World of Warships- How To Grind Credits Fast In The Economy Rework

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Hey guys, today I present to you my credit farming grind for the game post-economic rework. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Guide Intro
3:13 The Basics
5:37 Ship Selection
7:21 Methods
12:36 Boosts


  1. extra tip, sell all your camos you dont want from inventory
    also you can convert higher bonuses to lower and sell them too

  2. I feel they will add a buff to the camo’s. I suspect that they incentivized people to sell all their camos off to get everyone to need to buy them again later.

    • I think the outcry from that would be worse than the Puerto Rico fiasco and the LWM outrage?

    • @Bushcraft1974 lol dont threaten WG with a good time…
      I suspect the 3-4% detection will make a come back.

    • @lcarus42 it’s literally built in to all ships now, they won’t do thatm

    • @Poyraz Karipyan it was an example of what may be, not what will be. It doesnt have to be what was but theyll make camos have value again after the majority sell them off.

  3. I wish I could give two thumbs up for this video. Extremely helpful and informative.

  4. Also playing a ship that has the daily wind bonus on it helps.

  5. as a free to play player that never spent any money in this game, my recommendation is
    always aim and invest for coal ship, preferably tier 10, every time i need money in this game, i just bounce around my F. Sherman, Moskva, and Georgia time to time.
    With some credit boost and decent play, you could easily make 200k profit a game.
    Also dont ignore event-event like brawl, there are mission that rewards you 700k credits just by winning a single game.

    a tip, if you lucky enough to get doubloons from Supercontainers, use it when you want’s to go to next tier ship, what i mean is
    some upgrades, like Concealment, Reload mods, Range mods, could cost you millions, if you lucky enough to have 25 doubloons laying arounds, use it to demount your mods, and use it on to the next ship. But remember only demount mods that cost 1 million or more, the rest mods you could just sell it anyways.

    • I got the Tulsa and it’s damn near impossible to loose money in that ship even with a sub 10k damage game

    • I proud of that I spend just 2$ on game , to buy Cossack , I have now 236.864.995 credits (I have game open) , I have all ships that you can research and I have done few regrinds , and best way to earn credits , is play T9 I remember until i got Musashi , I played 1 battle on Republique my first T10 , and 2 battles on Texas my highest tier premium , and I was literally for like 4 months when i farmed free xp on Republique on 0 = I played last battle of the day on Rep and to play another next day I needed to play 1 or 2 battles on Tex … and i had no premium then 🙂 , and when I farmed enough coal to buy Salem with -25% coupon , I had profit on every battle , so yes premium ar answer now for new players , I think best way to get one is coal & Shinonome camp …
      … and now 4.5 years playing wows , i have all researchable ships , I have 11.175 free db , I play in silver ligue so I will get more free db soon , and with 57 TX & 1 Super ship I will get enough SC to not thinking to spend any cash on game , I even dis 19 reset for RP ships , and game is bit borring , I considered just to sell my account and just start all over again if I would do that I would :
      1. grind Haru , Yama,Rep ,Halland lines
      2. get 2 those T9 premium camost as fast you can from campaingn ,
      3. save coal for Salem
      4. play ranked , because T10 with camo = 200-300k profit in top 10 min = 2x faster on average that random.

  6. Personally, I find playing in tier 10 to still be really profitable as long as I play decently. Just recently, I earned 600k on a 98k damage loss with the Shimakaze, with nothing but premium time and the permanent boosts.

  7. Sardauker Legion

    I was lucky to already finish those tech lines i wanted for TX.
    Actually working only on Brest with ship/captain booster, while my money/free xp booster are on Thunderer / Bourgogne.
    So if we really get less free boosters than before i can live without.

  8. I worry that WG will revert their economy changes in the future and I will have sold all these camos and suddenly they’re important again.

  9. Cheers Sea lord it’s going to take time to get used to the new system but I do find getting silver is better but the grind DAME! it’s a grind with out the boosters

  10. Brandon Sheffield

    I have been playing games without credit boosters and even on really good matches I bring in under 90-100k credits. That’s nothing to boast about. That’s not enough to replace the combat signals I used. I have turned off all economic boosters as I did not get a whole lot of them when the conversion happened. I only got on average 1000 boosts for green and blue, but only a couple hundred of the Grey’s. We only get awarded 3 boosts as opposed the 5 signals we used to get. So I am horrified of the fact that I will run out faster than I can replace them and faster than I can earn enough credits to buy them back. WG will have to increase drop rates of credit boosts ( after over a week I have only recieved a total of 6 grey credit boosts) or increase the amount you recieve from 3 to atleast 5. I used to be able to purchase the economic signals 111 of each for $13, but now if you want those same boosts you pay the same for only 88 bonus boosts. WG is lining their pockets with this new change with no benefit to the gamer. Correct me if I’m wrong in my view and experience so far, but it will take some heavy convincing to change my view on this.

  11. One correction, the clan building still gives its cost reduction that is the only way to reduce service costs left.

  12. Coal iand free xp ships to get for permanent credit bonus on.
    Among BBs its Pommern and GK.
    Among cruisers Salem is good, Yoshino is nice, but I guess you can pick Azuma and Agir each for 1M free xp, which is currently probably best deal, if you dont have already some coal for T9-10.
    Its definitely prem account and then daily missions and those 3 containers with at least 1200 coal total. Clan membership can give you upto 10perc bonus on coal with some other bonuses too. W that 1200(+400 daily missions), so 1600coal you can get 288K in half year.
    Then try keep all ships t5 and up, Christmas grant you some coal or steel for playing them too.

    Back to credit earning, there are credits all around, farming on prem ships, daily missions, some in containers, daily login, missions granted from twitch or from WG new articles.
    As sb mentioned there are events usually with special ships which have zero post battle costs but can make you either directly credits or lately some tokens which you can exchange for credits later.

  13. Picked up the kii and the camo based on your other vids. Still makes good credits. Mass with secondary build, I play coop/pve, is good damage for the suicide bots too.

  14. great info there.30k battles 1st time i hear someone telling how base xp is made. would you make a follow up for every ribbon in game or what is the base xp generated for passives like spotting dmg and/or potential dmg taken?

  15. Marco Polo is a great credit farmer at teir 9. That 16 inch SAP hits so hard and if you angle well you can survive the slow reloads. Highly recommend for someone looking to train an Italian commander

  16. Thank you so much for going over this! I feel too many players think it’s just about farming a BB to get larger damage numbers is the best way to get credits. I’d also add that potential damage for BB players nets credits (so please push in on occasion and don’t border snipe) and damaging planes can now give credits too. I’ve got a few cruisers set up to just be plane damaging machines though it does feel bleh when there isn’t a CV. Great vid as usual!

  17. “ we’re going to do this to increase ship customization “

    Makes a system where most players don’t bother to put a camo on a ship anymore because it only hurst them

  18. Another item, don’t fire any ordinance if you don’t have a target. I’ve seen lots of people dumping depth charges when there are no Subs in play, or using their anti-sub planes against nonsub targets. Ammo costs, if it isn’t going to do anything, don’t use it.

    Second, especially in Co-Op, farm those defender ribbons. Don’t park in the cap to contest it, let the bots cap and farm them for defender ribbons, lots of extra XP and credits.

    Third, use your hit points. Especially in Co-Op, pesky DD challenging your battleship or supercruiser? Ram them. In Randoms, if you’re near the end of the game, especially if you’re low HP, ram damage doesn’t care about your HP, just your tonnage. If you’re in a BB ram that other BB. Yes you’ll sink, but likely your enemy will too, or they are now an easy kill for your team. You don’t get a bonus for bringing your ship back without a scratch.

  19. The dockyard missions for the Puerto Rico do reward doubloons, so I will definitely complete those

  20. My Salem is great for fast credit farming in Co-Op, along with citadel ribbon Combat Missions (co-op only of course). Given how fast co-op games can end at TX, I think it might even be faster farming than randoms.

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