World of Warships- How Bias Is Russian Bias? 2

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Hey guys, today I discuss Russian Bias again in a bit more detail and after having played both the Smol and Kremlin quite a bit more, enjoy!

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  1. Pls post the 44 min long vid with all the stats would love to see this

  2. Arnold Af Apelkärna

    I would love to see a 40 minute video on the Russian Bias! It’s a Interesting and a slightly controversial subject so I would love to get as much information on the said subject as possible.

  3. Since when did smolensk a d Worcester gameplay become even remotely similar?
    If anything smolensk is a mixture of grozevoi and kutuzov while Worcester is basically a Cleveland on steroids. They are both cruisers that starts a ton of fire but otherwise they are completely different.

    • Why do I get the feeling that you guys never played a wooster?

    • @Rene D Did play a rooster once…

    • When he announced that he was comparing it to a “similar” ship, I was expecting the Minotaur.

    • @Rene D not played Wooster only moines, but 100% always behind an island, damage farming

    • Survival in a wooster is not easy. It has very little to save itself, once it’s in line of sight, of anything. The only time it’s strong is when it’s div’d up with something that can make it invisible.

      The smol has no such limitations. Has no radar so doesn’t have to go near caps, has torps for rush protection, has smoke for open water protection and has 3 more guns front and back so doesn’t need to be broadside to be threating….it’s also smaller and faster.

  4. I think it comes down to the psychological factor when it comes to dpm ships. When you get blapped out of existence by a well place citadel there’s that moment of saying “oh I screwed up I did xyz wrong.” Or “oh I walked into a bad situation and couldn’t compensate for all the angles maybe I should do that.

    But when it comes to Smolensk, Wochester , Colbert, Harugmo, or Atlanta it’s that death by 1k cuts constant beat down. Especially in a game where the counter play to HE just doesn’t work against a ship that by its design actively counters the counter measure by sheer pressure alone.

    At the end of the day I’ve learned to deal with it. I take great pleasure in smacking Dpm ships and when they 1k palm punch me to death I shrug and say well that’s there design. Is that design good no but that’s just because I’m on the receiving end.

  5. See, I like longer talking videos when I dont need to watch to get the enjoyment. I love listening to your videos while getting ready. This would make a 40 minute video perfect. However, I would rather have shorter videos on the same upload schedule than less longer videos

  6. Definately want to hear your in-depth input. 40 minutes are alright by me. Post it!!

  7. Nah it wasnt hard to prove russian bias,open up training room, bring a montana, ask your friend to use vladivostok with the red parade camo, ask your friend to keep moving broadsiding to you, try to get devas or atleast 3x cits with shell falling short

  8. Im waiting till they put a Kremlin like ship in the game that has tsar Cannon (890 mm) big guns.

  9. kutuzov, light cruiser at tier 8.
    has smoke, typical soviet railgun shell, 19.1km range at tier 8 smh.

    • Kutuzov is also a floating citadel that has pretty bad smoke fire penalty, its not more “OP” than Belfast that has tier 8 hull at tier 7 with radar and smoke. Glad that neither is available except from new year gacha containers.

  10. Had to break from the game, just not having fun anymore. Seems to be more work than fun.

  11. Once I missed a full Russian salvo at max range. SO BAD NEED BUFF!

  12. Worcester is a tech tree ship and Smolensk is a premium. In my humble opinion, Worcester players are better than Smolensk players, generally, and as a BB damage cow, I am more depressed facing the Worcester.Also, since I did grind the Russian cruiser line, Moskva is such a different ship than the Chappy and Donskoi, and maybe its kinda fun to have a Russian Atlanta. A lot of people overlook how many US cruisers there are, too when they complain about the upcoming Russian Ecruiser line split. If you include Alaska, Puerto Rico, Salem, Atlanta, ,Flint, and the two tech lines, thats alota cruisers.and they are pretty good ships.. The other thing, the Russian DD s arent op, and the poor Khaba is awful now being so eclipsed by power creep. Almost each new line that comes out pushes the boundaries and is not always ballanced, which explains why the Russian BB line is out of whack because it was the latest addition. Just my 2 pence

  13. Wait Wait wait, the Smoli has massively faster shell velocity, kinda like a laser. Less dope on the scope means more rounds on target. At anything past point blank the Smoli will have 3x the hits of the Wo. The Wo has a better ability to use islands but, SMOKE!!! In the 10 – 17 km range the Wo is like trying to shoot a mortar at a fighter plane. 20% hits if u r lucky, but, the Smoli well u know, total bullshit lasers with 80% hits. Now we see a whole fleet of these oppofs boats coming out. Keep in mind the real life russian navy. You know, the fleet with 1 CV that has its very own dedicated tug to drag to from place to place? Subs so loud they drown out a Slayer concert! The fleet that throughout history got its ass kicked every time it stepped on the battlefield. Tell me alllll about their effectiveness in WWII!?! I have played this game since Beta switching from WOT. over 7000 games. I rarely play any more. Wows has crapped all over what used to be a fun game with a lot of history as a cool side bar. I will not bother to put WOWS on my new rig.

  14. I have a hard time giving WG a pass on Smolensk when they needed the hell out or Georgia for way less imbalance in the game. don’t get me wrong the Georgia changes were necessary but smolenski needs to have something radically nerfed. The “nerf’ of reducing it’s armor is a buff and WG knows it.

  15. Great video!

    Also, as someone from central Massachusetts, Worcester is pronounced as either “Wusstuh” or “Wisstuh” locally.

  16. What is this? All of you back to Gulag, especially you Mountbatten!

  17. Kremlin needs at least 50 second turret rotation time and less deck armor to be balanced.

    Just compare Kremlins and GKs weaknesses, its not fair. Kremlin got a big citadel, but two things almost remove this weakness. First the broken armor which only allows other Kremlins to cit it from medium to long range. And 2nd The firing anlges which are of course amazing, allowing you to use all your firepower while keeping the ship angled sharply. Stregths removing the biggest weakness so to say.

    GK on the other hand got the absolute worst firing angles in the game and that forces it to either use only 50% of your firepower or to eat massive amounts of pen damage. Here we suddenly got a weakness removing the biggest strength.

    And thats not only powercreep for the GK but also for the Yamato aswell. Kremlin does a much better job at nose tanking because there are no “cheeks” like the Yamato got for BALANCING REASONS.

    What also really annoys me is that soviet guns just get all the cookies. Remember when there were clear stengths and weaknesses like USN guns with great pen angles but slow velocity or german with great velocity but bad pen angles ? The game was awesome back then…

  18. “In 1901 child draw flying ship with rockets and 900mm guns. We make sip in game, was russian pr ship.”
    Soviet anthem plays🎵

  19. i got seasick from watching this gameplay..

  20. Scharfschutze 99

    look at the upcoming soviet cruiser spit line. no need more

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