World of Warships: How does Hydroacoustic Search work?

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I see this question pop up in my comments quite often so decided to give a proper explanation, hope this answers your questions! And yes, I know my paint skills are amazing.


  1. Good job explaining an semi-obscure subject.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Do Hydroacoustic Search and Target Acquisition System stack? If Hydro buffs
    your proximity to 5km then does TAS stack to make it ~7.5km?

  3. Thank you it was really informative 😀 also +1 for da sick paint skillz

  4. Pity target upgrade didn’t stack with hydro, might make it worth it
    finally. Having a 7.5km detection with hydro on.

  5. You still use mIRC in Finland ? :)

  6. thx very usefull now ill stop randomly actavting hydro seartch

  7. Been wondering what some of those terms mean, this sure made it easy for me

  8. thank you very useful

  9. I thought islands stopped hydro search but seems I was wrong. Good to know.

  10. I always thought from your accent you were swedish… mutta torilla

  11. The paint skills are strong in your family.

  12. well now i see why u recomend concelment mod 😛 and hydroacustic wont stack
    up with that mod right ?

  13. thst helps a lot, thank u. a side note.. if I wasn’t subscribed already. I
    would just cause of ur choice in music. I love Above and Beyond. I got
    tickets for their acoustic show in chicago this upcoming March.

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