World of Warships: How to Dominate with Aircraft Carriers in 60 Seconds

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Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships are game changers thanks to their numerous aircraft. We’ll show you how to dominate with them in under 60 seconds.


  1. 60 second’s of little to no information.
    but then I judge this video as someone who has been playing since beta.

  2. wait so we can’t fly the actual plane ! >=(

  3. Forza Borshaid (Borshaid94)

    i would love for this game to be on xb1 !

  4. one word wow(see what i did there)

  5. What do you call a pig that can fly?

    Swine flu.

  6. subscribe to FaZe bloo

  7. Sooo, how do we dominate with carriers? Misleading title right there, IGN.

  8. Their so hard to unlock, specially if your not on premium


  10. aircraft carriers are good for laggers 2 :3

  11. Under 301

  12. first. actually

  13. fuurst ?

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