World of Warships: How to Fight as a Cruiser in 60 Seconds

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Learn about how versatile the Cruiser is in this 60 second strategy: from weapon effectiveness to enemy ship sinking tactics.


  1. 7/10 Too Much Water

  2. i want kitikami again!

  3. is it worth playing???

  4. SpiffoVideoMaking

    is that water?
    7.8/10 Too Much Water

  5. Is it coming to xbox 1

  6. deetamer (king of 24 planets)

    where can i play and when is it coming to steam

  7. Except the Futuraka, because the Futuraka SUCKS.

  8. Triple Screen Gaming

    Hopefully this game supports nvidia surround because it looks awesome

  9. Feels like there should be a “sponsored by” warning on this somewhere.

  10. i could’ve learned more by staring at naomi

  11. clayton schinzing

    I love me some cruiser action

  12. The cruiser is my favorite so far

  13. that last volley was just all ricochets lol

  14. will this come to xbox one

  15. I want the U.S.S. Iowa, anyone else?

  16. TheAmazingspidertroll


  17. Wow is f2p?

  18. I got a world of warships ad right before this video…

  19. what cruisers have torpedoes?

  20. Ruffles the great

    that was a long 60 seconds

  21. when’s it coming to ps4!!??!

  22. Hi boys

  23. 1st sub too me guys

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