World of Warships – How Do I Play Iowa?

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Abuse speed, maximum crossfire.


  1. These are helpful and interesting videos. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this Video IChase. I see way to many players play the Iowa like it’s a GK or FDG or even a Kremlin and what usually happens? They get waxed in the first five minutes.

  3. I wish players would understand that a ship that has been power crept does not mean it’s completely garbage and unplayable. It just means that you have to work a little harder to get the best out of your ship. It won’t be as easy as the newer ships where some you just sail, park, point, and click and boom huge damage *COUGHS* Newer Soviet ships *COUGHS*.

  4. Decent ship – but her and Missouri definitely need a reload buff. Nine shells with awful shell velocity isn’t enough in this day and age.

  5. better question why play us BB when soviet bias is real

  6. “The Kill Stealer?” – gets High Caliber and Confederate right after… sure buddy

  7. I play Iowa a lot. I honestly like it more than Montana. Montana is definitely the superior ship, but there is something about being able to travel 33 knots, use that 12.7 km concealment, and just blap them from the flanks. This ship is very unforgiving if you overextend. Use that speed and concealment!

  8. I always try to create cross fire but what should i do when my retard team rush into a lemming and die o fast ? 🙁
    also I’m a solo player…

  9. Please make one on the sovetsky soyuz as I am really struggling on that ship

  10. I don’t know if I should feel proud of my clan being featured on ichase’s video when we got blapped the hell to smithereens by him. Anyway, great vid bro, super informative! You literally took us to school in this game lol

    • A good player/opponent is the one who gives credit to the winning team, like you did, and takes the lesson and remembers it.Better luck next time. I appreciate i Chases videos just for the reason that he explains why he is doing his moves and visualises it with the arrows. .

  11. Easy: Blast Anchors Aweigh and the eagle will guide you to victory 🙂

  12. Haven’t bought this ship yet though I do have it researched. A bit worried that subs will riggity wreck BB gameplay. I have a georgia and a republique already too, so I don’t know if it would be worth blowing half of my silver to get another ship of the same flavor.

  13. Chameleon Scheimong

    Chase, what software are you using for the live screen annotations/doodles?

  14. Geez, seeing that sharnhorst after 5 minutes gives me cancer… why? cuz all these guides could be summarized in one key skill… called reading the damn minimap…

  15. Wat, no shout out? Boooo! 😜
    The game portrays ships so inaccurately…

  16. The timing couldn’t be better

    I just got the Iowa

  17. American line still going strong in 2020, unlike a certain other line *cough* Kriegsmarine.

  18. Player : How to play Iowa?

    WG : Buy Georgia and use 18 inch gun and engine boost.

  19. Great video! I like how I’ve intuitively learned how to use this ship’s strengths but this video definitely helps fill in the gaps

  20. I just put on Midway from Sabaton, full speed into enemies while firing 1 salvo which misses.
    I get set on fire by the filthy degenerate pepegabrained firespammers and then i lose all hype and quit the game.

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