World of Warships: How to DD | Choosing targets in a gunboat (Tashkent)

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Just an average joe-kind of game that demonstrates my scouting tactic when sailing a fast gunboat and the things you can figure out about enemies you can’t see based on your detected icon. I also explain my rationale when choosing targets and use offensive smoke to finish off a wounded Amagi


  1. Love this vid. Glad you mentioned AP during the battle. I was thinking why
    you were not using it against the Cleveland earlier? I have found that it
    works well on the Cleveland and the Atago in my Tashkent. I have gone 1 to
    1 against an Atago and destroyed it with AP Keep up the good work. Can you
    tell us what modules and captain skills you have on the Tash please?

  2. i liked dat Boop

  3. I find AP works on the russian DDs at 7km and under, but as you know it’s
    not very safe for you at that range!

  4. Soviet DDs are so fun to play, they’re my favorite

  5. “boop”? Is that like a taunt? Bad sportsmanship.

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