World of Warships – How is Smolensk NOT OP ???

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I personally (and a lot of other ppl) think that this thing is beyond OP. But it doesn’t rly matter what I think or believe, it’s about WG at the end of the and if they think it’s fine, it’s fine xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Oh yeah, op as hell !
    Like Stalingrad in his beginnings, it’s the only ship I fear to see on the enemy team in early t10 games, like an Atlanta or a flint at t7… if the enemy player knows what he is doing, the game is badly engaged.

    And sometimes u see 2-3 Smolensks in enemy team for barely one in our, ofc we lose that game.
    Op as fuck, that ship need nerf ASAP.

    GG btw (expected tbh) ?

  2. “She needs radar! I love my Smolensk”- Mino player.

  3. it doesn’t have 50mm deck plating komrad

    is balans tovarisj ???

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      Just play it right and it’s all gonna be good don’t let enemys to take advantage of the weak points and you have the artillery to do a great job.

  4. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    It lacs 25km/150knots/0,1km detection torps to be OP…. In WG’s minds…

  5. It will get the KutuzovBelfastMissouri treatment so get it while it’s hot.

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if WG focus its resources on new branches instead of making OP ships? yeah. This is going down the same way world of tanks took with the game after scorpion G released.

  7. And they said HE mino would be OP but they put in this ship instead.

    • @MinGi Song Do you even play the game?

    • @Luke White LULW do you? if youre going to be this snarky youre going to have to show me your stats and it better be godly

    • @MinGi Song This isn’t a discussion about stats it a discussion about whether or not a ship is over powered which you have no clue about and have just interjected your self in the debate for the sake of debating and you look really silly. I’ve just made a video on the Smolensk for you all to view. I done here.

    • @Luke White i mean, we tried to bring valid points to the conversation, and all you’ve said to me is ‘do you even play this game’. considering how smug you are about this and since you refuse to give any sort of argument, i can only assume you automatically think you are correct because you are some sort of super pro and your opinion is all we need.

    • “balanced trade-offs” bitch please, you act like you’re the one that hasn’t played against one

  8. I would like to remind you that Kitakami, a T4 cruiser thrust into T8 with a gimmick, was considered worthy of a full and outright removal from the game.

    Meanwhile, Smolensk exists.

    • Yes they differ a lot Comrade. Thats why i wrote it has nothing to do with Kitakami. BTW its also fun to me. Also the usual Flambass quality play. And he had the CV spotting for him. You know when i ask a random CV to help it either does not respond or tell me to GTFO. So he had the spotting and the enemies did not even shot back at him. No wonder he does this well. Kurfrst close in on him like 7 km, just to turn back not using hydro, and to take the beating on his way back. “this thing needs to dye, disappear one day, etc.” Overreacting as usual

    • The reason they took out kitakami was because people were idiots and kept TKing people

    • Yeah, but the Kita was a one trick pony. It had lots of torps, but that was it. Literally it.

    • @Gareth Fairclough Mhm, it was a tier 8 kuma with a lot of torps and tbh i dont think the torps did much it was just wall of skill shima on a new level

    • I know. I was there.

      Which is why I said it was a “one trick pony”. It had shit guns. Shit concealment. It wasn’t fast, nor was it tough. It only had lots of torps.

  9. lol 300k in 12 mins. where are those people who said russian bias doesnt exist?

  10. 300k in under 12 minutes. If you hadn’t run out of targets at this point, you could have easily broken 400k

    My whole gameplay in Yamato is built around location of enemy Smolensk. It’s basically a 16km radius area denial for battleships and unlike Worcester, it can do it from smoke

  11. Remove the heal, give it German smoke and shorten the range. Also reduce its acceleration rate

  12. You dont like Stalin bias? let me introduce you to the gulag machinegun comrad.

  13. Send this video to WG.
    Probably,WG would say “But statistics said…”

  14. Ванька Надточиев

    Best part is – they’ve tired a light, rapid firing cruiser with self smoke in british linetesting. And it was discarded as way too broken, leaving us current RN line. And now, we have this.

  15. So basically, one Smolensk dominated an entire flank, with a CV to help spot.

  16. Saved Coal for a long time and waited for something “special” to come out. Then this ship appeared! Thank You WG

  17. Blind guy in Smolensk doing 300k, nothing to see here…

  18. they will buff the Smolensk, 2 charges of Radar each with 11 minutes duration and 100km Range, Radar Cooldown will be long 5 seconds

  19. When I first came across the video by Yuro, I knew this ship was overpowered because I barely heard any negative things about it. When I fought it in battle, it only confirmed my suspicions. This ship is a Russian godship that needs to go. I gotta get it before it gets taken off the market. WG, you win this round.

  20. I love how the Stalingrad player felt he was the “perfect counter” and then at 12k, he ran.

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