World of Warships- How An ENTIRE Tier Was Murdered

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Hey guys! Today we discuss TIX and how its gone from being one of the more enjoyable tiers to a cursed one. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    The crazy thing is the amount of matches with only tier 9s and superships. How does that even happen?

    • Many people play T9 cause its the tier you have to grind through the longest. Also many freemiums are T9s. And when they reach a silver T10 ship they often start to grind a new line and dont play it alot in randoms. Plus way less freemiums are T10. All of that packs the matchmaker with lots of T9 ships which get distributed over many matches from T7-T11.
      Imo +/-1 MM is long overdue. But WG wants people to get f*cked by MM so they feel the need and start to convert XP for money to skip ships…

    • Simple answer? WG are very aware of what counts as the “Golden Tier” in the userbase. When T7 was the golden tier for how favourable the MM was and how it leaned towards the lower end, they flooded the game with powerful T9s that would make T7s absolutely miserable, and monetised it. So everyone frustrated with T7s uptiering them all the time whipped out their wallets, bought a brand new Jean Bart or Georgia or Pommern…etc and proceeded to dumpster the T7s. When T9 consequently became the golden tier because they were just T10 Lite, and filled the spot of the old T7s, WG flooded the game with more broken subs, T10 CVs, and superships.

      “But hey, that’s okay, because look at these shiny new superships, subs and CVs that would completely solve your problem. And they’re all within you reach for the low low price of your next paycheck/all your free time :D”

      Creating a problem, selling the solution. It’s WG’s Modus Operandi. It’s why I rarely ever play this game anymore. Bet your life that once the superships and subs become the go to ships for the playerbase, they will introduce a new, immensely powerful element that makes them miserable. And it will cost money. It’s already happening with the high AA DPM DDs getting offset with more HE spammers and rocket attack-capable hybrid ships designed to break down that AA.

    • @Legendendear Dude. Around half of all players MUST, by simple deduction, be under 50 percent. I’m sure WG appreciates your implied comment that those players are unwelcome. Yeah, let’s take your advice and drive half the player base off, so that the game can quickly collapse, get shut down and end for everyone for all time. Aren’t you a peach!

    • @Dale Nielsen
      yes. However it aint difficult to break even on avg even in High Tiers (Exception being the supershit Tier)
      I remember I once had problems with NOT breaking even, but that was like in my 43% WR era, basically when I had NO clue on how this game works.
      Reaching 50% is not hard (I am not sure where the breaking even point is. Could be around 48/49%) Aint my fault people dont try to learn.

      If EVERYONE where to play better, the WR distribution wouldnt change, thats true. But everyone would also at least break even

    • Cybernetic Argument Creator

      How can Russia have such an enormous naval tree in-game when they’ve never had a Navy? Such questions are commonplace with Russian game companies.

      Once you realize their goal is to honeypot you into a simple and fun game and then cause you pain and offer you relief via your wallet, everything downstream of it makes sense.

  2. I literally just got my Keersarge B last Black Friday (I didn’t expect to. Free crate was a lucky one, lol) and noticed that i made great credits with it, but the superships and submarines made it a real challenge. Had some good battles, but some were so frustrating. I personally feel that superships should be moved out of random. If they removed the “funny buttons” then it would be okay for the most part. That button is just so OP that its unfair. Especially when you got whole battles with over 50% being superships. Yamato used to be my biggest fear (hence why she is my 1st tier X ship), but now, even the Yammy can be sunk like a toy. All that work to get her, and now she just collects dust.

    • i mean its not the alpha japanese ship anymore just begin the grind for sastuma simple and have some actual fun. The credit deficet aint that bad for a satsuma usually you can make lost credits back

  3. I thought about this when the superships were released into randoms. Why would people spend crazy amounts of money on tier 9 premiums when they’re just going to get slaughtered? How WG didn’t take that into account when they introduced the monstrosities’ into the game I don’t know cause surely the tier 9 ones were a big old money spinner for them. Who will spend 85 units of your currency to get dumped on by the Eagle and United States? They may be draining the game of credits but they sure as hell are also draining their own income. Foolish to say the least.

    • I find that with super ships, Tier 9’s loss is Tier 8’s gain. Now Tier 8, which has my favorite ship the Massachusetts (which is actually near where I live and I can go see it) is less likely to be bottom tier. Why should Tier 9 have that big uncontested advantage over my favorite tier, Tier 8?

    • They already sold the TIX Premium ships… they already got the money: time to frustrate them into buying more expensive TX Premiums…

    • @St_Cuthbert Nothing in their model suggests that and it would be a hard sell as well. Tier X prems are going to suffer just as much as the tier 9’s.

    • All of my tier 9’s, whether premiun or tech line stay in port. Otherwise, 4 out of 5 games you will be facing super ships. I will play tier 8 or tier 10. If I face super ships, at least I am in tier 10.

  4. Players: We dont like CVs! – WG: We keep it!
    Players: We dont like subs! – WG: We keep it!
    Players: Why the superships? – WG: We keep it!
    Players: Fine, I play something else.

    • @Legendendear I agree WG has gone a bit to far just for money sake, but I do think there is a healthy amount of players that genuinely like subs and CVs. Like me for example. They create chaos, I think that’s good fun in any ship, breaks up boring positioning battles. But superships were unnecessary, they should of just been tier 9 or 10 premiums, or part of new tech lines.

    • @Quor 22 Exactly how I saw it, just like in Yuro’s vid about I think Texas or Gibraltar when talking about players hating CVs and submarine claiming they ruin the game but still play it because killing them is fun.

    • @Quor 22
      You can speak for yourself.

    • @LeckMichImArsch Technically I’m not speaking, it’s called typing or text. And, I can do it whenever and however I like.

      If you have something to add to the conversation that would great.

  5. Super ships really show the direction the game is going.

    • theres nothing wrong with the concept of supership, Hannover and Satsuma show that, lackluster extentions of lackluster ship. But the HE spamming cruisers and……….russian one, are what ruin it

  6. I also want to say the super ships are supposed to remove credits from those who have because wargaming just doesn’t understand how to set up an economy

  7. the tier +2 is what is killing the game more for me along with the one sided land slide battles from match making. Some of my favourite ships are t9 but with superships its just pointless even trying to play them i have found myself playing tier 5 to 8 more recently or like the thousands or other players WG are losing are playing something else

  8. Agir is still one of my favorite ships with my highest win rate. I can pull out some nice game at times, but often gravitate away from the T11s to try and get as much game time as possible. Sometimes I wonder if I should just hurry and sink so I can re-queue. If I get T9-10 it’s ok. Win, lose, at least there is a better chance.

    • Bro same, i LOVE my Agir. ik her hull isnt the greatest and i too can pull some good games but for the most part every new ship in the game just rips right through you and your supposed to be an “armored” or large cruiser. Makes me sad how this game was once my fav game where i’d spend easily 4 to 6 hrs playing but now its almost 2 games and im done. (edit: i personally think some cruisers need armor buffs and or specifically to the Agir hull bodies they need their secondaries back looking at Siegfried here)

  9. There is such a simple solution for this problem. Wargaming can simply adjust the matchmaker in a way that superships will only encounter T10 or other superships. The T10 pool of payers is the biggest by far, so that should not be too difficult. It allows us to enjoy T9 again.

    • The PirateMongoose

      What has WG ever done that makes you think they care whether or not everyone is having fun? Seems to me that all of their decisions in the past 5 years have been about making sure that one or two people in a match are enjoying it while everyone else is absolutely miserable

    • They saw Superships already were the most expensive ships in the game, with CV superships costing the most. So they decided to make them even more expensive to run, ontop of that making CVs even more expensive than other ships.

      I guess it’s supposed to help people enjoy TIX more, but really just makes those that enjoy superships even worse.

    • Superships are credit sinks and thus you’re paying more for the ability to seal club Tier 9 ships using the least amount of skill. That’s the player market these ships are designed for. No way WG only goes Supership and Tier 10 match making because that mean less credit packs purchased. Especially on the weekends when you see supership wallet warriors all over the place. Paying more to gain a massive advantage and artificially boost your DPM numbers is the whole purpose of superships. It’s why I’ve stopped playing Tier 9 and Tier 8 ships most of time, especially on weekends. It’s just not worth it when when your double uptiered all the time into rounds in Tier 9 facing 5 superships or facing a bunch of Montanas, Vermonts, Yamatos, Maltas, and walls of Shima and Yang torps playing a Tier 8 ship. The HP pool and fire power difference is soo blatant, it’s just a waste of your time and mental health.

    • @eins zwei I play a lot of superships and I still agree T9s should not ever be in such games.

  10. I’ve always been frustrated by the +/-2 MM. It seems like if they want to run the T11s, just make it a +/-1 game. Yes, you’d potentially lose some income, but seems that it would be more than offset by the fact that in general, you will do better in EVERY game because a Buffalo vs Des Moines is preferable and closer than a Buffalo vs Annapolis.

  11. Since Ops was buffed to T8, I play Ops quite a bit, still finding it fun and consistent coin and xp (all kinds). Along with this, ranked and CB make up 90% of my game play. VERY seldom to I play ‘random’ because of how the meta has become.

  12. They could easily protect tier 9 as they do tier 4, just make the superships sit in the queue longer and match them up with only Tier 10 and themselves, leave 9 to match up with 8-10 as it had before the introduction of superships.

    • Typical defeatist attitude. Make a better game bottom line, the whining is getting old it really is but that’s what’s wrong with the world today no one wants to take iniative they just want everyone else to make the change while they remain the same, part of the PROBLEM!!

  13. @Apollyon 1961 Never played ops. Don’t know why. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that and see if I can stay interested in the game without being a slaughtered whale.

  14. Interesting that you mention the supposed “rarity” of super ships. I had a match a while back where there were a total of 8 super ships on 4 on my team and 4 on the enemies team

  15. Before it was that when you saw a couple of tier 8 ships in a tier 10 game you knew who the first victims would be but now tier 8 is often a better choice than not with so many tier 9 and 10 ships being up tiered.

  16. Trying to play at tier 9 and 10 after all my work to get those ships became so miserable that it just broke me. I can’t play this game with my favourite ships because it’s not fun at high tier anymore. It’s very upsetting.

  17. Excellent video. All valid points. WG seems to continually try daily to destroy what was a decent game to play. Honestly I think the only reason more player desertion hasn’t happened is that WOW is really the only game of its type and calibre out here at this time. That to will come to an end. Sadly, at least for me, I play very little now… it’s just not worth it to just be frustrated or killed by the supership, the cv you never see, or the sub you never see.

    My last tier 10 match, spoke a lot of what you pointed out. I could die to the tier 11 super ship cv, one of the three tier 8 subs or one of the three tier 10 dds, or the two other tier 11 super ships. Of course the sides were matched by the mm, but me in my Iowa just didn’t stand equal to the ships I was playing against.

    • WOWs is definitely the biggest one, and mostly the only multi-player option. That was the reason I started this game, and why I still play.

  18. It was a fun panel; great meeting you!

    There are so many good Tier IX ships that have just been ruined by superships, including my beloved Fletcher. It’s so much more difficult to get that ship to perform than it used to be, and it’s entirely the fault of there being a new tier in the game that didn’t exist when Fletcher was designed and balanced. She isn’t unique. Roon, Iowa, Buffalo, and so many more simply feel MUCH worse to play than they used to. It’s infuriating.

  19. Couldn’t agree more. I got my first tier IX ships around the time the last Airship Escort event started. It was a blast to go through them, even the Izumo which is hardly a brawling BB. Now that Random is the only mode available for my IX and X, they’re collecting rust in port because I cba to deal with subs and superships every single game.

  20. WG: “Grand Battle Super Ships are based on the theory that CV power did not progress.”
    Also WG: “We’re releasing a whole line of Super CVs”.

  21. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    This all boils down to the same point I keep making. The reason why there are double up tier games is because there are not enough players because WG doesn’t care about growing the player base they are solely focused on replacing players that leave because they think that they can’t bleed more money out of their older players.

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