World of Warships- How Does This Keep Actually Working??

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Pizza time

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  1. your average tiga

    4:07 every ship has at leest 1 torpedo😅😂

  2. “If it works it works”-Wise guy on the internet

  3. Hi sea lord. after 3 years being away from game after suffering two strokes im back to playing about 6 months ago on the Eu server. I do enjoy watching the you-tube videos. I struggle a bit with the shakes due to said strokes but i keep trying. Keep up the good work regards Werewulfsco

  4. Pichuquito Pichuquito

    Hi, not here to stat shame anyone, but both enemy teams are 47% er average… Seeing that composition, staying nose in like both teams did shows no understanding of the basics of the game. I know Paolos are utterly fast, but It would not have been so easy with enemies in kiting position especially the frenchies !!! Funny vid 🙂

  5. hydro doesn t really save in those CC situation anyway, now i would love to see some combo of italien + german or french covered by the smoke^^

  6. In the 2nd match, he might have been hoping for the lower detectability of the DD to keep unseen while peeking out from the smoke to find the enemy ships… just got unlucky that there was an enemy ship close enough to spot him.

  7. of course it works. You can prepare only for a certain amount of situations in advance. You have to prepare a lineup to face many maps and combos in a way your team is capable. in a game as unbalanced as wows, there is always a troll combo possible that more or less sets you up to win more than you loose. As long other teams approach the game more conservatively of course. Boring as it may be, it can be time effective. As such you grind ressources very stable. Sad but a fact.
    And if people have the ships… see more or less the same combos (one ship varies) 70% of the time. Or at least some ships nearly 90% of the time. Its stale because there is obvioulsy a power difference that cant be overcome with skill. The tool is at least as important.

    hard to remedy that. If they ban even more ships they know that are strong you kinda have to play with near garbage (for the mode at least) every time. i dont know, mybe a draft system like LoL or somthign coud bring in a more interesting layer. But that would take more time per fight and it is already in a very tight schedule.

    i guess we have to work with it until WG might consider revamping the gamemode

  8. It’s a fun comp to run

  9. Hey! Im a new player and i hear you/ some other youtubers i follow talk about “classic german HE/ reliable Japanese HE” and things like that: could you make a video outlining these sort of nation-specific traits? I cant find a video/ resource that outlines all these nuanced factoids of the game that come with so many hours of gameplay and i want to catch up! Thanks your videos are fantastic

    • There’s many historical vids about this. Look for some of the older vids by Notser, Flamu, etc.

      In short, IJN HE has good fire chance and does good damage per salvo (mostly regarding cruisers, but DDs also).

      German HE (cruisers and DDs) have additional penetration (you essentially IFHE for free with none of the downsides). The German AP also gets good pen, but doesn’t have improved angles like the US does.

    • Lots of people have done vids about this, but I don’t think I’ve seen SLM do one, at least not lately. I too would like to see you do some overviews on the pros and cons of say: IJN vs US CA class, US CA class vs Russian, German vs. French, etc.

  10. Håkon Steinsvåg

    This tactic might NOT still work, they just sent you two videos where it did work. so say this work 2 out of ten times. Most teams our clan have met have had a lot of radars and have coordinated the radar use much in the same way this team used their smoke.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      These are the two I chose to feature, they’ve been bugging me about this working for the past couple of weeks

    • We still have over a 50% wr in storm where we’ve running the div and storm this season has been filled with typhoon clans that haven’t pushed into storm and have been seal clubbing.

  11. Bibbty Bobbity this match win is now my property!

  12. I just started doing this on a whim yesterday. People kind of just caught on.

  13. I’d rather people play like these guys…rushing in to FIGHT….instead of the normal games where all your big ships rush an island to hide like little kids.

  14. This didn’t really work that well. I’m glad they won after all, and it’s good they had fun. But they suicided both DDs for a 1-1 trade. Enemy still had both their DDs.

  15. 10:50 yep I had AP loaded for his turn out 🤣 amalfi AP hurts 😂

  16. Don’t discount the new guy with weird formations. 😂
    “The enemies gate is down”

  17. In the second match I was the Cherbourg sandwiched between the two yolos. credit where credit is due, we enjoyed the performance since we knew that we were not gonna make it out of the match alive since we got caught off guard with the lineup. I applaud the team for their win.

  18. IMO, players are staying in the binocular view to snipe so they never see the smoke.

    • Very much this. It took me weeks to train myself to fight from normal view and just drop in to binoculars when needed to stop from being torped or rammed or shot by teammates.

  19. Quite amusing, they should call it the Pizza Roll. I will say, as more teams see this they will learn to counter it or emulate it themselves, they might need to work on variations of the strategy or counters for it themselves. I couple of ships with high torp counts/damage at offsetting angles could make it a very bad day for this strategy.

  20. A very interesting lineup! Definitely not meta and will surprise most teams. Good luck with the adventure

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