World of Warships- How Much Will The German BB Buffs Help?

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Today I further discuss the upcoming German BB buffs.

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  1. Gneisenau and Scharnhorst need more secondary range to 7km

    • Lee Hong Jin Full secondary build they get out to 8km, not 7

    • @Admiralthrawnbar I’m talking about base range. For a WW2 battleship, and especially the predecessors to Bismarck by only 1–3 years and compared to WW1 Bayern, they deserve a better stock secondary range.

    • They have a premium Odin coming out thats basically a Scharnhorst with longer range secondaries. T8

    • @anthony adams it doesn’t help Scharnhorst sisters and that’s a premium ship that wasn’t even paper ship

  2. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau should have accurate guns like Russians under 12km they are battle cruisers and should play as such especially since Scharnhorst had one of the longest range engagements in history and emerged victorious.

    I believe this buff to accuracy will do good for the Bismarck and FDG I haven’t gotten GK yet but I feel that both Bismarck and FDG are pretty solid ships.

    • Fdg NEEDS a good dispersion and Penetration buff for 406mm. People hate Fdg because how bad her guns are

    • Scharnhorst class needs MUCH better accuracy, Scharny is a ship that scored the longest range hit, along with Warspite at 24km.

    • @Coşkun Akalın Scharnhorst would be too op against Tier -6-5 if she had good accuracy. For she is already amazing at close range and very maneuverable. And 20 second reload it very good thing to shoot again with better aim. While Fdg is clumsy,around 25 second reload, No torpedos, very large

    • @Eclipse Sama i was responding to Russian esque accuracy on Scharny. It is definitely not how Scharny was.

    • Emerged victorious because she engaged what? Hms glorious with the gneisenau a ship which couldn’t fight back. What about Hms Renown both ships lost against her but survived.

  3. Bismarck / Tirpitz I’ve always enjoyed the fact that you can have the individual guns in each turret aimed at the target, upon firing the shells spread out in the complete opposite direction of each other….. multiplied by the 4 turrets, hitting any thing is a christmas miracle.

    • My favorite is when you actually get in a brawl at 5km with another battle ship, he broadsides you, you aim to land shells just under his turrets, one shell goes over his nose, the other 3 go over his stern. some days the dispersion is playable, some days you couldn’t hit the barn from the inside if you tried.

  4. Good timing, I’m just about to start grinding German BB’s from scratch, as I fell in love with the Scharnhorst

  5. I’ve had games in the Gneisenau recently where the dispersion made the battle nearly unplayable.
    It was ridiculous the amount of misses due to dispersion.

    • I have had the same experiences with the Gneisenau! 5km shots completely whiffing. I just imagine that my gunners are all cross eyed like that Spaceballs gunner.

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      @Bradley Trogdon Didn´t you know that the crew of german BBs are all Stormtroopers? Jokes by side, when you only have 6 Guns and 2 shots land in front of the Enemy 1 goes behind and you get 1 shattering and 2 overpens at 10km Range, there must be something wrong. With my Gneisenau i make about half of the Kills/dmg with Torpedos that´s the only thing wich makes Gneisenau playable atm.

    • Once RNG god was nice to me. Somehow at max range with a spotter, I got all 6 hits. That made my day.

  6. Speaking of ifhe damage changes, all ships are getting a 1mm buff to he penetration, which will give the 152mm secondaries on the German bbs 32 mm of pen as well

    • Joshua Picklesimer

      German BBs don’t have 152mm secondaries, they are only 150s with 37mm pen (soon to be 38mm). I think you meant to say that the 128mm secondaries will get the 32mm pen (currently 31mm pen).

  7. wow ive played WOWS one year longer than sea lord

  8. I would have loved 15 km secondaries for a full sec build and a way to let them shoot blindly into smokes

  9. Nice video…
    4:11 mins… why didn’t the torp hit?

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      Im not 100% sure but i think it´s a display bug, the torps run out but the animation was still going. Thats an well known bug i saw clips where Torps even go through Islands.

  10. I thought they released the buff early when I citadelled an IJN cruiser at near max range in my Bismarck once, followed by two other major hits on other targets

  11. The fix is easy enough if WG wants to. The german BB line is brawlers, lower the % for catching fire by alot and watch ppl push more.
    This is not a perma-fix, but will help on the camping and H.E – spam situation.

    • The PirateMongoose

      Another change they could make is applying damage saturation to fire.

    • @The PirateMongoose Put it to say 50% max and after that you only take pure dmg from the H.E shells, but no fire.
      Then ppl can decide if they want to spam AP or H.E wich now should get a function more like SAP

  12. When is the update coming out??

  13. I’m not sure you understand how IFHE works. Smolensk without IFHE and Smolensk with pre rework IFHE will do exactly the same things to any battleship in its matchmaking spread.

  14. I was looking forward to playing the British Battleships when I started playing the game and looked at what had been done to them in the lower tiers particularly the terrible turret traverse I went down the German line instead and it’s been very enjoyable indeed until the Freddy then not so much. The buffs on my Sharnhorst should make a nice improvement to a great ship. ??

  15. Your video is everything wrong with the game now, a destroyer with 100mm peashooters burning almost the whole health of the tankiest BB in the game.

    • Your right and the 5.5 km invisiblty for destroyers is one of the stupidest mech in a game lauching torps and no way for battle ships to deal with them. They should give battle hips some thing to help counter them..

    • @sneaky dave torps are easy to avoid getting wrecked by, someone just smoking up 9km away from you and farming you to death isn’t.

  16. If only manual secondaries would allow you to set a target at each side… *sigh*

  17. Probably the best fix for the German battleship line would be to have the dispersion tighten as you get closer. Since the guns Fire Control and ships were designed work in the North Sea and they were higher velocity and expecting shorter ranges for the choppy harsh North Sea action it would make perfect sense that they couldn’t snipe from far away but the closer you get the better you get. I think what everyone hates is being 6 km from a Target probably the best fix for the German Battleship line would be to have this Persian tightness get closer. since the guns fire control and ships were designed to work in the North see and they were higher velocity and expecting shorter ranges for the choppy harsh North see action it would make perfect sense that they couldn’t snipe from far away but the closer you get the better you get. I think what everyone hate is being 6 kilometers from a Target firing all eight of your guns and having one hit and the rest of them had for

  18. I played a few games and one thing, once you buff one thing, there is always something else that needs a buff, mainly because of the first, hence as we all know things creep, once you buff one thing people being the same try to overcome and then end up using the same tactics, by doing so the way they adapt gets flagged as over-powered as it become the only way to adjust to the new buff, then another new round of adjustments are required. Warcraft, Eve Online are just a few there are many others where power creep and nerf’s n buff’s are forever changing game play.

  19. the great book of grudges

    We need more brawl ship.

  20. 10 min to say the changes will be welcome.

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