World of warships – Hotspot C cap death match

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Another death match on Sunday Funday where we take ANY tier 3 you want and all head to C cap and murder each other.


  1. Papierennn… 😀

  2. I knew you’d gonna eat torps lul

  3. congratulations, you bring this game to another level of fun

    • Perhaps Wargaming should introduce some gameplays like this. So they automatically deactivate the guns, if a ship leaves the cap

  4. John Chucky Tomlinson

    That was fun Flambass, would like to see that with BB and cruisers no CVs.. Thanks….🚢

  5. This but torpedo only would have been hilarious

  6. The prize is Mikasa? Ive got this ship from mission, and I still wonder, why I havent sold she 😀

  7. We needed a Caledon only death match XD
    Citadels and torpedoes everywhere.

  8. so whats up with not being in OMNI anymore?

  9. I love how you say PAPIEREEEN 😀

  10. You should do a battleship brawl version of this for mid to high tiers

  11. 3:00 just reflex ;D

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