether distance of a CA or BB AA platform. The good ones know what TEAM WORK means. Nerfing the CVs to the point of uselessness is not boing to solve abit because eventually the game will just back to normal and the CV rework will have been for nothing. This has got to be some of the worst attempts at hotfix balancing. It’s not that the balancing attempts are totally bad, it’s just not thought out and so knee jerk that yeah? Sure, they may have helped DDs. But now CVs are going to be nerfed all the hell and this rework will STILL BE in a FAILED state.

  20. I couldn’t disagree more. I play all ship classes, including DDs. I have a lot more time in DDs than I do CVs. The only DDs I see suffering are the players that refuse to account for the planes flying overhead and insist on racing into the cap without taking precautions. I just watched a DD charge 2 T10 CVs who were unable to land a hit on him, shoot down 30 planes and win the game. I have played quite a few games since 0.8.0 as a DD and if anything, I feel like I’m doing better than normal.

    Anyone who thinks DDs have it worse than CVs needs to quit playing their new T10 British Carrier, log off of the test server, log onto NA and play 20 randoms as a T6-T8 CV. BETTER YET, watch some low skill potato struggle at playing a T6 CV before giving up in frustration. An equally skilled player can affect a lot more change and contribute a lot more to their team in a T6 DD than they can in a T6 CV. This entire CV “rework” was a series of nerfs. Then AA was buffed x 10 and CVs were nerfed again before releasing 0.8.0. Now we’re at our THIRD HOTFIX which… you guessed it.. further nerfs CVs.

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