World of Warships- How To Grind Fast

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Hey guys! Today I update my grinding guide, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:08 Video Intro
1:00 Credits and XP
9:41 Coal
12:45 Steel
14:43 Using Money


  1. After playing 3 years i just learnt you get extra goodies from being in a clan!! I joined one yesterday and wish i did this when I started!!

  2. After trying War thunder i don’t think even steel ships are that hard to grind. Gave up at that game after some time. I think WoWs fairly balanced, even though I’m always low on credits and not being able to buy researched ships.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Yeah I’ve been stuck with several tech line ships unlocked that I couldn’t afford on more than one occasion. I ended up combining premium time with my T6/7 premium ships and spamming operations. Even a loss makes more than the average random battle and a five star win in a T7 makes 6-700k.

  3. In regards to premium time, something I like to do is to buy the “Offer of the Month” which gives you 30 days premium and 2,500 Doubloons which is also the cost in-game to buy another 30 days premium. But the really good part is that you can play for a month and when the first 30 days run out, you can either pay those doubloons you got for more, or if you wanted to step away from the game for the next month because you’re a bit burnt out – no worries, those doubloons will still be there to buy premium when you come back! If you had just bought a flat 60 days of premium you would have wasted a full half of it with your break from the game. Alternatively, these doubloons give you a net that you can dip into to demount equipment and retrain commanders if necessary too.
    This also applies to the “Ultimate Treat”, which is 30 days premium and 7,500 Doubloons.

    • That particular deal is at the same rate as typical $120 a year premium. There are now two ways to get premium for half that. Usually right after Xmas for a week or two there will be a sale for 1 year prem at $60 (half off). 2nd way that’s recent is on your birthday (if you specified in your acct)they will email your a link to get a 100% off coupon for the online store. If you use that on premium, then it effectively makes it half price. However, you can also use it to buy dubs and when combined with an armory coupon you can buy a ship for 38% of its normal doubloon price….or buy extra dubs and do both.

    • @H Will Yeah I usually do the Christmas sale for premium time – last year I’d earned so much bonus premium through the year I actually skipped it – this year I may be buying only 6 months to get to Christmas 2022!!

  4. As mentioned below, join a clan. Plenty of them that don’t require you to join clan battles if that’s not your thing and you still get up to 10% extra coal, steel and also discounted tech tree ships. Absolutely the easiest way to boost your earnings.

  5. 16:21 To help hammer this in, it’s like making a 5 star 3 course meal, with no cooking experience. Please, I beg players, get to those higher tiers before buying a high tier ship. Hell, you might not even like the type of ship you buy.

  6. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    Some exceptions for going against higher tier ships, stock Mutsuki against a T7 gunboat DD.

  7. In WOWS Legends the Scharnhorst is a tier VI ship and I’ve seen one in basically a tier X round

  8. Little asterisk on your comments about cap ribbons, the way it actually works is about cap contributions as a part of your team. There’s a pool of base xp which is shared out between your team proportionally to how much time they spent in unclaimed or contested caps. So if you cap three times that’s great, but you might not get as much xp as a dd on the other flank that’s capped once but spent half the game contesting a cap and capped once.

  9. “Grind hard! Grind fast! Grind often!”
    -Admiral William “Bull” F. Halsey.

  10. Hi SLM, Greate update on grinding tips.
    I´ve been following your old tips and getting excelent results.
    Now we are facing the GK changes (I really love plaing main line German BBs, Bismark, FDG and GK are my favorits on this game, have re-started that branch several times now)). I´d like your comments on what could be the best course of action (reset branch, sell GK now, just sit and wait, start grinding XP on FDG).
    And since you are re-visiting some BBS, would be nice another new review on Gunther Lutjens if you may.

  11. Uh, Brawls ended days ago. I do realize there may be a lag between the video and uploading. I love when you lndex the videos.

  12. Thanks for this informative video, a lot of players don’t have a clue about how the game works and only go to farm BB’s without helping the team thinking that is the only way to get xp and credits, and they don’t understand that you do less credits and xp doing 100k damage only on BB’s than getting defend ribbons, damaging dd’s, spotting ships and torps, I make double xp and credits on a cruiser with 45k damage on DD’s, cruisers, capping, contesting caps, spotting than a game with Yamato slapping BB’s for 200k and doing nothing else.

  13. For example if you’re going down the French or German battleship line, you don’t really need to research the range on guns because their dispersion is pretty shit at that range and it’s better to just skip ahead to the next ship. Also less range means faster concealment..

  14. Also try out destroyers if you want to grind credits. Destroyers love getting uptiered. And good at capping. Apart from long range kiting cruisers, this is the best class to farm damage. And no we don’t talk about CVs.

  15. Very nice video, dude…helpful for newer players. Just hope the halfwits that chase CVs round the map watch this. lol

  16. What would be the best premium ship to buy as a battleship main?

  17. Tsuboi "Klein" Ryoutarou

    Pommern is my absolute favorite premium ship. I had around 900 days of premium after the last Santa Crates because they loved throwing that at me.

  18. “winning gets you alot of boost” Tell that to every moderator on Steam. They always tell you otherwise.

  19. Dont forget that by playing your first game every day in the ship you are grinding gives you a bonus 500EXP for that ship for the Daily mission. Great for moving that 1 grind along just a bit faster.

  20. i’m not actually sold on the “winning equals more credits”. when i compare battles with similar performance, but one is a win and one is a loss, the credit income difference is negligible. XP is higher for sure, but credit income doesn’t seem to be affected by win/loss. i’ve reviewed many of my own after-battle results, and this has been my own observation, but your results may vary.

  21. if any one wants to level any ship i can do for him that offer with good prices ^^
    here’s my discord 🙂 Maskof#2209

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