World of Warships: How to DD | Hatsuharu 6 kill Kraken

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Then I take out my own Hatsu and proceed to do the same with some success.


  1. Your 2nd replay reminded me once again of why I hated the Hatsuharu…The
    plane! The plane! (Fantasy Island voice!)

  2. In WOT, one can score points for spotting. However, is it the same in WOWS?

  3. This is a question that goes out to Voulezvous and the viewers! So I am
    currently on a Benson destoyer and I am 2/3 of the experience from the
    Fletcher. My captain is running Situation Awareness, Last Stand,
    Superintendent and Demolition expert. Right now, I have 4 extra captain
    skill points that I can use. Should I get survivability Expert now, and
    wait a long tome to get 5 points for concealment expert..OR save up 1 more
    point and get Concealment Expert but wait a long time to get Survivability
    Expert. I will get them eventually but I want to know which one to get
    first. Please tell me your opinion and if you can elaborate, that would be
    Greatly appreciated!!!

  4. Nice to see, BUT – No Cv, DD`s died pretty fast, and fools sailing in
    straight lines.. lucky engagement imho.

  5. Another great post voulezvous…………..thank you

  6. A little off topic, but I finally got to get some post patch time in my
    Cleveland and it feels very different. I am beginning to think that my
    cross heir mod may not be calibrated correctly or WG did some stealth nerfs
    but I feel like I was really having to lead ships, further than normal,
    despite being at 10 or 11km. Also she feels weaker, laid into a Mahan with
    20 HE hits and it still had like 25% of its health left. Wondering if
    you’ve noticed any of the same or I need to try a new cross heir mod.

  7. Where we can send in Replays?

  8. Damn, your Hatsu game was sweet!

  9. <---- wes101abn: It was a heck of a game. When I started attacking the Atlanta and the first Cleveland I was so amped my hands were shaking. I was yelling at the Cleveland to die while I nearly rammed the NY (which I didn't see until I popped smoke). Point blank torps were glorious. I will say I am bummed I didn't get solo warrior. I keep thinking of how I could have taken out that Cleveland. I should have opened up with guns, but I was so low health at that point that he could have easily one-shotted me. Anyone have any suggestions?

  10. this couldnt have happened if there was a CV in the match

  11. I remember being in that first game. Kudos to Wes101 he really was the
    invisible death in that match – very informative replay. Good stuff!

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