World of warships – How to FARM LIKE A GOD

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You need captains, you need points, you need exp?
Well step right up Mighty Mo, MOTHER all farmers.
Many know her for being farmer but good old Mo here is more than just that.


  1. skeletaur skull night

    I LOVE YOU MUSIC STILL ! !!!!!!!

  2. If you do another one of these you have to call it How to FARM LIKE DONALD TRUMP HIMSELF!

  3. Cookiemonster525

    do you have tips for Jap battleships im only at tear 6

  4. Any simple tips/ advice you could give a noob? I seem to be either out of the battle or doing a suicidal yolo charge :/ also the rare time I am in the right place, my aim looks good yet I rarely get more than a handful of overpens, shatters etc. (Playing new mexico & Pensacola) :/ RNG + no skill sucks balls 🙁

    • Practice, practice, practice. New Mex and Colorado after it are slow and teach you about positioning very well. It gets better. WoWs has a decent learning curve.

    • Look at the starting positions. I useally good to the side of where the Destroyer or Carrier is. That way i have more chance to see spotted ships. Knowing that you can plan ahead. Try to sail angled towards an island so if needed you can use the island cover to bow out. In case of no cover and getting focused on, i rather reverse with a Battleship then showing my full broadside. About dealing damage, it requires a bit of knowledge of the enemy ship you are facing and what angle they sail. For example: a German BB can be hard to citadel, the closer you get, the harder it gets to hit their citadel. So i always aim a little bit above the waterline. Like the upper half of their armor belt. You dont hit citadels but you can do a nice amount of damage there. Also try out the training room. Look for the good spots to hit the enemy ships you struggle with.

    • When playing New Mexico, get fairly close (13 to 8km), so that the bad dispersion doesn‘t matter as much.

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      Always AP on bbs and fire below the engine

  5. just wish I had your luck and player skills ……… well played Flambass 🙂

  6. Fletcher hit 1 from that spread committing himself at 6:20, damn, he just got scared

  7. Poor CV had nothing else really to attack, only higher tier ships

  8. Today we learned how to farm like a god, in next video, we will learn…How to be one!!!

  9. Does this make a new series on your channel?
    Absolutly excited for the final episode of season 1 xD

    • This was just me spending a whole stream trying out different ships with all these boosters stacked up on each other, I was curious to see which ones make what best and these videos are a result of that

  10. I wish I could get the Mighty Mo..

    • Hades2004 i wish they would just put it back into the game and give people a choice between 2 t9 premium BBs

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      Flash123 jak ye just izumo sux they want a t9 yamato who doesn’t..

    • Kazeshini Hasagi the Izumo sucks compared to Musashi, but Musashi also sucks when compared to Yamato. There is literally no reason to get Musashi unless you need an IJN BB captqin trainer because you can just get yourself the Yamato with 750k free XP

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      Flash123 jak true and use it for ranked battles

  11. a very interesting shima lol

  12. I just got rammed by a friendly cruiser, died and got a -1 score.. now I am watching your vid. Feels bad about all the signals and camo I had.

  13. One open question / problem: Why do we need so many premium ships? What can you get out of them? Missouri yes, is a credit farming ship and whenever I’m low on credits I farm them. But besides the Missouri, which I grinded (free XP) for many months just to prove that you can get it without spending money, why would I spend money to play in a ship that doesn’t evolve? The same money can get you premium account, flags, doubloons etc. which help you in a more constructive way as you can evolve with a specific ship branch. So, all the premiums that I own I got from different missions without spending money on them. I barely play them….Personally I see no point in getting a bunch of premium ships for quite a lot of money. Why do others like them?

    • The answer couldn’t be more obvious if it wanted to be. Not everyone wants to spend so much time into getting Missouri, not everyone was able to get it, not everyone likes that particular BB or BBs in general. Some prefer DDs or CVs or CL/CAs. Not everyone is interested in playing such a high tier. Some ppl like collecting ships, some like to have certain ship because of it’s historical value etc. There are plenty of reason to get a certain ship.

    • This is definitely true. Of course, reasons like that give everyone a chance to own a particular ship. I remember Jingles saying that he would get the Hood no matter what, just because it once was the Flagship of the British Navy. But sometimes the price of a single ship which brings mostly only what you said, especially at higher tiers, is more expensive that 6 months of premium. And, because people buy them they are a bit better than the “regular” ones. At least some of them. But, as I mentioned, as you have a lot of viewers I launched that as an “Open question”, to see also why others spend sometimes a lot of money on these ships.
      As maybe this is the first time I actually exchanged words with you, I want to thank you for the DD videos which really helped me understand how DDs have to be played and made me grind the entire German line 🙂 And say Hi to Hans from me 😛

    • For someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to play the game, it’s nice to have premium ships that you can swap your high point captains into, instead of grinding a 14+ captain at every tier. Once I get the Indianapolis, I will have an American heavy cruiser for my Baltimore captain; I already have an Atlanta for my American light cruiser captain. You can fill out a lot of a tech tree on the American BBs (Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Missouri) with ships that can all take your Montana captain and work well with him. Same goes for any line, really. Sims, Monaghan, Kidd and Black all good for Gearing captains (generally, he also goes well in the Atlanta).

      To each their own

  14. Hi there! Could anyone give me tips on how to get some of these advanced signal flags? Do I watch streams, try to get them from containers, what’s the best way?

    • Yes you can get some of them in containers when there are raffles on streams, some of them you can get through campaigns and missions in game

  15. Slawomir Chmielewski

    You’ve used all those signals and didn’t add the +777% free xp? what a waste, it’s the only multiplicative bonus.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski i dont think he has them anymore. They are his favorite signals so he probably ran out of them. dont quote me on this tho

  16. foul language is really a downer on your videos!

  17. Any tips for my first t8 premium ship?
    That you can buy atm (or soon)

    • Maaalarkey I would have recommended Kutuzov but its out of the shop. the Kidd and Lo Yang are very powerful (pretty much a free Rank out if ranked is T8) but you need to have good awareness which not a lot of people in wows seem to have. Graf Zeppelin is a very strong CV but with the Carriers getting reworked, you cant know what will happen in the future

  18. Random Video Generator

    So many Mighty Mos but I still can’t farm a GF.

  19. If only there were more good games than bad, oh weekends must you be so disappointing, And your are using these buffs for a majority of bad games

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