World of Warships – How Smolensk feels

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Smolensk is a brand new russian tier light cruiser, armed with 4×4 130mm that reload every 4 seconds, have really good turret traverse. The ship is pretty fast and has a bunch of consumables BUT it does not have armor. 16mm bow and stern and 30mm middle section and in today video you will see a perfect example of how this thing performs.
These were my 1st 2 battles I ever played in it and they show it’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly.
As long as you are only presenting your stern to enemy, they won’t you (at least it hasn’t happened to me yet) but if you give even the slightest broadside (or full broadside) you will get instantly deleted, without any exceptions. I played many battles in both Smolensk and Colbert and that rule seems to follow them wherever they go. As long as you don’t show any broadside you should be fine.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching and don’t forget, these were my very 1st 2 battles, there will be more in future 😉


  1. Ahh one of my favorite youtubers once again brightens the slowgoing workday!
    Actually met u in a match a week ago and sunk your mino^^ Keep up the fantastic work Flambass! Love your vids!

  2. Ok so this is defo op

  3. That day Roon lear how powercreep works

  4. I knew this thing was gonna be nuts the first time I saw it… was Russian.

  5. this thing gets better torp angle than many DDs. *DDs sadface*

  6. IMEZRU Expresso Poker

    cant wait for you to try the Colbert ratatatattadakakakaka machine

  7. No Russian Bias to see here please move on!??

  8. Do you want to share with the class what happened very next game? ?
    …and there it is ?? nice addition on the end

  9. Keep up the great introduction videos of new ships Flambass !

  10. Not broken or OP in any way, working as intended. Cyka blyat

  11. and they nerfed the Hindenburg because too much dakka?

  12. Nothing almost ridiculously OP about this, nope… Is Rashan, working as intended.

  13. Even more reason to never play above T7. I couldn’t imagine comming up against this in a Bismark

  14. Flambass has found a replacement for the Gearing…lol!

  15. Vincent Rico Mercado

    As the old saying says: “RNG giveth, and RNG taketh”

  16. no radar? not acceptable, pls buff

  17. Aminurrashid Shahrudin

    looks HARD to play , sit in smoke with IFHE HYDRO , seems HARD

  18. 15:43 hoolyy shit duude! *that laugh made my day

  19. Can`t wait to see you in an Colbert, Smolensk and Worcester division! I don`t play the game anymore so it wont be affected but I would enjoy seeing that 😉

  20. Just what WOWs needs more long range fast firing Cruisers… HE spammers for stat padders

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