World of Warships: How should I play the Buffalo?

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StarchyBlue from NA is the one that recommended playing her with rudder shift instead of concealment and propulsion! Thank you.
I don’t understand the Buffalo. How should I play her?

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US heavy cruiser Buffalo on the map Sea of Fortune.


  1. You are playing exactly the way she should be played. She is a Heavy support Cruiser. She is not a close in brawler and not a very good 1 on 1 cruiser fighter. Yes if you position well you can ambush almost any cruiser but after her initial salvo she is vulnerable. Great DD killer if the dd does not have close support. Stay near the Friendly BB’s and lend radar, AA and gunfire support. I believe she will shine most in that role. Your set up is good for YOUR play style.

  2. It’s easy…you have to suffer and then you get DM 🙂

  3. I love how you have a great game, but still find the time to complain. Endlessly.

    J/k (not kidding)!

  4. Hey Aerroon, you and I were discussing this on r/WoWs with the OP and you made a video on it! Great turnaround time too! Thank you man!

    • It’s more that I was already playing the ship and had my gripes. Then I noticed somebody was talking about this particular topic, so I jumped in!

  5. Yeah, weird ship. Also, you get USS Alaska which probably is the best tier 9 cruiser in the game. WG balancing team is really kicking in.

  6. They weren’t sure how to bridge the gap between a well balanced tier 8 and a frankly OP tier 10, so we got this weird, underpowered hybrid at tier 9.
    One positive: because of the turret setup, it does teach players the very valuable and under-utilized skill of open-water cruisering in the US heavies. Too many people lose out on the DM’s potential by being over-reliant on nosing around islands and only using the front turrets.

    One other thought: put on your man pants and swap that range mod for reload! 🙂

  7. Hey aerron, i play Buffalo like the dimitri donskoi, kitting and fire from medium-max range, only if you have 3/4 enemy ships in your side, play it like baltimore. That works for me

  8. for me the 90% of the IX tier bc ar power creep, only a few thech tree bc and the premiums stands the fight…

  9. Spectrum Warships

    Aerroon if you want to play Baltimore as a tier 9 then you should start World of Warships Blitz . Baltimore is the tier 9 USN CA, while Buffalo is currently the only tier 10 premium. Also please tell me how the angling works I just started PC and since angling hasn’t been explained in WoWsB I don’t understand it in the least

    • Hey. You should watch the WoWS official YT channel’s guide on armor penetration.
      And a tip: you will have to watch plenty of guides and gameplay to understand it properly, the game is SO much more complex on PC.
      I have played both and was always terrible when switching from mobile to PC and brutally powerful when switching from PC to mobile.

    • The way angling works is that if the enemy is flat broadside to you they are considered to be at 0 degrees to you. From 0 degrees to 45 degrees (diagonal) your shells will do normal penetration calculations. From 45 to 60 degrees there’s a chance (that increases with the angle) that some of your shells will ricochet. At 60+ degrees your shells will always ricochet. The only exception to this is overmatch – if the caliber of the shell is very large compared to the armor plate thickness, then the shell will simply go through it unabated.

      In this match I kept angling against the enemy Bismarck. This made my angle towards them above 60 degrees. My armor plates everywhere are 27mm, which is high enough that the 380mm guns of a Bismarck cannot overmatch it. Therefore the Bismarck could only get ricochets off of the hull of my ship – or some minor damage from my superstructure. If that Bismarck had been the Massachusetts instead with her 406mm guns (like you see at the end), then her shells wouldn’t ricochet. When you’re angling you want to angle in a way where enemies ricochet as much as possible.

    • @Aerroon Thanks for explaining it to me. This seems very hard to do I’ll probably have to play a lot to understand it completely

  10. 0:43 12 turrets! Bloody hell gimme that ship!

  11. The style that I’m playing here is something that StarchyBlue from NA recommended to me a few weeks/months ago. Turns out it works quite well (although I had forgotten about it, sorry!). I disagreed with the style mostly because you give up your role as a radar cruiser, but it seems like it might be the way to go.

  12. Thanks for Guide, Aerroon. Still grind USN CA for first time and now playing Baltimore, i think i love this Tech tree. im sure this will help me when i got Buffalo

  13. 9:48 – “Now I don’t want to advance too close to the Bismarck because she might have secondaries”… (Mind you he’s already only 10km away when he says this)… 11:27 – Now he’s continued to close confidently with a Bismarck to only 8.7km away after saying he wanted to avoid doing that, and somehow when 99% of Bismarcks are specd to have over 11km of secondary range this particular Bismarck’s secondaries still haven’t fired a single round even when Aerroon is only 8.7km away. Not only did I find all of that to be quite a lucky break for Aerroon but there’s also the fact that he was somehow able to do this well while open water gunboating in a US cruiser for the entire match.. Even up at tier X in something like the Des Moines US cruiser captains need to use island cover as often as possible in order to survive for any length of time in a battle, yet here he is open water full throttle gunboating in a US cruiser and even chasing down Bismarcks to within 8km with no worries… Something seems fishy here with the skill level or complete lack thereof of his opponents.

    • He was openly gunboating open water in his cruiser when other bigger ships were closer to the target ship. It made them focus more on those ships than his.

    • The thing you have to understand is that Buffalo has 27mm armor everywhere. 380mm guns will ricochet off of these armor plates. The only damage a Bismarck or Scharnhorst can do to me when I point my bow at them is the superstructure. Now try doing damage to a cruiser while only aiming at the superstructure of a cruiser.

  14. david and martine albon

    0:40 on WoWs Blitz the Baltimore is tier 9, and Buffalo is a tier 10 Premium

  15. Aerroon: So I want her to fire at my side platings
    Massachusettes: Hang on, I’ve seen this one before

  16. I love fighting against buffalos in my Iowa. They just camp behind islands firing HE, but they never position correctly so they end up getting citadelled or heavily penned straight away. They then go quite and tuck in behind the island terrified, so you just have to wait for their team to die a bit and then you can flank the buffalo giving you an easy kill.

  17. Even on Asia, where passiveness is the game, I found reload mod Buffalo to be fine at t9. The extra turret coupled with the faster reload just worked for me. I just played it as a heavier Baltimore, with rudder mod instead of prop mod and I used the concealment module. Another kilometer of where a dd can spot you and you can’t do anything about it just doesn’t work for me.

    In the end I surprisingly did good in the Buffalo, it wasn’t blatantly strong for its tier like the Baltimore, but it’s a pretty good ship

  18. I can’t help you with how to play the Buffalo. I find her a poor ship, so I have just leave her in port and play other ships. She has no been out for months.

  19. Reload time, armor. I totaly agree with the first statement. Buffalo has no business in tier 9. I got my Baltimore down to 7.7 sec reload, and then go to 11 seconds in Buffalo. I had such a horrible time playing this ship that I sold it as soon as I got De Moines. The instant I got DM this ship was gone. I still have Balti and play her every once in a while.

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