World Of Warships How To Albemarle

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a quick version of my way on albemarle with 2 devastating strikes and 60k plane damage , the ship is an absolute gem to play at tier 8 with outstanding torpedos and AA and decent guns, however its armor is paper and maneuverability is key to reinforce to play this ship correctly
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  1. I can relate to your experience and all I can say is the albermarle can be on offensive or secondary support. Either you get many points in being aggressive or more points as an accurate shooter behind islands or beside battleships

    • Honestly the British heavy cruisers are so unique, it seems like a hybrid between light and heavy, but love the ship as honestly it’s nice to be able to have change in roles depending on what you want rather than sitting at 20km in support or purely brawling at 10km lol

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