World of Warships: How to BB | Battleships in HIGH

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Join me while I’m discussing my way of sailing battleships in high ranks of Ranked Battles Season 3. Tips on strategy, pre-battle preparation, getting players to cooperate and many more!

Link to desktop backgrounds here:

…oh and, the cruiser captain was at a disadvantage at that time (2:33) because he had to turn around and this way the enemy had a head start. Just thought I’d clarify this here.


  1. On my separate note – do you think it will be useful for the game to
    provide a “I’m been spotted” hotkey for DD captains? Very often, I’m
    following a DD to provide cover fire as a cruiser, and the only way I get a
    warning is to observe sudden movements and smoke on his part. It’d be nice
    not to have to rely on that as my cue to start preparing for incoming

  2. Thanks again for a great video! I had some of those similar experiences on
    my New Mexico, but I have yet to figure out when I should show my
    broadsides to the enemy just to taunt them into attacking me. I often just
    keep myself angled at all times towards the biggest group of BBs, and aim
    my guns at the smallest groups. This is on Random Battles of course. I
    don’t often get into Ranked.

  3. That shot grouping on mogami at 5:00 would probably have killed him if the
    island didn’t block most of the shots. Gotta love those IJN guns. I wish I
    could do the same with US ships.

  4. Nice guides man! Just a question – did rank 1 players get to keep the
    pirate flag, or you are using a mod? I thought that they remove all
    progress flags after the season ends, but if it turns out they don’t I
    would actually feel sorry I didn’t try to finish my progress last season

  5. another great vid. I learn something new every time, thank u

  6. What is the tick that occasionally appears above ship icon info onscreen?

  7. What did you get when you ranked up with the star?

  8. Good video! Could barely see the shells for some reason lol

  9. How many curses you casted after receiving 40k from enemy Amagi? 🙂 Good
    material !

  10. Wow that player Guderian1976 red the chat and was able to doge torpedos^^

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