World of Warships – How bizarre can one match get ?!

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Srsly, just how crazy bizarre can a single match of WoWS get. The amount of crazy and awkward situations in this match was over the top.
Enjoy have fun watching 😉


  1. heyyyy,.,. im soo happy when you oploaded a new video! 😀

  2. 3am again. I’ve made it!

  3. The Carlsson Life

    High class entertainment right here folks! Thank you Flambass

  4. Lol, shattering on the Kremlin Citadel belt with 420mm guns at 4km. Fair and balanced.

  5. Flambass’s bizzarre adventures

  6. Jingles would of been proud of this one 🙂 Where is the Mino? Whys he not printing a new ship etc…. 🙂

  7. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    lol at GK missing near point-blank shots…
    WG: GK is a brawler guys xaxaxaxaxa)))))

  8. Clearly WG could’ve given German BBs improved accuracy under 12km, for example, to encourage pushing into secondary range, but nope, can’t have that.
    I’d have thought that Kemlin would win if not full potato, but perhaps I’m incorrect.
    Meanwhile, gotta love the positioning of your own ‘friendly’ BBs. You’re going HAM and at some points your friendless are running AWAY? Sigh.
    It’s always a Mongqueror alive at the end. To be fair, based on results, this one performed well, but I’d love to have seen how much use it got from its heals.

  9. those german bbs getting more and more laughable, 4km distance 50-90% shells dont hit the target

  10. David Chrysostom

    So, Flambass is a basketball fan I see … drives solo through a whole team and dunks on their faces.

    Damn !

  11. Flambass: how much respect do u give me ?
    Community: Yes

  12. Those play is why I love the GK!!

  13. Southern Pacific Lines Productions Productions

    Well if you’re Flambass, every match is bizarre XD

  14. Forget Hans, LeroyJinkens was the Capitan for that round.

  15. GK have a very very very bad precision on primary gun,i hate this…

    p.s.: conqueror allied is very noob.

  16. The reason the Conqueror didn’t pop his heal after the torpedo volley was because he had just finished using it as he was entering the cap.

  17. notice at the end 219k game #1 on the team WON and only 67k cred reward w/premium time :/ just seems so pointless the fees are too outrageous

  18. Flambass doing a double Jingles…
    “….we’re losing…” – team has an almost 50 point lead.
    “…I don’t know where this Mino is….” – its the only Red ship left and D Cap is turning.


  19. “We’re actually losing this battle.” While your team had 2 caps, more points, more boats, and better positioning.

  20. “Where did the other 5 shells go?!!”. Poor aim at 3k.
    Gunners obviously got into the schnapps.

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