World of warships – How to farm EVEN MORE FREE EXP

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  1. skeletaur skull night

    A new video ! !!!!

  2. I was farming free XP like a mad man recently.
    Worked out really well with Alabama since all the USN CA/CL overcrowded the MM 😀
    I think i will buy Kronshtadt now ^^

  3. was just settling in to the second battle and …… blap it’s gone ……….
    if only I had the camos and flags to do this would be done …. oh and if I was as good a player as you are Flambass lol .. but i am improving thanks to you 🙂
    Thank You Flambass

  4. Oh look it’s Flambass
    Fire Barage!!!!!!!!!

  5. I wish ranked gave more XP and credits 🙁 randoms are boring for me as a carrier player.

  6. did you get 25k free xp just from daily win, summer camo and papa papa flags?

  7. I just have to ask. I put a 19p captain on my cleve (before change) and after the change i got an 8p captain. Does anyone else feel betrayed? And no those 190k elite comander xp aint worth the deal!

    • your 19pt cpt is probably on the new t6 Pensacola. the 190K xp is available for your to retrain the cpt back to the cleveland.

    • i do know. i just feel cheated they gave only a 8p captain. i thought a 15p or at least 10p would be appropriate

  8. Lol your “how to” makes me laugh. So I need camos and flags I don’t have and skill I don’t have to perform well. Not all of us are awesome like you… 🙁 I’m that noob that generally goes broadside in cruisers and can’t aim for shit! XD

    • Well my friend I’m trying to help you use your economy in-game as best as possible in case you get your hands on these things. You don’t have to hate me for not having them.

    • I don´t think that he was hating you.

    • No hate here mate, love your videos! Sorry if I sound salty :p it doesn’t help that it seems all my battles are either me being a tard or I get idiot team from noobville :/

    • i hear you, my games usually work like this. I get a full retard team and the game is over within 10 minutes because we lost high valuable ships fast.. I do fucking awesome, 100k+ damage 4 kills, but rest of my team sucks and the game is lost anyway. The games we win easily, there is not enough time to amount anything valuable and you go away with a 3k xp daily double win

    • i feel your pain ,,,,,,, way to often i fall under that same fate

  9. Wow I just realized that this video is a bit…..longer than it should have been.
    Basically the video should stop around 22nd min and for some reason it shows half of the next match as well o.O
    In that game I didn’t do anything special and it was a defeat and I still got around 10k exp and free exp in case you were wondering since it’s already a part of the video lolz

  10. Well you can do it 🙂 Us, poor mortals? Much longer 😛

  11. So much whininess in this video…

    You forgot to pray to RNGesus for the citadels…you are, after all, piloting a BB.

  12. its sounds sooo funny if you try to speak German,- btw. its not sooo easy to farm that EXP/EP ..if you dont have this Camos ( more then 100+++^^ )

  13. Hope next time KotS comes you are playing

  14. always funny when super unicums try to show plebs how to farm xp….it does not work like that when you are an average or even below average player….you are just wasting valuable camos and signals on top of that they probably having even trouble getting these, because we work for a living and play on our free time

  15. its not your voice ,,,,,,, its your ”music” hahahahaha
    are you playing a good old usa waterboarding session in the background or what is that ?
    is perhaps gina haskil your mother in law ?

  16. 11:49  Collision.  You had time to avoid this, plus you did not even use your horn to alert the other BB.  So you end up putting yourself and the other BB out of action until you can untangle yourselves.

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