World of Warships- How The Hell Is This Even Allowed?

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Hello guys, today we have a match with quite the interesting matchmaking. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. WoWs MMs has been pretty rough for the last year, since now they even add subs and superships, there’s no place except operation that you actually can enjoy playing the game, it’s just annoying at this point loading up the game just to get double CVs and you’re playing like a tier VI. Frustrating more, just look at the queues, so utterly broken that every games i got someone complaining about why they just disconnected mid-queue and got pink names.

  2. Slowly NA is becoming what SEA is for years.

    The CV infestation is inevitable as long as AA is as weak as it is.

  3. Low risk high reward. That’s the lure of the cv class. They can do everything but cap. Sit in the rear. And if the focus you it doesn’t matter what ship your in they can crap on you all game until you die. Shoot down as many planes as you want it does nothing but put a number in the corner as you get chipped away. This and the lack of weegee even acknowledging the problem is why I will never support this game with my money. Which sucks because I want the Mass B.

  4. I had one today too. 2 tier 8 Cvs and 3 submarines on each team. Fun

  5. i find it more horrible that matchmaking can set a tier 9 up against several superships. THAT sucks

    • Fr when I was grinding for the Des Moines I kept getting back to back super ship matches in my buffalo when I had popped my 800% boosters

    • As a player trying to get yamato, I’m stuck on Izumo. Last game i played, both teams had 5 super ships each.

  6. Off hours are brutal. At least RTS CV players had the respect to requeue when they hit about 4 minutes

  7. The way MM balances ships is one of the most broken things that seems to get very little discussion. Like loading into a ranked game atm to find your team has a Lazo and a Surrey, and their team has 2 Belfasts. Or your team gets an Elbing and a Gouden, and theirs gets a Smaland and a Des Moines. I don’t know enough about the technicals to provide a rational solution, but imbalances in MM (especially in ranked) can feel really punishing.

    • What makes you think it is broken?

    • @Tony Ennis They do? Where are the numbers for that fact? Sure, a skilled Guilio Cesare player is absolutely a good thing for it’s team. But a bad Guilio player means nothing.

    • I had a ranked game the other day in my Smaland where we had me, plus a Des Moines. They had a Gearing as their DD and no radar cruiser. Having 2 radars on 1 team and zero on the other is just ridiculous in a ranked game mode. What was their Gearing supposed to do? Sure, bad players will always be bad, but fundamental, game changing benefits like radar should be balanced across teams. Imagine 1 team getting a CV and the other didn’t? would “but the CV might be bad” be an excuse? of course not. Relying on the fact that the radar players might be bad isn’t an excuse to balance ranked MM around.

    • @Netrom WS Do you mean to say these ships were removed from the game for no reason? And where are YOUR numbers?

    • Or reds get a DM and you get Orkan, but he fucking dies the moment he is spotted.

  8. As someone who loaded a Random Match 18 or so hours ago In an All Tier 8 game, you could not believe the matchmaking, Full game, Doubled SS and CV’s, 3 DD’s, and 3 Cruisers, and whaddya know, I and my friend are the only 2 BB’s in the Game, a Brandenburg and Amagi

  9. Yeah, MM has always been goofy, but don’t deflect the player numbers being lower by tossing it all on the MM. Across the board for every server, player numbers are down by quite a decent chunk. There’s no point in denying that. People started leaving with the CV rework, and kept leaving when nothing changed or got better. Now the shoving of submarines down everyone’s throat, these fantasy “could have been assumed” lines being announced with half baked models, or not even a model at all (which is surprising given how much copy & paste they use for these lines) the plethora of artillery bugs that haven’t been fixed for months, if not years, etc. I used to play this game daily with my clan, now we only come back for the occasional dockyard event if we’re interested in the ship, and even then it might not be enough. Snowflake events are the only thing we really care to “grind” at this point, and I’m sure tons of others feel the same, or have straight up left altogether.

    The player numbers are dropping. I’m sure you don’t want to say that, be it because of CC status, or because you don’t want people to be dissuaded from joining the game, but quite frankly new players *should* be steered very much away from this game. WoWs is beyond predatory at this point. If you have enough money, you quite literally do not need to play the game anymore in order to get anything new that they release. Tech lines? Buy them. New armory ships? Buy them. Steel ships? Buy the steel. Dockyard ships? Buy them. Battlepass? Buy the tiers. RB ships? Buy the battle pass. Superships? Buy them in an auction. Old OP premiums removed from sale? Black Friday or Santa Crates, buy them.

    If you value your wallet, stay away from any Wargaming product. Because if you value your time or sanity, you cannot play them for free anymore. And it’s a shame they’ve fallen so much into greed.

  10. 13:38 just a quick info. Chkalov doesnt get rockets, but dive bombers which makes it even worse, since they have a cicle elipse

  11. Well I think many of us know EXACTLY what you mean SLM. So lets gather some facts: WG is a multi-multi-million company which has plenty of fantastic people in their teams. Plently of them have an education in natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, economy, … and all of them had statistic lessons during their education. So beside the ship-matchmaking also the player-skill-matchmaking is an important factor. With all the clevereness the team has incl. artifical intelligence algo’s that are developed day by day in the world it is “suprising” how this can happen.So in my conclusion the demand of the player base (= paying customers) is ignored by the management, even when the forums are full of complaints. Incredible that such a product/service is on the market.

  12. Could’ve been a T10 game, double nakhimov, with 4 DD’s and 2 subs either side…
    But I fully agree, the MM is terrible right now

  13. Dude I had a match last night, none of the ships were newer than two years, and no CVS/subs. It was amazing. Everyone on both teams were so happy.

    • I call this “Wargaming Classic” battle mode. It should be a regular mode we can select 🙂 Wait what am I saying!!!! Sub, CV’s and T11’s would have no friends to play with 🙂

  14. Great video. I have just started playing world of warships It is awesome. I love watching your videos I learn a lot you a very knowledgeable and a great player keep up the good work!

  15. I like the Odin too, and I recently switch the 1st upgrade from main guns and torp survivability to survivability for secondaries and AA mounts. Why? Seemed like every match my forward triple mount 150’s were being permanently disabled. Mind you these 2nd are guns have a good 38 mm pen with their HE

  16. One thing that MM should DEFINITELY take into account is radar. I have been in matches where my team had NO radar, and the other team had four. When you realize that, it will suck the enthusiasm right out of you, especially if you’re playing a DD.😒

  17. WG has millions of games under their belts. They should know exactly how the MM works. The MMer is not broken. It is working exactly as intended. If someone doesn’t understand it, it is because they don’t know WG’s actual goals. What’s clear is that designing matches where both sides have the same chance of winning isn’t one of the goals.

  18. WG in 2019: “Spreadsheet says you had fun.”

    WG in 2022: “We no longer track ‘fun’ as a metric.”

  19. Well, I feel good atleast there are no dual CVs matching in Tier 9 and 10. This dual CVs matching often happens in T5 to T8 and I hate it because one CV is enough to make mess and you got 2 of them it’s still okay if you have good team but in my opinion there should be ranks or some kind of system for matching! New players can buy premium and get straight into matching with experience players. New players also rushing towards T10 and they are not learning. I lose many matches because of new players and thats is main problem atleast for me! (For example you got in dual CVs game where enemy CVs are experienced players and you got new players who bought premium CVs now what will happen!? 😏)

  20. I had MM experience in random game. I was 1 of 2 T8 ships. The rest were T9 and 10. Fist 4 minutes I lost half of ship to a torp. A Worcester moved next to me. Then a DD and Worcester moved in the cap circle. I moved from behind the rock and went north into the cyclone. The Worcester later was just to my starboard was destroyed. No one engaged me. I turn went south and ran into a BB already engaged. The game ended shortly thereafter. I score 44k in damage and was 1 of 3 ships on the green team that survived. All red team was sunk. No carriers or subs. The cyclone is what saved me.

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