World of Warships – How many millions is enough?

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Does it ever feel like everyone is shooting at YOU but then you look around and everyone else is somehow dead? How does that even happen?

Well when it actually does happen that you’re taking excessive amount of fire, just how much is enough? How much is enough for your team to do something?

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I dont remember the game exactly but i once had like 3.4 mil in a cruiser of all things and i was so done bcs we lost.

    • 3.5mil potential in a hindy in the first 5min. We lost immediately.

    • @EnvyC Maybe we should start s positive thread. 161k in a fiji. Confederate, 5 kills. Dev struck an Exceter with light cruiser guns. Won it in the last minute.

    • @Matthew10950 Well, turned a game around in the Graf Spee from 300 points down, one of the last games in my obviously titled stream.

      And I just def struck a ship in the Spee…I think tonights a Graf Spee night

    • @EnvyC they gave me a prince eugen for three days…I was useless in it. Three games, no wins, no real contribution.
      Shit, this was to be the positive thread!

    • @Matthew10950 Its not an easy ship, but its powerful when played right.

  2. 5 millions is amazing 🙂

  3. any chance to see a game with Monkey not dead in the first 3 minutes of the game? 😛

    • He fucking sucks.

    • Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

      @Jonas Hall So badly that seeing him play makes me want to unsubscribe from Flambass sometimes…..

    • @Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning You should unsubscribe

    • Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

      @Arcarsenal986 Would be better if Flambass just dumps potatoes like Monkey. Being bad isn’t a big deal, but Monkey keeps making the same mistakes over and over. He’s reached his skill cap, no improvement left it would seem despite playing next to a great player all the time.

    • @Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning It is entertaining the one time it actually works out for him. That is also the reason why he does it, but still. Maybe flam has them in div to get used to having potates on his team? big brain.

  4. I need to get 1.5 million potential and survive in a dd. The problem is I only have a gearing and a shima. Help.

  5. Don’t contradict the spreadsheet, you had so much fun it killed you at the end…

  6. Monkey charges in and dies to torps EVERY GAME you post with him lmao

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one getting frustrated with shells suddenly falling short for some reason.

  8. Hat off to that zed and georgia, perfect delaying action/ fighting retreat

  9. “What are these teams?” well, tbh, your div mates didn’t really pull their weight either :/

  10. 5:08 and the romance begins

  11. Damn see Fambass holding this much of fire makes me sad, because, i’m probably always getting more potential than the BBs on my team with my alaska. had one Yesterday, more than 3Million potential, no heals left, more than 130k dmg and my bbs was all dead way before the end of the battles (and it was a loss, and i manege to get away alive, even if i was spoted 90% of that game).

  12. Should have loaded the Stalinium shells.

  13. He Flambass, how come everytime you post a vid with Monkey, he’s getting killed in the first few minutes….😂😂😂

  14. LOL your Div mates always seem to die!

  15. Michael Søndergaard

    you know flambass. theres a mod you can install that can give a ” so so” picture of what every ship have left of hp, and their torp range if they have

  16. I was legit just playing only a few minutes ago.

    Quick question: how come your graphics look so much better than mine? The CGI is better and the health bars for ally and enemy ships are much bigger and actually have numbers whereas I don’t have it. Does it have to do with a premium account?

    • Its called Alternative Battle Interface or something like that. Just select under options to display alternative battle mode or whatever it is to full.

  17. Mortally Challenged

    The good games seems to be always those without CV.

  18. it’s been like this for a while Flambass it’s like i go forward, as you should, and the rest of the team goes backwards 🤪
    hay ho . it is what it is I guess . maybe we need Bigger Carry Pants ? Flambahugs

  19. Blue eyes white power

    Lol and here i thought that WG had “fixed” the whole “no damage pens” thing

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