World of Warships- How I Would Fix The US Battleship Split

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Hey guys, today I discuss what changed I would make to the upcoming US BB line split. Keep in mind this is just a general direction I would like to see the line go in instead of the direction it is going in now. Enjoy!

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  1. Personally I would lower the guns’ reload to about 36s but worsen the dispersion, and increase the speed to about 26kn

  2. Battle of warship Anas

    They are so slow some players join the match after 2 to 4 min.
    And if they have these ships than they will do nothing in the battle .
    How to record your world of warship matches and uplode them on youtube.
    World of warship replay tool is not working.

  3. 18min into the game the fat bois finally arrive to the battle and do 12k DMG then game ends

  4. What about a modified engine boost consumable? Maybe unlimited uses but can’t be active constantly, so you have a way to boost up to the same speeds as the others, but only when you need it

  5. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    40 sec reload? Jeez I though the gangut was long at 30 secs

  6. Cruiser captains are going to love these ships.The Vermont will *always* be on fire, from the minute it gets spotted. No amount of tweaking is going to fix that, I’m afraid…I mean, how can you miss such a huge slow target?

    I like your ideas, but…it’s WG. I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for good news.

    • Most cruisers can’t reach it since it is always in the back bruhhh it’s slow af, it’s not going to be in range more then half of the time

    • The fire thing reminds me of the grosser kurfurst, which is currently the largest ship in the game

    • Hell, I love Vermont as a BB captain! The high freeboard means she eats regular pen AP damage all day long. No overpen!

    • i think light cruiser will have a field day with it, but heavy cruiser will get absolutely fuck by its overmatching guns that ignore 100% of your armor

  7. Give them some kind of improved damage control is something I would recommand, maybe the soviet damage con because the way I see it the constant HE spam will be one of the biggest threats to these ships and as the great Yuro once said fire doesn’t care about your armor.

  8. Take Kremlin for example:
    She got less gun and AA
    but faster turret traverse
    faster speed
    faster reload
    faster shell
    better armor against HE pen
    more HP

    great job, designers

    • @Antonio Hagopian that applies if you include Kansas and Minnesota into the mix, but since everyone’s talking about T10s here (Kreml and GK), it’s worth pointing out that Vermont actually has an above-waterline citadel as of this current balance iteration. You can see Yuro double-citadelling one early on in his recent Slava video.

    • Might have to make a few corrections

      -turns like a whale
      – AA disappears the second HE spam comes at you
      – short range
      – trash accuracy until 15-14 km
      – AP bomb and torpedo magnet

    • @the anonymous man That applies to a lot of battleships dude.

    • They had to put all the Soviet cons somewhere so that the ship line is balanced. Answer just make an entire line

    • The reload of 30 seconds-ish
      Limited damage cons
      Kremlin might be broken but it still has some weakneses

  9. Or give them an historical role as shore bombardment and AA platforms (because they couldn’t keep up with the Fast Carrier Task Forces).

    • The Iowa class battleships were specifically built to be speedy enough to keep up with fast carriers. Why would a class of ships after them with larger guns be built to prewar speed specifications? It makes no sense at all.

    • As a floating Battery or mobile fortress. Like a Monitor but with much better defence.

    • @Raibartroudrix Huh? Its a ship game not a fortress game. Any ship which cannot keep up with its opponent is worthless.

    • @JAG sorry are we talking games or War? Since your comment referenced escorting carriers I assumed the latter. But back to the question on how useful a slow powerful ship would be in game id say its about position and choosing wisely in the beginning not unlike running a heavy tank in the other game.

    • JAG We have caps that’s something you can force your enemy into battle.

      No ships are worthless they have their ups and downs.

      Yammys top speed is 27knots not really a high speed battle ship.

      Ships are designed to fight in a battle line why would you need 30 something knot speed your not chasing down DDs or CL anyway.

  10. Smolensk, Worcester, Colbert and Harugumo will burn their HP down in minutes.

  11. Tarquinius Superbus

    Your changes would make these ships interesting while i really don’t care for them how they are now
    And yes massa is my favorite so a tx Massa would be amazing

  12. Remember the painful grind up to tier VIII? now you can do it all the way to tier X!

  13. But… Vermont already gets 51 mm of deck. And Minnesota has its whole side be torp protection (so, 0 damage spaced armour), because reasons. I don’t think their armour is an issue on those.

  14. I already finished my grinding on the Colorado, I’ll be able to jump straight into Kansas regardless of how my luck goes with the pre-release event for the line

  15. WG literally pushing the boundaries of Historical Accuracy

  16. One thing sealord, given that they’re thicc and slow, it makes perfect sense for them to have tight turning circles…slow rudder shift, sure, but they should absolutely be able to turn tightly like their predecessors.

  17. These ships are literally the concrete battleship in Manila Bay…

  18. Lord bring a “techthree ships that nobody remembers” you can feature Goliath, Khaba, and all those ships that got powecreept to hell.

  19. These probably are gonna be the worst ships wargaming has ever released

  20. give these ships radars, it will be hilarious

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