World of Warships- How Effective Is The CV Hunting Divs? + EULA Violation Update

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Hey guys, today I talk about my experience in using the 2 Kidd 1 Akizuki CV Hunting division, and give an update on the whole EULA violation issue.

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  1. All’s fair in love and war. I love it when DD’s hunt me in my CV…of course my CV of choice is the Graf Zeppelin and it has a tendency to make DD players regret their life choices when those secondaries open up 🙂

    • @Anthrax I remember back in the days when i gave a turd about this game’s future, I was chasing a Hakuryū with my gearing. Not only did he outrun me, he also killed me. But ofc people like Kira Hikidick will defend this kinda gameplay because that’s their thing : Being the annoying bitch that exploits something in a idiotically designed game.

    • @Dancing Queen and people like you are why I enjoy it even more. 🙂

    • DD players regret their choice as soon as the game starts and there’s a CV in game, much less the two CVs we are currently seeing in Tier 8 battles. They know if the CV(s) find them their game is over.

    • @Dancing Queen the reason why WG allow CV stay ingame is because CV player are bunch of no-life fucker keep pouring cashes into the game LMAO, personally I quit this fucking game long ago when they decided to ” buff, ie CV rework “, it will not be long until what left in the game is 2 CV vs each other in a match LMAO

    • I love my Zep, I’ve stopped 2 KAK divisions yesterday in her. I love facing them because it means my secondary flags will never run dry

  2. Too everyone in the comments section clamoring to get Sealord’s attention:
    ”Quit distracting him, he isn’t doing shit with you all swelling his head” 1:42 hahaha

  3. Like i said. 1 thing he said in vid was ‘f you wg’ thats all you need to use eula againt player. .

  4. Ok I watch both of these videos now back in the day in World of Tanks they had a very big problem with the saltiness harassing griefing that went from team to team in chat to the point they switched off the team to team chat your team can only talk to you their team can only talk to them No cross team chat room oh yes that would mean wargaming use some common sense and they’ve taken something from what they learnt from a previous game they released and put it into to another game they release but they can’t do that because it’s not making them money too busy coming up with more overpowered stupid ships

  5. nah the real CV hunting Div is the legendary 899

  6. 899 division laughing.

  7. So in one post they state “griefing a class of ship or player” and in the other post they say verbal conduct/toxicity … somehow those 2 statements don’t match. and the first one is self contradictory … how can you propagate a strat against a class that is highly effective without it being construed as griefing said class ?

    • There is a fine difference between making a strat against CVs but still focusing on the game (caps, spotting, torping), and just straight ignoring your team and going up to the edges of the map using 3 ships against one and letting the enemy team potentially get ahead on points.

    • Because WG can’t admit carriers / aa are still unbalanced to the point where cv’s shouldn’t be in the game at all. When people do what it takes to effectively counter them, they go nuts. They’ve done this before, why is anyone still surprised?

    • As in, “We put the broken shit in there and can’t balance it for shit, you just fucking take it until / unless we get around to balancing it.”
      That’s how they define ‘ship class’ griefing, any tactic that effectively counters a cv.
      To note, cv’s main form of helping the team is in spotting. Therefore to effectively counter them, you need to take them out early.

  8. To resume for those who dont seems to understand.

    Its ok to make tactics to hunt cv and make tutorial and talk about it.
    Its bad to be a peace of sh*** while doing so.

    Shouldn’t be that hard

  9. Droid Motorola 388

    “Hunting the cv isn’t going to stop it from killing your whole team so why?”

    Because is actually fun!!!!!

  10. Ie

    Go ahead and play

    Just don’t be a dick about it

    Which is one of those things that should be common sense

  11. I was the second friendly CV in your group. After you guys left, we won off of pure last second attrition. It was pretty fun! Awesome playing with y’all.

  12. it’s anything but challenging though, playing one of the strongest dds in t8. any other t8 dd will suffer heavily.

  13. 15:04 spreadsheet says it’s fine!

  14. Somebody has to go after CV’s as they sure don’t go after each other. Only class I ever see played in such a way.

    • Swirvin’ Birds . CV attacking CV is, by design, weighted against the attacker. The defender has a fighter consumable plus sufficient AA to ensure only one wave is effective and the short fire/flood duration means the damage is minimal. It is far better for your CV to attack other ship classes than the red CV. This is to prevent one CV sinking the other and then having total air superiority (something that was a common occurrence in the previous CV RTS-style gameplay).

  15. Me as a bb main when a dd dies because of torps: FEEL THE PAIN YOU INFLICT UPON OTHERS!

  16. So it takes three very skilled players working together closely in order to occasionally counter one class…

  17. Joshua Picklesimer

    Watching Sea Lord play Manfred is more painful than watching him play Enterprise.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Mistakes were made, I’ll never claim to be anything other than an average CV player until the day comes that I improve to that point

  18. Nothing makes me happier than catching a flat top with a dd.

  19. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Interesting to see people saying I should stop playing CVs after watching this MVR game, on top of the people who always complain that I don’t play CVs and don’t understand the challenges CVs face 🙂

  20. I was actually in my CV and on the same team with generaldouche and his O7 cohorts doing this tactic. I tuned into his stream and they spent the whole game berating me…lol

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