World of warships – How NOT to play TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE

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Ppl have been asking me to make a HOW TO DD video.


  1. I love you

  2. Her laugh made this even better.

    • ikr! I was laughing so hard! that couldn’t have been any worse. I feel so sorry but that doesn’t mean I won’t laugh!

  3. flambass can you give me one good reason not to use the speed boost at beginning of the game as a dd?

  4. And on top of it all, you had a stream sniper who knew state of unpreparedness and met you at B

  5. Rodrigo Echegorri

    You know, trying to carry using stock consumables could be an interesting challenge, what do you think Flam? xD

  6. Put a smile on my face ?

  7. I am potato! I am po-Ta-too!

  8. You two laughing and failing together was gloriously hilarious.

  9. What happened to runner’s voice?

  10. This video has much better detail resolution than the previous ones. Have you changed something?

  11. “Fun and engaging” – as you would put it? 🙂

  12. still did better than most :3 stop letting hans pilot

  13. MajesticDemonLord

    Where did you get one of my Replays?

  14. I suppose this is only part 1???

  15. Best potato ever! ? omg i cant stop replaying the video even tho i saw it live !

  16. Reminds me of my last game in the HSF Harekaze, I went to the A cap, I knew I was RDF’ed, there pops up a Minotaur that smokes up, so I turn broadside and smoke up and fire AP at it, forgetting that I’m RDF’ed and that Minotaur is divisoned with a Kagero. I ate a torp and since I’m still not at 13 points on my captain, average scrub that I am, that was that.

    I realized that running would have been the better part of valor in this engagement and finding a better position to re-engage from or go for B.

    Anyway, any good guide on how to do something should, in my opinion, have a few examples on how not do things.

  17. at least you remembered camo

  18. The laughter is hilarious.

  19. Now the lesson to learn here is that as a DD, you should avoid cap circles like the plague because you’re going to die anyway, and spend the first 10 minutes of a game sailing around the map to hunt the CV instead. And never forget, if you lose, it’s always your team’s fault.

  20. This is me when i play DD…

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