World of Warships- How To Brawl In 2023

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Hey guys! Today we go over some tips and tricks on how to brawl in 2023 to the best of your abilities! Enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Video Intro
1:46 Ship Selection
4:27 Commander Build/Module Build
11:00 Tactics


  1. Forgot to mention Agincourt and Atlåntico, and Schröder

  2. People on the EU servers don’t understand that you need to actually Brawl in Brawls.

  3. Im currently grinding the Schliefen Line, so thanks for the video….

  4. I just spent too many hours grinding German battleships and pot damage for the mission, spooky mind read video.

  5. Good info as always SL.

  6. How to brawl:

    1. Pray no CV.
    2. Pray no Subs.
    3. Pray no fire spamming island/smoke campers.

    If these conditions are met, follow this videos tips.

  7. Also, Republique and Patrie. Secondaries are actually decent and you can reload build the main battery to be an absolute nightmare at close range. I don’t think I’ve lost a brawl to a Schlieffen yet.

    No armor you say? True….except it’s French no armor which means that no armor is best armor. I go in close and eat shells. I believe it’s because angling properly makes the shell go into the French black hole, but might be wrong.

  8. I have an Iwami secondary build a little differently than you showed on your potential builds and bow in angled it is a monster . The only issue is the range, I believe it’s like 10.5 km before everything kicks in but when it does watch out.

  9. 11 Min mark! good advice.

    I’m pretty sure “tips & tricks” would be popular. Notice you’re not going into details about your kb commands & use. Those are critical to success, I’m pretty sure their use would help a lot of players.

    Love what your doing here!


  10. You should make a series of this. Would love to hear your thoughts on DD’s & Cruisers in brawls

  11. Classic start :

    1.Use German Battleship.
    2.Enter Brawl.
    3.Spam W and use hydro.
    4.Secondary goes BRTTTT

  12. Our clan found (after a lot of trials and errors) that 2X Poms & 2X Agirs were the best, with 2 Pom/Agir squadrons and each squadron covering the other (within 8K to 10K seperation, if any ship appears anywhere in between gets eaten for lunch) gave us a 80ish% win rate. The addition of torps plus killer secondaries was the key.

  13. Good vid, I play with the team, using the Prussian with a hybrid build (captain is secondary, but ship mostly main guns), conserving health (if I can) until the halfway point of the game. Not every map lends itself to this, but have done pretty well with this.

  14. I enjoy Alsace in brawls for her speed to close in fast, and the amount of guns you can bring to the fight even when bow in. The 2ndaries tear up DDs but they are also useful for fires on BBs and heavily armed cruisers.

  15. A good video with very detailed advice and images of the builds you use. The best advice you gave was don’t be the lone guy.

  16. Awesome presentation! I will endeavor to apply this lesson. Thank you.

  17. You know if you want CarrierCon to be real big all you need to do is start calling it Tailhook……

  18. I would say if you have FP, unless you’re being under fire from several smolensk and thunderers spamming HE, just repair a double fire. Especially with the german superstructure, unless you’re showing broadside you shouldn’t get shells landing on both ends of the ship which are necessary for a triple fire.

  19. The only way to give the meta the middle finger is to upgrade secondaries to the same range / base accuracy as the same tier equivalent on German BB tech tree line (Preussen line) for all ships (cruisers and BB) with remotely decent secondaries.
    Buffing secondary damage and spotting damage rewards as it is proposed in a recent dev blog is a good idea but it is a half measure, to fix the problem secondaries on cruisers and BB need a buff to make them workable for brawling. Currently a small number of secondary ships have good range and accuracy but many do not and frankly it appears completely arbitrary based on who designed or made changes to the ship (existing treatment is very inconsistent). For example Marseilles french cruiser has the same base accuracy as the schlieffen (better than preussen line) and the Napoli is even better than that, while German cruisers like Hindenburg, Agir, Seigfried have the usual crap secondary accuracy… the new Japanese premium BB Daisen is proposed to have Schlieffen accuracy secondaries but the French secondary BBs Flandre and Alsace have the usual crap base accuracy.

  20. Excellent video again! Great advice for all battleship players and some specific advice for brawling with them! So many bb players ignore the dd and then complain when they’re constantly spotted and dodging torpedoes because your support has died!

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