World of Warships: How Long Can “USS Puerto Rico” Survive? Part 8 (Merry Christmas Everyone!)

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So many “Double Strike” on our team!!!
Second Game Time start:

And I did change my Build a litttle just because Fire AP doing a lot damage in game, so I going for HE Spam mode!!! Still going to fire AP.


  1. how the f… can you support that disgusting Puerto Rico event?

    • UltramanYamatoGrimLockZero

      Well, That is part of the video. Even though this is the part 8. The PR was for people that don’t have the T8~T10 ship. That is what I’m think about.
      For that question, the answer is a Large Cruiser and I’m a BB Main, need some Large Cruiser in my Port.
      Also is been a while since the PR is out, there’re 40 PR in the NA service are running. Seeing a PR in the game right now are normal.

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