World of Warships- How To Earn Maximum Coal

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Hey guys, a popular question popping up recently with Thunderer and gang being removed in a few months, is “how do I grind coal as fast as I can” today we go over how to ensure that you are doing just that, enjoy!

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  1. “The best torpedo is yourself” -Jean Bart Captain, mostly-

  2. You may have just convinced me to come back to game at least for Xmas event. Still need to get Lutjens as a captain and the coal/steel rewards this year sound decent.

  3. Hey man i sent you a replay, did you receive it? You don’t want to miss that one 😀

  4. yeah i spent all of my steel(7,5k) getting thunderer a few days ago cause i thought it was being removed within the next week or so. I dont know if i regret it cause i am not in a clan and at this rate i would have gotten Stalingrad in like 3 years xD and i enjoy thunderer so i dont think it is that bad.

    • Spent about 4k steel to get the Thunderer last month 😀 10/10 worth it, would do it again :). Especially as a player of Russian and German BBs, the play style of the Thunderer is so different that is very very fun.

      Also, it earns XP and FXP so fast and easily that I will certainly have the FXP to buy the Alaska before it goes away and with a bit of luck, the coal to buy the Georgia as well…

      So overall, well worth the steel.

    • Just join a clan. If a clan only makes it to storm you can get like 15k steel in one season easy.

    • As good as Thunderer is, yeah, you’re gonna regret panic buying it simply due to how rare Steel is.

  5. 1. Do your daily missions like a good boi – 400 coal + 40 steel, 2. Get your 3 daily “more ressources” containers – minimum 1200 coal, 3. Join a clan and enjoy +5, +7 or +10% to coal and/or steel income, 4. Try to finish all the directives and/or missions where coal or steel drops may occur and 5. Knock off all snowflakes for coal and/or steel income. If steps 1-3 are followed you have a very good chance to get in excess of 60.000 coal every month. The snowflakes event this year can yield more than 50.000 coal – if you have all the tech tree tier 5-7 ships and a smattering of premiums.
    Edit: You can also rank out in Ranked Sprint (10.000 coal each time), purchase stages in Dockyard events (Odin and Anchorage – each 10.000 coal for 1750 and 1500 gold) and hope for supercontainers containing 15.000 coal or 1.500 steel. Supercontainers can most easily be obtained during the WG anniversary in September – 1 SC per tier 10 ship.

    • Aye.

      I have never gotten anything from ‘Supercontainers’ except fuck all or flags… which amounts to the same thing really. 😉

  6. They changed the win requirement for the snowflake event and now just requires around 350 base exp regardless of win or loss.

  7. snowflake-rewards in short:
    – 400 coal for every T5
    – 500 for T6
    – 750 for T7

    edit: oh, almost 20k subs, nice!

  8. Lol I just watch Simple History vids about IJN manned Torpedoes and then come here …

    The best torpedo you have is yourself …


  9. Tnx man…im glad i watched it…i did not knew the co-op shortcut

  10. Another thing you can actually get 15k coal from a resource container. So with absolute RNG blessing from Aqua, you can actually get 45k coal just with these containers.

    • well thats a supercontainer and you arent gonna get all 3 containers as a supercontainer with coal

    • @a kruska yup, I’ve been back playing for almost 2 years now and I average 2 containers a day and I’ve only gotten around 10-12 supercontainers in all that time.

  11. I will be getting my Thunderer in ~20 days!

  12. Me: Laughs in _already bought Thunderer_
    Also me: cries in _has to grind for Georgia all over again_

    • Laughs as I previewed this would happen and passed on the cancer Smolensk to buy the Thunderer after having bought the Georgia

    • If any ship is worth the grind it’s Georgia. Can be a fckin curse to play many times when those matches when the rng stars align. Damn!!

    • @noob4life1981 still crying over the smollie, should’ve gotten it as my first coal.

    • @noob4life1981 and with crying i meant getting annoyed with myself 😛

    • @Frans van Terwisga actually no, it shouldn’t have been. That thing is nothing but a piece of cancer to this game.

      With the Thunderer, you can actually shoot AP and still do good damage with it. Wouldn’t be the first time I blapped cruisers out of the water with a dev strike at +16km…

  13. Another Tipp : Join a clan for the bonus per container !

  14. Wow, thisvyears snowflake event sounds a LOT better than last year when all we got is camos for tier 5-7. I already have enough camo that I don’t use because a lot of my ships have been gifted permanent camos.

  15. The clip was literraly a YOLO Emilio.

  16. Next Video: How to get 1Million Free Exp in 3 months

  17. Coupon helps too , renews around Christmas time , 25% off of a coal ship. That will bring the price in coal down to 189,000 coal for HMS Thunderer .

  18. If your clan has a Treasury, you might be able to get some emergency coal from the commander? Maybe not though. I expect to see some “new” coal ships on the horizon. imo Thunderer and Georgia, and Big Mammie are the current priorities. Buy GA and Mass from the store and use your coal for Thunderer. Good luck everyone! Play the Key Battles for the 2 Super Containers they can drop a LOT of coal

  19. Omg I was in that game! I’m MemeMan32 in the Georgia on the enemy team

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