World of Warships-How Hard is STEEL to get?

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-How Hard is STEEL to get?

Today we’re discussing steel in world of warships, everybody seems to want to get their hands on steel ships in like the Stalingrad and the Bourgogne, but just how difficult is it to get these ships in the game? We find out, by going through all the different ways to get steel throughout the game, including snowflakes, clan battles, ranked battles and even new ways that steel is being introduced to the game through daily mission drops. Both clan battles and ranked battles are obviously going to be the easiest way to get steel and that still won’t change much its good to see more ways to obtain steel being introduced into the game. I hope you enjoy the video!

Available to players of Account Level 15 and higher, Clan Battles offer captains the opportunity to team up with their clan mates and face off against teams from other in epic battles. Ascending to the Typhoon league and playing enough games there will reward players with a commemorative flag, and if they are able to repeat the feat across several seasons, they can earn unique reward ships!

Ranked Battles are a Player vs. Player (PvP) game mode in which seven players team up to against seven other players. MM creates mirrored games similar to Battles. Victory in battle is rewarded with a star, which is progress towards the next rank. Poor performance in battle will lead to reduced and more importantly losing a star. Teamwork should be prioritized to have the best chance of winning. Earn enough stars to reach 1 and “rank out.”

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  1. So what do you think about how difficult to get steel currently? and wargamings plans to intoduce it as part of daily missions?

  2. I despair trying to get steel ships. Coal’s hard enough for the top tier ships

  3. I think you can also get steel from supercontainers, though that’s really unreliable, can’t really count on it.

    • Yeah, I thought about including super containers but thought without knowing the drop rate it’s just too variable.

  4. I restarted oWs yesterday after years and I’m really confused with all the currencies. It’s just too much. This video was useful, ty.

  5. Thanks for the upload. I’ve found that we can get 40 steel per day doing dailys. One for the 5th mission (20 steel) and the other 20 once the sixth daily is complete. You also get more coal and silver too. Also, I call another category “Other” which are rare events that enable you to get steel for money. Steel monsters was a campaign you could purchase roughly 2 years ago. I think you got around 4k plus steel. This theme continues with the Odin dockyard event which, if you sink a full amount of dubloons into researching the Odin at the start, you can earn up to 4,500 steel. Cheers, CC123

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