World of warships – How hard can this damn mission be???

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Mission says you have to do 12 fires/floods and win and be top of your team…….
It sounds hard and it’s even harder apparently. The mission has to be done in either USN DD or USN CV tier.


  1. Cristian Chiracu

    You do know you get stars for repeating the other missions, right? ?

  2. Horatiu Popovici

    425 millions credits … 🙂

  3. i admire your ability to shrug off stuff like this and continue being a good sport. too many people just cant figure out how to be better players. stay back when they need to close, get close when they need to be back. and never listen to chat for help or instructions.

    • Well sometimes I fall to salt but that’s usually after many games where things go bad. I usually don’t get salty about a good game that ended in a defeat. What I hated here is that I actually needed a win because of mission. I’m not perfect but I do my best, ty for kind words 😉

    • I can’t handle it. I can’t even watch teams like this shit the bed without getting absolutely furious. If it was because of me? I could handle it. But continuously punished by other shit players – usually battleships – I just can’t deal with it.

    • reezy 2.0 it’s easy to spot shit bb players but many games are lost quickly by piss poor DD play but because they usually die fast people find it easier to blame the max range full health bb sniping all game … issue in randoms is exactly that u can spot good players but supporting cretins especially if your in a bb or cruiser generally means you get f’ ed over … you push they park using you as a meat shield … and it not just bad players doing it I’ve seen it quite often with good players in good clans busy farming dmg and stats using others as a health pool .

    • Not perfect but pretty damn close my friend. You just need more chocolate.

  4. LOL! General Cuddles, Best name ever! Cheers Flambass from Bay Area USA

  5. People insta repairing single fires at high tiers just blow my mind

  6. That is the best camo job I have ever seen…….

  7. XD I love how Flambas has been forgetting SOMETHING in pretty much every video lately lol

    • We will neglect the fact that I barely read that objective properly in the 1st place xD

    • Flambass xD I was going to let that slide ;D Roflmfao. You’re videos are always so entertaining my friend. And instructional. I’ve become a slightly better akizuki captain watching your ameri dd gameplay

  8. Tells team “take caps FFS” while playing a DD and not trying to take any caps and just do his mission.

    • I’ve seen that happen before – don’t know if it applies here. Flambass was being chased from A by radar, and he went back to cap once it was safe. Looks like playing the objective to me.

    • he was taking the cap, he was fighting over the cap the whole game. you aren’t so stupid as to know you can’t just sailing into radar in a DD, right?

    • Well, usually if you are not playing a DD, you are well advised to tahe a look where your DDs are going and support them. In this game he had initial support of one Hindenburg while the rest of the team moves to C where the other DD initially was. With no BB support the one Hindenburg couldn’t affort to remain as close support any longer.
      All went down in tubes when those Napoleons at Sea decided to rush the enemy deployment zone.

  9. I had to take a break from WOW’s after a fellow player told me to perform auto-fellatio on my self and I responded that I could not manage that.. Then he told me to cut my private parts off and well you get the picture… the amount of these salty players are staggering.. Wargaming has implemented the “karma” system, but is it functioning? I don’t think so…

    • Well the report system is there to calm some butt hurt folk and that’s pretty much it. I mean sure, Zao sailing broadside to a Montana 8 km away and getting dev striked means the BB ‘plays poorly’ and uses hacks.

    • Helvete Brenner Everyone knows karma/report system is abused in a hardcore way.
      I got 2 chat bans in less then 48 hours just because I told our allies not to be total noobs by runing away from empty zones.

    • Whoa. That must be a lot of reports. Just leave them be. If they want to change, they will. Too bad if they end up in your team, though. Just got to carry harder i guess.

    • You can blacklist players or block their chat messages

    • Yeah, I need to do that more. But I feel you loose some of the team cooperation when you do that, but in randoms I guess team effort is a seldom thing anyways…

  10. Had similar issue doing the 2 DD mission as there was so little DDs with all the cruisers and Clevelands around…

  11. I find that for me it is easier to get a lot of missions done before 11 am ( UK time ) the player base seams to be a little more coherent and team orientated … or is it just me ?????
    Anyways ..well played Flambass … That mission is more OP than HMS Belfast 😉

  12. I think if you just play normally until you see your team having a enough advantage so you can then start farming the fires and floodings it would be easier.

  13. I love your DD replays. Always interesting. Helped me git gud too.

  14. WGing should NEVER have winning a match as a requirement for these sorts of things. Because there is only so much you can do as an individual.

  15. andreas pedersen

    Is it the one where you must do 100K to BBs and win? Did it a few days ago. Got some easy damage to a kurfurst (60K) and was hiding behind an island waiting for his Hydro to expire, so i drop my Torps and try to take away the 40K which he just had healed up, then the fing CV (which ended 3. last in xp and steals it just before my torps hit. F-ing annoying!
    And in this attempt i got spot by their CV and lost 85% of my hp.. great.

    So i find out that maybe i should try to keep away from the caps since i probably would be taken out in Seconds, so i drop some multi purpose torps (ty for the advice), and misses the first, the next hits their Bismarck and chunks him hard, so i Reach the target. My problem? My team is struggling… we got the caps and points, but down ships. Then i suddenly run into the carrier, and their Bismarck is close, so i dont dare to use the guns on the Lexie, since the Bismarck is just 9-10km away, so i drop some torps towards the CV, and starts to fire at the BB to get his attention just to show how low i am, and smoke up . So he blindfires and miss, so i just keep firing and burns him down.

    Now i still have a problem: the Lexie is on full hp, and my rpf showed that he was steaming towards me, so before my torps are ready, i put on SB, and charge out drop my torps, turn around and try to dodge the secondaries, and get away with it on 180hp and a DS. It was a win. Not because of me, but the Yugo who had been caping and was close to a kraken. Both of us were low so we just fell back to the last cap. I’m no unicum DD player, so to get that mission of was great.

    Nice video, but remember m8): Potatoes… you can’t carry them all 😉

    • I think that CVs that take greed kills are so infuriating!!! If there is a low health ship that has escaped around an island or sailed way back out of range… ABSOLUTELY TAKE IT OUT before it heals/hides… but if it is being focused by players not as risk of dying, or A DD HAS TORPS ON A DEVSTRIKE COURSE… GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! FFS you just wasted a lot of damage that could have been done elsewhere (and useful to team) to be greedy and stat pad.

    • andreas pedersen

      At least i’ve seen much worser. Had one Nürnberg on fire a year ago and as he was about to die, the CV came in and took the last 100 hp. He didn’t see the problem. I did since we were down on points, and ships, and he wasted his payload on a “dead” ship.

  16. Its weird when the enemy team is trying to help you rather than your actual teammates

  17. DaKillerChipmunk

    After 5 attempts in gearing to do this mission and getting blapped by 5-6 DM/Balti/Cleveland combinations during the first week, I scored 16 floods and ended with 3k Bexp -.- Despite having so many radars, enemy BBs went to the one cap without radars.

  18. If YOU of all people is struggling with this mission, imagine a turd player like me.

  19. gonna have to strap the freedom camo on a khaba and call it US.

  20. I managed to do it a couple days ago in the Gearing. It’s not just your combat performance that matters, it’s also the teams. Blowouts either way ruin you because it’s either a guaranteed loss, or you don’t get enough time to get the ribbons. Then there’s the rng of torps hitting belts on whether or not you get floods, plus the lottery of actually getting fires.

    The only saving grace is that actually pulling it off while playing somewhat normally pretty much locks in top spot on the team, so it’s winning that’s the real concern.

    As for CVs, I’d imagine the ribbons are simple enough. The issue would likely be getting top spot with CV economy.

    Hell, for me I was probably going to lose my game, but I lucked out with having the points lead as the game timed out. Mission 1’s top spot 6 times was a cakewalk compared with this.

    And the kicker: All of the other 3 star tasks in this campaign are easy grinds in non-DDs. #DDLivesMatter

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