World of warships – How to Gearing

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  1. not disponible

  2. Sweet……can you put the link to the new USCV kine in the description Fambass please mate 🙂

  3. CV….my bad….meant CA’s

  4. Pronounced Wooster. City in Central Massachusetts

  5. Ignore how the americans pronounce the name of Worcester. They butcher the english language and mis-pronounce so many words. this is how it’s said –

    • Yeah english is a bit of a crazy langauge to be honest. so many words sound weird and we even have words that can have 2 meanings. Suppose that comes from the different influences that come from roman, saxon, viking and french settlers in our past.

    • Yes and you in the UK say “vitt-a-mins” instead of “vite-amins”. Technically the US pronounces it “correctly” since there is only one t in the word and it comes from “vital amines”. Tomato- tomahto. In MA they say “Wihstah” and in NY we’d say “Worster” and elsewhere they’d say “Wor-chester”. The city the ship was named after is in MA so I guess “Woostah” or “Wihstah” is “correct”.

    • blame the british for that abomination, thank you very much. it’s no accident that new englanders pronounce it like their english forbears – the rest of us americans would pronounce it wor-ches-ter. for some reason the brits like to lop off the middle syllable so, leicester = lester, worcester = wooster, edinborough = edinbruh. i personally would love it if we kept nationalism out of this, especially when you’re fucking wrong.

    • We created the language dude you are the lot that don’t know how to speak it and keep adding letters and sounds into words that aren’t there.We use the International Phonetic Alphabet to pronounce words just like you are supposed to. The only people in the UK that call it Edinbruh are the ones who watch too much american TV and have been Americanised. Not our fault the puritins we kicked out of our country were inbred uneducated idiots and became your forefathers and passed down terrible language skills.

    • Mark Deighton Research suggests that the New England accent is closer to what the Brits had back in the colonial era….

  6. Keep up the good work. . . Wanking face???

  7. Your music taste reminds me of mine in my twenties… I don’t think you’ve played a song during your vids that I didn’t like or at least didn’t like at one time. 🙂

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