World of warships – How to FAIL SPESHUL tactic

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  1. i’ll just say best 100 cheer i have ever spent. PS: hans is love, hans is life.

  2. Hans looks like a …. trap!

  3. good that you know it’s all your fault :)) Recently in half of games on this map someone goes middle, wonder why 😛

  4. You made taking it up the middle fun again…bwhahaha

  5. I still wish we could have seen the look on that Shima guys face :p

  6. You have created a monster on Two Brothers. lol

  7. Is this the riot you where talking about fambass? #Hans

  8. So Hans actually managed to infiltrate Britain? Lol

  9. I think HANS was sailing their ship too….

  10. Extra speshuul fail?

  11. Best game evar xD

  12. you got a love Hans!!!

  13. Hans started a revolt up the middle haha

  14. His name is Flambass, spesjul of spesjuuls: Look on his works, ya Noobs, and despair!

  15. Fast Fun 😀

  16. are you a christsian you call out jesus a lot which is good

  17. This episode featured Hans as an undercover fifth column Minotaur crewmember. Job well done I guess?

  18. Aleksandar Djordjevic

    I was the Benson on your team. You ruined my battle, lol!

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