World of Warships- HOW Does WG keep Getting Away With This?

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Hey guys! Today we go over the results of the Musashi auction, and…oh boy.

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  1. Well, they say, ” a fool and his money are soon parted”.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I paid 750k free xp for the Musashi. So glad I didn’t overpay for it.

  3. Moon Cricket Stinks

    This is why nothing will ever change, and why wg won’t have to listen to the fanbase. The whales will whale, and you’re just noise.

    • exactly. SLM makes videos for videos sake but its just white noise.

    • His videos are still promo end of the day. And where can we really rally? Reddit is full of simps as well. I’m so over it, used to grind a couple of hours a day, now can barely play 2 matches max a day.

    • @boydy7351  that’s the thing you dont rally just don’t play the game

      I enjoy the game but I own like a ahit ton of games , have model kits to assemble, rock climbing , go play dnd .

      Don’t rally to fix the game, just play it if you enjoy it or wash your hands of it if you dont think it’s worth the effort

      Do what makes you happy or adds the ost to your life 🙂

  4. I have the Musashi from way back when. Its not worth any of those amounts

    • I’d say if you just want musashi it’s not too bad. You could either spend the 42k dubs here or try your gamble at Santa crates.

  5. And here I am, still have this ship after getting it for free XP 😂

  6. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    Considering how much money they make with these auctions, I’m surprised they don’t do them more often.

    • Don’t Give Them Any ideas!

    • If they do them too often people wouldn’t spend as much on them. People spend so much because they are afraid it won’t come back, maybe ever (or at least for a year). If you had a Musashi auction every month the FOMO wouldn’t be there.

    • Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

      @Steven Wiederholt LOL I’m sure they’ve already thought of it

    • Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

      @Meneldal Pretty sure the game has more than 500 ships to choose from by now. It wouldn’t have to be one or two ships. Even if they auctioned one ship every month, it would take more than 40 years to auction them all.

    • @Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

  7. Not double this will have been a million dollar auction for the musashi on its own

  8. SLM, could you do a video on how other games’ in-game resources and events are far worse than WoWs auctions? Great analysis man!

  9. No one talking about that Incomparable kill @9:15 with 157 hp left? Damn that was sweet !

  10. Wonder what they going to do with past Dockyard ships? I do hope they get released as coal, steel, research or even doubloons or even as a catch up Dockyard events or missions

  11. I feel soery for the new players of this game. All the cool, fun, historically significant ships are hidden away with some completely unobtainable. These auctions just widen the gap between the haves and have nots, hell, they dont evennchaege a price they ask you to give as much as you can in a blind auction.
    Such a shame.

    • given how much the meta has changed and that so many new ships where added that can outperform Musashi even many other older Free XP ships that were considered Very OP for their time. If the problem was to many people getting hold of the Musashi, then they could make the armory have ship rotations halfway through an update where Older Rare premium ships could become available for a time for coal or steel, then after a period of time is over the Rare ships are removed until the next rotation. getting a rare ship in the current “super Containers” is rarer then the idea of wargaming themselves removing submarines.

  12. I had a 30% and 15% coupon that I chose not to use this weekend. Also I notice many of the new ships, including test ships, are essentially carbon copies of existing ships.

  13. Thats serious money for WG, would not surprise me if they start doing an auction every month.

  14. This situation just keeps happening and the only time they listened is when it hit the media and government, in the past Americans all reported them for clear as day gambling and predatory practices and they backed off when it was in the news and they were investigated

    We need to do it again

  15. Keep this video in mind next time you want to try giving WG a pass on one of their questionable $$ items/events/etc. “Oh they are a company, they need to make money”. – Trust that WG is making money. People need to get out of the mentality of defending companies and start worrying about how much game studios are taking advantage of us.

  16. First game of the day yesterday had four Musashi’s in it. Two on each side. That was some money right there.

  17. can you imagine how much they would bank if they put Enterprise in auction?

  18. This ”i’m not Sun Tsu, but i think we shouldn’t gave them the entire map” was absoultly MAGNIFICENT and hilarious
    Why when you angle with a BB or a heavy cruiser, you don’t just go like perfectly strait to the ennemy bow first, like this you reduce the area prensented to the ennemy and if he shot at your bow, it will inevitably bounce. Or is it to force him to use AP in hope of citadel (even if the citadel is very dificult at such an angle) instead of switching to HE ?

  19. I found myself in an interesting situation, currently saving coal but what for? I have tier X Kremlin and am doing pretty good playing her. So I want an reccomendation, do I buy adm. Kuznetsov or do I buy Kearsarge?

  20. That was my very first thought at the price of a premium ship.

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