World of Warships- How Much Can You Affect The Match?

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Hey guys, today we have a replay from BowBonk in a division with Kriller and Valtiel, and wow. Talk about pulling the weight of your team.

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  1. Isaac McAreavey

    ahh yes 2 views and 3 likes

  2. CV usually is the main decider in who wins and loses, too powerful.

    • tom duke it’s the ability to spot and delete dd’s, cripple ca’s in 1 or 2 strikes with ap bombs, with torps force people into compromising positions without suffering any damage in return. AA is non-existent, and especially in cw, they have the ability to wreck most things just by the spotting they provide, the example I gave was eu cw. And if they my cv can do 100k average dmg in cw, than he can do that in randoms. (That’s not including spotting, channeling ppl into awkward positions etc)

    • All y’all would have LOVED pre-rework CVs. I mean, if you’re complaining now…..

    • @Redstones idk about CW but in randoms there is no difference between a good CV, a good DD or a good BB. i have seen every class be instrumental to a win or get dragged kicking and screaming into a loss by their team. realy makes no difference. i take a skilled player in any class over a mediocre CV anytime.

    • Imperator KeKetine

      As a CV Player I can say…no.
      When your Team just dies and does nothing, you will lose and the enemy will find your carrier faster then you can sink another ship most of the time, espacially when they group up to get AA and additional fighter protection from their CV.
      If you want to maintain your planes you need reserve-management which means no full attackflights at the start of the game and only low DPS until the enemy splits, which can happen around the 15 min mark or 10 min mark, sometimes it doesn’t even happen.
      This means: as a CV, you always need to protect your team, so they stay afloat and stop giving points to the enemy and do sth. usefull like caping and killing (it doesn’t matter if they finish off what you damaged or the other way around).

      And btw.: In the video they still lost the match, even with a good CV player in division and a not that good CV player in one of the worst carriers in the enemy team.

    • Imperator KeKetine

      @N V oooh, they sure would. I mean they were more complex to play back then, but FAR more powerfull. Still it was a dead class and only good CV player were playing them, so your chances were lower.
      Todays CV need RNG to work…

      Miss the old days when fighters still had an impact and were balance more.
      I means whats the point of 220 knts planes with low health which can outrun everything, but not some stupid low tier fighter??

  3. koetjesbarrr2010

    Best thing you can do after each game is genuinely ask yourself what the main thing was you did wrong, regardless of whether you won or lost. Do it often enough and you’ll find the pattern and start doing that “bad” aspect less. Seems obvious but it helped me a lot. Noticing my games going better, increasing amount of damage output too, thus contributing more to the round.

    • Syukri R.Robert

      Yep, i often do this. Sometimes i think im the stupid noob player in a match if i failed to do any significant for the team

    • Yeah this really helped my Atago play, I worked a lot on keeping busy but thinking about the next 5 mins, next 10 mins etc

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      I completely agree with your method
      But I’m a BB main and I do what bbs should do which is push in and tank and it works with the Soviets but when I try it with any other nation I get killed very easily.
      Why, because I’m on the Asian server which I think is the worst place to play because the player base are smart but never think for the team but for themselves.
      I was in the Gneisenau one day and a fuso was under cross fire from three ships, and since I had the health I went in to support him but he chose that moment to run and he wasn’t even shooting at them but instead shooting at the CV. Since the ships were on low health, I took them out with ease but the cv started to focus me down and since the he dmg took out most of my AA guns he was eventually able to kill me after I killed the Lyon. I did 218K dmg that game but this showed me the team I was getting.
      So give me an honest answer, should I continue playing or should I switch to another server

    • When I play Shima, I skip the first 1 minutes of the match. WR and dmg per game and survival rate went thru the roof. Same with Georgia. It’s easy to overextend in these ships.

  4. should i keep playing with USA battleships. or should i start grinding japan battleships?

  5. Congrats You found my Channel

    The last Time I was this early for a WoWs video the Japanese Navy still had Aircraft Carriers.

    • Now they only have Helicopter-Destroyers, that incidentally have a really flat deck (and are to carry F-35Bs). Not an Aircraft carrier tho, nah, that would infringe on the constitution.

  6. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    I had a similar ending with my Odin in a ranked match. Just needed a few more seconds. Very frustrating. I emailed the replay the other day. Did you get a chance to have a look?

  7. This feels a bit like a response to NoZoupForYou’s “Measuring Success” video from yesterday 😀

  8. just here to answer the question:
    you are welcome.

    • That’s incorrect. 1/24th implies every single person has the same impact which is incorrect since destroyers have MUCH MORE impact than the rest, carriers don’t have the same impact either.
      The real answer depends on what ship you’re playing.

    • @dzello carefull there, your prejedice is showing. 😉

  9. Christopher Jonasson


  10. A lot of players find ramming distasteful, I’m one. Sorta like the guys that suicide dogfight in WT. Yes more damage and points but feels kinda dirty at the same time.

  11. The lemming and cuddling in one or two spot/s had become more and more apparent these days, especially after the Russian Cruiser split

  12. few hrs ago i was the only guy who make a kills in my team 5 of them… go figure… playerbase in NA its trash

  13. Sometimes I wonder why players are even logged in a game. Sometimes so frustrating to lose because players clearly have no Idea what to do or as you saw with the BB doesn’t know anything his ship can really do. as of late player base are plebe’s as we called it in the military. But it’s so easy it would be so nice if Wargaming would in the first rounds of the game where you are restricted to play against bots to put in an tutorial so they know what to do.

  14. Perhaps people play for fun and not win all the time, there is no team play outside the clans so is more fun!

  15. Gotta realize a lot of BB players just throw enough shit at the wall and some stick till they’re at t10. I don’t play BBs but some of those players man facepalms are necessary

  16. Riccardo Rubini

    And Bow got 20:02 over 2.1k base exp on a losing team and still got more than the enemy which won the game lol

  17. He probably should have switched to HE at the end.

  18. Well, yeah, when you’re up against as many incompetent players as he was, of course you can basically decide the match by yourself. It’s easy at that point. But if the enemy team has all the competent players or all the better ships, there’s really nothing you can do. This is probably the worst example of what carrying your team looks like because it isn’t a typical match. You just don’t see them come down to three ships anymore. More often than not, it’s a roflstomp for one side or the other.

  19. This is why w/r is not always the best metric of a player’s abilities.

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