World of Warships – How many of you have games like these

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I wonder hoe many of you have games like these recently. Where for every point of dmg you do, for every kill you get, your team is losing ships left, right and center. Before you’re able to even comprehend what’s going on, the game is over.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Patrick Joergensen

    See these kinds of matches a lot more recently…

  2. How many of you have games like these

    Me: Yes

    • Can’t think of anyway of saying this better, YES.

    • Me in Asian sever: EVERY

    • @Ulf Jidestig you tried 1 game. You didn’t like the outcome. FFS, do you really expect a good game every time? You were the one that said you suck… not me.

    • @Sikkem_Rex I don’t expect every game to be good, I just realized that when I played that game I was done with it for now. The way the game played out helped me realize that. Why are you so triggered by me leaving the game anyway? Also I never mentioned or referenced WG in my first comment, which you infer that I did in your answer.

    • @Ulf Jidestig No, you didn’t mention or reference WG, I did. I can only assume that English is your second language, because you clearly have limited comprehension . Responding to someone that didn’t get the result they wanted in 1 game is not being triggered, it’s called giving an opinion. Not sorry if you are offended by it.

  3. Every game I play in wows, its either my team steam rolling the other team or vice versa

  4. almost every match is like this for me,even the ranked ones today i lost the game fastest ever my team died in 5 minutes…

    • i feel the game at 2016-17 was at the best peak,since there were not much light cruisers,not that much of an he spam,somehow players were not this big of potatoes ( i still don’t know how and why but its true),there was an actual need to learn the game since it was harder to grind for example it took me around 1k battle to get to yamato ofc im gonna learn the bloody game and the playstile with japanese ships if it took me that long,today from t1-t10 i can do it in like 300 battlest without flags with just premium… thats the problem of the game today lots of new players come in get bonuses premiums get to t10 easy and then they are potatoes at high tier…

    • DBZ Freak I agree. Definitely the peak, another point is that we had many more scenario battles like Dynamo, cherry blossom, etc. they removed them for some damn reason

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      @Daniel I Thats a fact. Almost everyone want more operations in the game in my opinion. With the upcoming submarines I would LOVE to see brand new operations!

    • Olaf Messchendorp of course we would love to see new ones, but they did not have to remove the damn old ones, they where do good.

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      @Daniel I thats right

  5. Gulaschiltis Män

    None, since I stopped playing this shitshow WG has made this once awesome game into 🙂

  6. This happens more and more, that after 5 mins into the game I’m thinking, Team Has Left The Building. Not fun one way or the other.

  7. This is pretty much every game now a days…. stomp, after stomp, after stomp.

  8. Dude every game Im protecting the flank where the most enemy ships are and my team on the other side just retreats to me which makes all enemy ships surround us. I have multiple chat bans at this point for pointing out to people what they are.

    • lol feel your pain , played a night of sprint and got me a 2 week chat ban lmao such fun these days even the bots play better in CoOp

    • I hear you, always wondering what words to use to explain that a clow, idiot or moron
      is a clown, idiot or moron.
      I`ll try “people with clownesk, idiotic or moronic intentions” next time, maby that`ll work out better.
      One tries to explain what will happen when they make a certain action and what the outcome will be,
      mostly them being sunk fast, they tell you to fk off and do it anyway.
      2 Minutes later they are decorating the ocean bottom blaming the team.
      I have no other words than clowns, idiots and morons. I always was told not to lie, WG disagrees.

    • I play Blitz so no chat, I always go to the side in a Tirpitz whilst the rest go to one side normally and just sit there whilst a lot of the time I am against 1/3 BBs. They just sit there and do nothing, they should either come and assist or take the enemy cap whilst I am pulling of 3BBs, its crazy but happens all the time.

  9. Many games are like this: either you completely roffel stomp the enemy or you get completely roffel stomped. Hardly any game is balanced and lasts all 20 minutes… 🙁
    WG definitely should include player stats in matchmaking because in the current meta, there are mostly bad or good players. Average Joe has been gone for over a long time now. It used to be 1 or 2 good players and 1 or 2 bad players per team. Rest was average. Now you see, even at high tier, teams that are over 50% potatoes (45% winrate or below) or good players (above 54% winrate) and these are rarely evenly distributed on both sides. It’s no fun if you can predict the outcome of a game before it has even started…

  10. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Skill based MM is needed in the game ASAP. Its happen now the same as in WoT. Dont know what is with WG games after a few years.

    • What it seems to me nobody is considering, is that skill-based MM would mean about equal teams. Which would mean everyone would get about 50% WR, and great players, from their perspective, would have worse matchmaking than bad players.
      Unless what you mean is the *exclusion* of bad players, separated leagues or whatever, which might work, but also reduce the playerbase.

    • @landochabod7 I would be fine with worse stats if the games were actually fun.

    • ​@C L Me too, I’m just pointing out what the trade-off would be.
      Lots of people complain about uneven matchmaking, lots of people complain about terrible teammates. All I’m saying is that to even out the teams good players would need to be placed with bad players even more. Top players, especially if they div up among themselves, would be certain to have to carry a sack of potatoes every time they push the “battle” button.

      And this video is actually a bad example: the team that got steamrolled had Flambass, after all. A game with unbalanced teams would be one where Flambass wins despite playing very poorly.

      Then again, I’m not sure balanced teams would lead to balanced games: in a game where a DD can detonate and a cruiser suffer a Dev Strike if it turns at the wrong moment, a small advantage can snowball into something bigger pretty quickly. There is a positive feedback loop, exacerbated by Lanchester’s law.

    • @landochabod7 I understand and agree. Truthfully, I think skill based MM would only be a step in the right direction, not a cure.

      At least it would eliminate the games where one team is stacked with Unicum/Super Unicum players and the other team has mostly 40% win rate players with bad to average rating.

      For instance, I have actually been tracking how many games I can predict the outcome of simply by looking at the stats of players using Matchmaking Monitor before the game starts. I can predict the winner/loser at about an 80% accuracy, over the last 300 games I have done this for.

      Again, you’re right about there being too many variables and too much RNG. So, this wouldn’t be a “fix”. However, they need to start doing something… even if it’s not skill based MM. Everyone seems to be in agreement that it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

    • @C L The underlying problem of positive feedback loops (e.g. you lose a DD early, you lose capping, spotting and area denial, so the enemy team can push in and flank you, leading to crossfire, etc.) might be mitigated by *adding more islands* to the maps, particularly the high tier ones.

      This would create more opportunities for good players on the losing team to use terrain to ambush the superior enemy forces and even the odds, while segregating fighting areas so that the survivors of losing team cannot easily be shot at by the entire winning team.

  11. I took my Mogami out for a spin today… – managed to blap a DD and set a BB on fire.
    Great start, now let´s… – oh wait?
    We won??? WTAF??? 05:21 min.
    NOT funny for either teams 🙁

  12. More and more often. I’ve nearly stopped playing. It’s just no fun anymore. 🙁

    • I got to this point a month ago, when subs/more OP Russian ships hove into view. Uninstalled and have been very happy since.

  13. This game is 2 years behind Tanks in killing itself off.

    • Tanks has gold ammo, Russian bias and many Russian premiums, artillery, super fast scouts. Feedback is ignored. WoWs has CV, radar, Russian bias, submarines. They also ignore feedback. They are cooking their own goose. New players keep the game afloat at expense of loyal long time gamers. Power creep is painting WG into a corner.

    • @Martin Geygan I don’t know if it’s there and I’m just blind, but they should honestly introduce the options to mute all communications with your team. Team dying is frustrating, yes, but getting spam pinged and talked shit to by the 3 people that managed to die within the first 3 minutes of the game is what makes it that much worse.

    • Hate to agree with the OP, but yes! My clan dropped WoT like a bag of warm dog turds when they put Platoons at the bottom of the MM, introduced more and more broken tanks and then added the dreaded 3/5/7 MM. After that the Premium nonsense got worse, by all accounts. Now the endless Russian paper ships which do ‘da poo poo’ all over historical ships is simply repeating the same old tired, sorry path to failure. Shame!

    • @Marisare There’s a way to mute. During a battle, simply hit the pause button or “options” button on PS4 controller, go to settings then go to the sound tab. There u can turn the voice chat sound to zero.

    • @LegendOfTheFall Nah They have premim steel ship and captains with OP skills who normal players years to get.

  14. MidnightPhoenix07

    Sounds like 65-75% of my games the last few months – randoms, ranked, even co-op to a certain extent

    • Co-op is just funny, man. My teams have gotten manhandled by the bots in some cases.

      I just laugh and go, “welp, that leaves more for me.”

    • @Andrew Adami yeah i managed to lose couple co ops while ago when i played the premium t5 russian cruiser mikoyan. I did 4 kills and over 100k damage in t5 and we lost so hard cause i got grouped by 4 bots while my teammates were probably wanking in their gaming chairs. The players are so bad that i dont know if i should laugh or cry.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Andrew Adami Normally I’d agree (since I can pretty regularly carry any co-op team), but sometimes depending on the ship I’m in the green ‘enemies’ throw so hard and so fast I can win quickly enough to stop us from losing.

  15. Gelanghaarte Weile

    Honest answer: too often -.-
    Vote for a PR-based matchmaking!!!

    • Gelanghaarte Weile

      @Antonio Soffici The PR-event was a climax of it’s own, thats for sure!
      Sometimes i think, WG wants to show, that 70 years of communism couldn’t kill capitalism in the east and so they cranking up to a new gear of turbo-capitalism to show-off. All other companies look at WG and say: “yeah, bin there, seen it, done it…” They have alrdy found the sweetspot of milking their costumers…
      My analogy for gaming companies is smth like that: they are drugdealers! They have their flock of costumers who buy happily their “drug”. Once in a while they try to introduce a new and harder drug. Sometimes the drug is too hard and they kill some of their costumers (aka they quit WoWs) so they have to stretch it a bit (aka Odin shipyard).
      And yes, i am fully aware of my “drugproblem”! 🙂
      But you know: “Insight is the first way to improve!” 🙂

    • If both teams were (on average) equal, based on PR, WR, damage, number of games or whatever, then good players would be more likely to be paired with potatoes in order to balance the teams, and everyone would have 50% WR.
      Is that what good players want? I doubt it.

    • Gelanghaarte Weile

      @landochabod7 At the moment you have the exact same posibility: good players are mixed with potatos. But it is not regulated in any form so that you can endup with 80% potato 20% good on one side or whatever…
      The thing is: i on my turn have absolutly no fun in being (or doing) rofl-stomped! I would happily lose a match if i have the feeling: “yeah was fun to play!”

    • @Gelanghaarte Weile I too would rather lose more close games instead of winning some rolfstomps.
      Still, not every good player (I’m merely a 59% WR myself, and worse than that at high tiers) would accept a change that makes him have to carry hard or lose a lot more often. And that’s not even considering the loss of xp and credits…

    • landochabod7 whether they want it or not is irrelevant. Children never want to swallow the bitter medicine when they are sick…
      In all team sports there are leagues, based on team and player performance. If players get better, they progress up the ladder. If not, they don’t.
      You can have extremely “senior” players, with lots of matches, but they still play in a lower league.
      Why is it so difficult to accept the same concept in WoWS?
      And, no, tiers are not a representation of this, as you can fail your way to tier 10, it’s only a matter of time (and money, if you buy signals and camos to accelerate your progress, as Flambass has demonstrated a few weeks ago).
      BTW, 59% WR is an extremely good value. I reckon it puts you in the top 1%. But as you said and as everyone seems to agree, it’s much more fun to have close, epic matches, even if you lose, than 100% WR in non fun matches against idiots. That is the same reason Randoms are (or should be) more fun than Co-op: playing against stupid drones is no fun.
      Unfortunately Randoms and Ranked are becoming more and more like Co-op, in this respect.
      WG need to make a serious effort at improving the level of the player base, but they are stubbornly refusing to even acknowledge the existence of a problem.
      I hope WoWS does not follow in the footsteps of the Soviet Union, but I see the same mentality of denial in WG mantra.
      Fingers crossed…

  16. yesterday evening … 5 matches of that kind in a row … and you start to doubt the intelligence of our entire species

    • This game makes me think maybe I’m 1 of the few player characters in the game and 70% of other players are NPCs.

  17. The question should be: How many of you DON’T have games like these.

    • Easy answer: Zero

    • depends. Whenever I play my high wr ships do i get these games and or if i play non russian ships. In russian ships i never get this game

    • I stopped playing WoWs just like WOT’s for this reason. Crap teams plus xvm (Which i know in wots you can go incognito now) it was just unenjoyable. Get focused no matter what and no matter what you do its loss after loss.

  18. Got up-tiered into a Tier6 random battle in the Emerald a few weeks ago. I’m a relative noob, but managed to get my first “Kraken Unleashed”. And yet my team still lost.

  19. I once had a game playing with some division mates, and we had a division of Olands go suicide and die in the first 3 minutes, some other cruisers suicided and we lost that game in 5:35.

  20. “How many of you have games like these?” – Yep, and with alarming regularity too 😒

    Even being on the winning team has been unrewarding and down right sad to the point that I am 6 days World of Warships FREE and have been getting right into Elite Dangerous instead. WoWs right now is just unplayable and a major source of stress and annoyance. It’s a ficken game! That’s not how it’s meant to be 🤣

    However I am also extremely pissed off at myself because one of my very generous viewers gifted 8000 dubloons barely 2 weeks ago with strict instructions that they be used on the Dockyard on my alt NA account to help me towards Odin…except now I can’t bring myself to play the sodding game after effectively sinking the dudes money into it 🤬🥺

    I really hope things get back to “normal” when lock downs are lifted and summer hols are out of the way because the state of play right now is an utter shit show. I have a suspicion it won’t though. One of the biggest issues WoWs has been having for a while is the grind up the lines is far to easy. Players are getting into high tier ships long before they have a chance to actually learn wtf is going on. And then in typical Russian style things got worse. WG decided it was a good idea to allow players to mount ALL the signal flags so now players are earning even more XP per round and able to grind that single line even faster than too bloody fast 😂

    Sorry for the rant…feel better now 😌
    Going back to flying my Double Decker Transit Space Bus 😊

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