World of Warships: How to DD | Mahan 3.7k xp masterclass

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BrutalBob1337 does a masterclass on how to be a successful destroyer captain while sailing a very torpedo-capable gun boat which the Mahan is. He never skips a beat in his AA control and overall shows focused game awareness.

10/10 would do a comment on again 🙂


  1. Matthew Robidou (Reaper)

    Many of my good games I happen to not record… I just need to record all
    of them regardless! I’ll send you some soon Voulezvous!

  2. Pz make a new video Cruiser review on: CLEVELAND and MOGAMI in the pach
    0.5.3, are they worh to keep them are are they so nurfed that its good time
    to sell them ? I need to know if they can comp.. w other CA at the same
    tier.. AA defece will it be any change ? What is your idea what to do on
    capitans skils.. , We all need to change them.. HOW ???

  3. How do you enable replays again? I just missed capturing a decent game of
    my own; 212k damage in my Amagi. Watching this replay though sure makes me
    want to go down the USN DD line. I am doing Soviets now, only made it to
    tier 5 and like it, but the short range torps, and really slow turrets seem
    to cripple the flexibility I feel a DD should have.


    7:16 these planes wtf

  5. feeling u …. had a game in a fubu ranked …. killed 5 ships …. capped
    A-Point and recapped it 3 times …. and my team still lost :D

  6. Hey man, thanks for showcasing the vid and your compliments! I’ll take your
    advice’s with me. Cheers mate.

  7. Great torpedo run but after the ad the screen went black.

  8. Zetsubou no Nnoitra

    Hey Voulezvous, nice video!
    It was really fun playing with you in ranked and hope you hit rank 1 :)

  9. I was wondering what you feel about that new smoke mod that shows the

  10. another great video and expalantion of battle ;)

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