World of Warships – How Do I Play Alaska?

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Been asked this question a lot on stream, so figured I’ll make a video for future reference 🙂


  1. Lick Kitty Split

    Thanks for all you do Chase. You’re vids have helped me out tremendously!

  2. I play it depending on what my team needs at a specific time.
    If it calls for a ballsy BB play, Alaska can do that.
    If it calls for me to delete an offending cruiser, I can do that.
    If situation calls for me to hide behind an island and sling HE, Alaska can do that easily.
    If situation calls for a radar ship to flush out a pesky DD, Alaska can also do that

    • @Christopher Wilson As itself, Alaska’s rate of fire surelly let a good DD to slip from destruction…….
      … but she can “dive” into position to help another ship, radar, and drive someone else too shooting at the DD

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      what if a dd needs aa COVER alaska can do that also?

    • @Grimmshred Sanguinus It’s not bad, overall (mind obviously that in the current meta, nothing is really “good”)…
      … even more if the player using it has the AA consumable.
      Personally, I preferr going hydro: more than just for myself, as seen even in this video. It helps to screen BBs just behind me.

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      Just say jack of trades, master of none
      I really want this ship lol

    • its just a big USN cruiser. big enough to do some BB work as well, while still doing the regular USN cruiser duties.
      its a jack of all trades but a master of none. cant hunt DDs like regular cruisers. cant tank like a BB, cant devastate BBs at range like a BB.

  3. One thing I would add, if you have one of the captain with enhanced expert loader, definitely recommend to use that captain on Alaska. In my opinion , I found this enhanced skill very useful on that ship.

  4. Its easy.
    Blast “Anchors Aweigh” at max volume and your inner bald eagle will show itself on the outside

  5. I’d recommend taking hydro rather than AA.

    • pretty much always the case. Hydro is better but i typically take Def AA if Carriers are really pissing me off that day

    • He was div’d with a CV, ensuring that his def AA would be put to use every game. He also had a dd in his div, and protecting him from enemy CV’s with alaska’s good AA/Def AA is also a good idea.

      Meanwhile with his playstyle hydro would have come into use 1 time the entire game, and that was when he was unsure if the ibuki sent torps into the channel he was pushing.

      Overall I think in this particular case, Def AA was the better choice.

  6. Victory Aircraft CV

    Alaska seems to be using a lot of APs for sure because of the angle compensation.

  7. The one thing I’ve been seeing in game is a lot of new and returning players. They’re grabbing high tier ships just because but have no idea how to play them. Hopefully these videos will help them, which helps us all. +1

  8. To me Alaska can do everything. I love the ship and playing her is always fun unless my team goes full potato

    • Yeah, you just have to love the games where you get 170-180k damage and your team absolutely throws it despite your best effort to carry.

  9. Great vid chase as always! Just wondering if you could maybe add a section in these guides dedicated to key weaknesses and how to exploit them. I think it would be useful to have a section for people who don’t have the ship but have trouble against them.

    • Great suggestion. In the case of the Alaska, she will generally lose long-range HE duels, as her DPM is poor. A DM, for instance, will beat an Alaska 100% of the time, in a bow-tanking situation.
      Her nose is also overmatched by most BB AP she faces. Don’t try to go for her citadel, as you’ll never find it, just do pen damage and you’ll chunk her down fast enough. No icebreaker bow, either, so no worries about bouncing shots to her nose, unlike Russian supercruisers.

  10. Alaska is one of my favourite ships~
    Sometimes its just funny how most cruisers are running away from a BB like a Bismarck or a Sov Soyuz, and then boom there is an Alaska going up for a 1v1 against a BB.
    Sure she isnt as tanky as a BB since she is only a cruiser after all, but still in a 1v1 situation I find that even most BBs would hesitate, because if the two of you ever get to the point where a drive by is done, its a 50-50 since you have 9 shells each doing 8.9k dmg….
    Ive dev struck Musashis and Russian BBs in those of engagements and its always funny haha

  11. I find it weird how the Russian paper designs have such good armour when in reality it was of significantly poorer quality.

  12. I love Alaska, she is so strong in just about every situation, but she is very challenging to play well.

  13. Ok dammit ! Today especially with this kind of video we deserved “ this is your instructor Chase” who used to be a teacher and if you don’t pay attention I’m rapping your knuckles !

    Awesome video as always ! Last but not least AK AP rocks anything as long as it’s plunging fire !

  14. Now we need CptBeulchen’s Battle to show “How not to fight against the Alaska”. 😀

  15. This video and Zera going on about the Alaska. I love mine she’s a solid generalist

  16. That was a potatoe sinop driver. I literally never show my broadside to anyone in my sinop even if I have to play in reverse. Almost indestructible and rack up 100k games on average

  17. basically you play is a “Large Cruiser” as what the USN intended

  18. I really like the annotations, they do a lot to help visualize what you’re talking about especially when it comes to angles or directions of movement

  19. that king george should have burnt you out of the game in real life she would have blown you back to the us

  20. “mY GuEsS Is ThAt ThErE Is A fLeTcHeR sOmEwHeRe” 😀

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