World of warships – How to BB

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  1. Антон Варов


  2. Lewd

  3. You and sempi murdered my puppies in battle the other day 🐶🐶🐶 no shame at all 😜 from the past few days of game my experience is how to BB when top tier apparently involves insuring at all times that any low tier bbs are always between you and the enemy and if at any point you get shot at turn as fast as possible and run 😫

  4. 1:02 That’s not a guy(like adult over 18) that’s some kid who learned to talk like that by listening to his mom and dad scream at each other every week. I never look at chat hardly anymore. Monster energy drink junkies is all they are anymore. Back 14yrs ago chats weren’t that half bad. (Battle Field 42)

  5. Awww that song at the beginning brings back memories

  6. Who the fuck places islands in the middle of the ocean anyway.


  7. What is this… people using terrain and tactics?!?! Fucking cowards the bunch them. No, fight me where I have the advantages, citadel to citadel. That’s manly and good. Fighting where you have the advantage, poor and cowardly of course.

  8. TheCompulsiveWinner

    It’s a good thing most BB players are absolute mongs because Conqueror is ridiculously OP in a good player’s hands.

    Btw: Which AC/DC song is that and the end?

  9. i think i like you better than flamu. FIGHT ME BROS

  10. #gitgud sirs

  11. Conquerer was actually noob, If he wanted to die, he might have aswell just rammed montana lol

  12. Soooo what I take from this is the new tactic is beaching yourself and confusing the enemy? Keep em coming Flambass!!

  13. what is this…the annually potato meeting? :p

  14. Very much appreciated the firefly theme there. Good memories

  15. Wow, the butthurt on that Bismark dead guy in chat…lol

  16. Spam with zero value to the community

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