World of warships – How lucky can YOU get ???

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  1. 1080p 60 fps finally 😉

  2. How lucky can I get? Having a Flambass vid notif right when I finished class.

  3. Who are you playing with?

    • It’s Runner and Hentai. Runner’s hilarious sometimes, Hentai’s just some weirdo they picked up off the street :p
      …wait, does Hentai have mod privileges on stream? I may have done goofed :p

  4. Yueyang is by far my favorite ship now. I had a 200k damage game yesterday with her. 12 torp hits! 😀 Very well-played Flambass and that Gearing’s move made me scratch my head as well.

  5. How on earth did you survive that !!

  6. bit of a noob question but how to do get the torpedo status and guns at the same time

    • I forget offhand what the name is, but there is an option for displaying both indicators at all times. It’s like WG gave us a ton of amazing options, but then set the default to the worst possible configuration.

    • ah thank you XD will look for it

    • Go to settings, control and you’ll find a check box called “Show both main battery…blah blah” Whole bunch of other little goodies there that WG set off as default for the lol’s

  7. I like the 60fps upload

  8. Must’ve been a congregation of SEA server players on the enemy team or something.

  9. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    New type o’ bird: the dick bird

  10. I’d really like to think the Gearing did DC but when they DC the turrets centre aim again. That guy had his turrests turn port aft…maybe he was doing the super effective “I can’t see you, you can’t see me anymore” tactic xD

    • I had games where I came back from DC and the turrets didn’t return or the ship kept on moving.

    • when you DC the ship will follow the last command it got for a bit. If you’re full ahead it’ll steam on for a bit until it wonders into enemy guns and dies or islands. If you were in a turn it’ll do donuts for a bit until the server figures out you’re not there anymore. It’s the same on WoT. When you DC the tank might continue on for a bit until the server catches up then you just stop and turret returns to straight ahead. He might have tryed to slow and briefly looked behind him as he DC’ed. Timing on that really would be bad luck for him for

    • I stand corrected. If you caught Flambass’s stream you would’ve seen Congee having DC issues when they were trying to play Payfast’s. The ship came to a halt but the turrets all turned to aim over port aft in much the same way as this Gearings did 🙂

  11. Damn Flambass 1080p! new GF card? sry im so used to 720p from you 😀

  12. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG, how lucky can you get.. CONGRATS!! on the new Clan.. What is the name and my wife wanted to know if you are going to upload any of your clan battles.. Thank u, as always…..?

    • Name of the clan is “CREED”, it’s just for few of us friends abd we’ll maybe participate on CBs. If we do ofc I will upload them 😉

  13. necu-da vam-kazem

    Stop eating chocolate I’m on a diet 🙂 🙂

  14. Okay just opened the vid and how long until Hentai complains about his dispersion? I say 4:45 😉
    Edit: no one complained about dispersion! Damm it 🙁

  15. I was I. Atlanta last night. 26 xp. I killed a Leander and lived for 6 min. It was great.

  16. the gearing wasn’t even pointing his guns towards you D:
    He started looking to his left, no one will understand why.

  17. @flambass can u post ure playlist sometime? i rly like your taste in music 😀

  18. lawrence bellaire

    i,m glad its springtime, Just got rid of the snow in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, love hearing those f,n birds, lol

  19. Why did that gearing not just shoot you after spotting you in the smoke?

  20. I joked to myself that Yamato would end in first on his team and sure enough he did LOL.

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