World of Warships | HOW DID I SURVIVE? | Cruiser Gameplay

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World of Warships | HOW DID I SURVIVE? | Cruiser Gameplay
▶ I’m taking out my St. Louis cruiser into a battle in World of Warships. Against all odds, how did I not die!?

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  1. Another crew found the combination for davy Jones locker

  2. Have you talked to Phly and Baron recently?
    They’re on the World of Warships bandwagon as well.

  3. Bismark TehRobloxian

    Dat intro doe

  4. amazing game dude!!!

  5. i want to play this game so bad. I need code though :'(

  6. LOL that was fun to watch

  7. Krebs you will get rekt if you stop/reverse your ship in games with better
    opposition, makes you a sitting duck and doesn’t improve accuracy

  8. NICE AND EXCITING GAME KREBS …thumbs up definitely on this vid!!!!!

  9. Whitettiger Gaming

    outro song?!

  10. INTRO IS LOUD! plz do something about it

  11. Toplel,Topkek,Toprekt! Nice playing Krebsy!

  12. Are we able to get into the bata I just tried and I couldn’t 

  13. how did ya download it
    from the website

  14. Wait a sec, is Krebs going back to Krebs channel instead of Dion?

  15. Aim lower, closer to the waterline m8. Your shells are passing through the
    upper superstructure for minimal damage. Good luck! Back to my near Orleans
    or Baltimore.

  16. omfg that was EPIC! GREAT VID M8 :)

  17. Whats the name of the song in the opening?

  18. Cant wait for the german BB H44 or any H40 class in particulair

  19. Nice job Krebs! Just manage your ammo a little better, at close range
    against a cruiser your AP will over penetrate so you’re better off with HE.
    Still, epic win bro ;D

  20. Holy damn, my windows almost shattered when the video started!

  21. You got SOOOOOO lucky xD

  22. Krebs, I love how crazy excited you get over stuff. XD

  23. hahahah ninja style! fuck me ! haha 

  24. tier 1 tanks in wot have more hp than you on the end

  25. When your at closer ranges shoot HE because the AP just over pens 

  26. Nice video! This game looks good, worth it?

  27. More

  28. Enemy team was cruisin’ for a bruisin’!

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