World of Warships: How to CL | My Buddy [17 citadel Budyonny game]

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I’m employing outright evil WoT technique of poking from behind an island raking kills like a terminator in a supermarket.

In other news…
I’ll be playing with the Average Armchair Admirals tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for details!


  1. Cool tip there on firing when holding down RMB!

  2. Fernando Mernez

    Nice game! citadels are life 😛
    Do you noticed in the armor description of the ship that he supposed to
    have a 140mm armor on citadel? Well I was hoping other thing when I pick
    the ship, but even angled I has been cit by a 203mm from an Aoba, not
    mention the guns of a battleship. I think all is about the armor
    distribution. But I have brutal games on it, I keep it because still being
    a excelent gun platform, recently I reach to “concealment expert” with a
    new captain and it is a very competitive ship at tier 6.

  3. ahaha the description made my day :)

  4. Love your videos and the intro. You and Flamu are my main go-tos for tips
    and how-tos. Very instructive.

  5. great battle, I have <10 battles in this and yet to have a good game. had
    high hopes, this vid helps, thanks.

  6. like a boss… against tier 4s lol

  7. Very nice , keep them coming.

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