World of Warships: How to CL | Atlanta does a 100k damage rush and dies

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If you wanna go kamikaze that’s the way to do it!

Skip to 4:58 to see some more of RMB firing

For anyone interested the total income after repairs was 665 262 and that was with the income flag and one or two missions completed


  1. WOW You really had a hell of a blitzer there! Atlanta is great fun when you
    are successful! Makes for a good credit earner because once you learn her,
    she is usually a blast to play!

  2. Well done.
    I do fine with Atlanta but take these lessons with glee. Always willing to

  3. How do you go into cinematic 3rd person mode? Is that in game or for
    replays only?

  4. loving ur vids dude. very educational. Plz keep them coming.

  5. A little off topic, but since the mini patch that happened back closer to
    Christmas, have you played a lot of battleships? Because I am curious if
    you have noticed seemingly more citadels. Since that patch, shots that
    would normally roll for citadels haven’t been.

  6. At 4:00 you had enormous luck. Normally you should be almost dead.

  7. Great game, you make aiming in the Atlanta easy, if I try that the enemy
    actually evades fire and does not sail in a straight line like the omaha. I
    have a love hate relationship with the Atlanta at the moment I hate the
    lazy snail shells

  8. cool video! How do you do the (cinematic) free look bits?

  9. Excellent stuff! :)

  10. Its exactly the same as my Omaha battles.I rush quickly cause i think im
    still in a DD and i get annihilated by…everything.As i discovered wows
    back in August i really liked Jap dds.But at the time i reached tier V i
    stumbled upon Mutsuki with 6k torps and 7km detection.I thought blasphemy
    right?So i then turned over to US dds.And i was grinding till were im now
    the Benson with some Jap cruisers.Also i played ranked exclusively with DDs
    and it was tough but almost fun excluding the frustrations so i still have
    that DD mentality of rushing in first and of course being blown up.Imagine
    the extremely different BB gamestyle i have to endure as i just unlocked
    the Kongo lol.Anyway,thank for the vid,i can relate all too well :)

  11. oh man … nice gameplay

  12. my computer is to weak to handle my Atlanta :/
    getting a new one soon – hopefully I’ll get simular results ;)

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