World of Warships – How Do you Screw That Up?

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It takes a special kind of talent to have every advantage going and still somehow find a way to screw it all up.

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  1. That’s a very simple question. With a screwdriver. Personally I use the saltdriver-9000 electric drill, cheap and easy to use. You stick the charger into a potato and then throw it at what you want to screw.

  2. Never stop your enemy when they are making a mistake

  3. Oh, this one was epic – and one I wasn’t proud of. (Wipes eggs off face, blushes in Izumese)

    I think I left the battle around the time Musashi didn’t get sunk by the Benham torps… I thought I should mention something about switching to HE, but decided against it to avoid creating a distraction… Glad to see it turned out well. Oh, and he did switch to HE after all ))

  4. when I first started playing, I would ask my son, who got me into the game, how many torpedoes such and such DD had – when I ran into a Benham, I asked the question, his response: “It has ALL the torpedoes, Dad, all of them.” oh my . . . lol

  5. I think the benham opened up fire bot only to set one, but also to reset his capture progress.

  6. The Benham was using gunfire to reset, and then going behind the islands or going into smoke. He was actually playing it very well, and he would have won a stalemate because his team was ahead on points. He just screwed up at the end trying to get his torps off instead of continuing the resets.

    • Completely disagree.

      If played even semi competantly the DD can reset the Musashi whilst moving behind cover giving the BB no return shot, combined with the staggering number of torps it can deploy and rapid reload of said torps he should have sank the BB minutes before the game ended. Very poorly played by both of them. BB couldn’t decide which way he was planning on going in the next 30 seconds and had his front guns pointing in the complete opposite direction whilst having AP loaded for multiple salvos when the second it became 1 on 1 he should have swapped to HE, there is an arguement that he should have swapped even sooner considering the Agir was on low health and 18.1″ HE still would have smashed him whilst potentially allowing premptive shots on the DD which was the only real threat. Altogether a masterclass in how not to play the game.

    • Besides all that, an no point did the Benham need to reset the cap. All he had to do was flood the tiny cap area with the 200 plus torps he would have had available before the timer ran out. It doesn’t matter how “good” the BB is, throw enough shit at the wall and enough of it would have stuck and the Musashi would have been sank without ever being given chance to return fire.

    • Another case of ‘win harder’ syndrome. All the Benham needed to do at the end was ‘Nothing.’

    • @Stolens87 The Benham was shocking. All he had to do was flood the cap with torps. The BB was no better, keeping AP loaded.

  7. 2:42 Wait, a BB actually shooting a DD while there is a bigger ship visible on the horizon? Haven’t seen this in months.

  8. Lovely job. Shows the advantage of never giving up…

  9. It’s worth noting though, that everything he got spotted at the end he was resetting the cap and was pretty safe from return fire.

  10. Each time I watch one of Jingle’s WOW videos I know I’m going to have a laugh somehow

  11. I wonder why kearsarges play defensively since they cant be citadelled, they shoul ignore planes and go brawling, not much harm can come their way fast this way

  12. that HP buff he picked up before the end may have been enough to save him

  13. Thats why i love Yamato and Musashi, any other BB would have die to those torpedos, but the torpedo protection in these two is ameazing!

  14. I get that the Benham was shooting to reset the cap but with the whole ocean at his disposal I don’t know why it decided to close to damn near suicide torp range. If it had spent the whole match just resetting the Musashi they would have won on points

  15. Actually Jingles… (always wanted to do that), WG placed the citadel on the American BB/CV Hybrids lower in the water than the Iowa/Missouri/Montana which have their citadel at waterline.

    The Hybrids actually have their citadel more like the Alaska and Puerto Rico which are well below the waterline making them extremely difficult to citadel.

  16. Piazzolla Luca Gordon

    I see this in a lot of BB-DD last stand: BBs keep their AP loaded… why?

  17. “He doesn’t have radar because he’s a battleship.” USS Missouri stares emotionless at Jingles.

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