World of Warships- How To Grind Fast

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Wanna be a power grinder in World of Warships? Here are my tips on that.

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  1. I say the same, the most valuable thing is premium account honestly.

    • Yuuuup, I got lucky with various rewards for using the recruit-a-friend system about a month or so ago and got A LOT of premium time for free. That combined with the dragon flags they were throwing at us I was unlocking ships faster than I could make credits to afford them. For example back at launch I was F2P and wanted the Cleveland ASAP and it felt like I was in the Omaha for eternity before unlocking Cleveland. Recently I wanted to do the Soviet destroyer line and free XPd to Podvoisky (Not a fan of sub-Tier V battles). I don’t think I even played five battles in that ship before I had the Gnevny unlocked. Credit grind isn’t too bad either, it’s just not blisteringly fast like the XP grind. If I do well, by my standards, in the Scharnhorst I can generally get ~700k credits which is a-okay with me…it’s just I often don’t feel like playing Scharnhorst or Kutuzov, I can’t reliably do well in Sims to use it for credit farming, and I don’t have the mystical Missouri…

      Kinda thinking about getting Alaska ’cause it seems nifty and I would assume makes pretty alright dosh.

  2. Play events when they are up, e.g. torpedobeats, short games with a 19 point cap. So much free xp and cap xp!

  3. one simple way people seem to forget nowadays: winning matches give more XP and credits
    at least try to win games and don’t log in just to sail around; the game have training mode for that. Emphasize of the word “try”

  4. As mostly free player, the hardest grind is still the ingame money: I get XP and Free-XP thrown in my face, have three ships from T5 to 8 researched, but just cant buy them (or just barley but not enogh reserves for upgrades).
    And I would definitely go for premium if it would be a fair system, but why should I spend money on 24 hours while I’m 16+ hours per day occupied with such things like “work” or “sleep” and “social life”?

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      I get the point in your final sentence. I’m like that too. I won’t by a year’s premium for the full price, I’ll wait for the sale. I play 3-4 times a week for a couple hours at a time. I figure for the 16.4 cents Canadian a day that I loose when I don’t play is considerably less than what I loose by even getting out of bed in the morning most days.

    • You can buy flags. Obviously, you only spend them when you play…Or premium ships…you can even earn quite a few premium ships for free.

  5. I am glad I could get the Missouri, while she was available for free xp. It is like printing money, almost no matter how bad the round went

  6. I progress with multiple lines and try to get the daily xp bonus on each. Daily XP bonus + flags is similar to a normal game with the premium account (except for the credit bonus).

  7. Got 300k spotting damage with Friesland in a tier X battle, that was a win and only 900 base xp ??:D???

    • I’m pretty sure at this point that spotting damage doesn’t actually give economic benifits, games where I get over 100k spotting doesn’t differ much from games where I get none

  8. I was a f2p for almost a year, till I saw atago on discount then the gates opened….not even a inch shame nor regret in my soul

  9. the game itself is very easy to reach tier 10.

    Premium wows + camo + flags and tier 10 arrives in less than 100 battles
    it costs more to make credits than experience

  10. None Ofyourbusiness

    Another few things that can be done to grind quicker that weren’t mentioned:

    Find a clan. The bonuses in lower research cost, ship costs, coal bonuses (that can be spent on signals and premium boats) help a great deal.
    Be active in that clan and division up and use comms if possible. A division that has a voice advantage can sway the battle to the better often. Therefore the payoff is higher. Additionally, it provides another opportunity to learn the game more efficiently and therefore improve your solo results, again improving payoffs. Get involved in clan battles. With the right signals, I’ve seen battle payoffs of over a million credits on a win.

    Use a little discretion on your spending as well. The game is a marathon, not a sprint, Find a boat you do well in and play the crap out of it tree or premium.

    I was accepted into NSC a little short of two years ago. It was the first CB clan that I was in. Yes, I watch for the 360day premium sale. Howevre, along with the social aspect of the clan, which I enjoy, the financial return has been amazing as well.

  11. Im a free player and im up to Tier 7.. I just ran out of free premium days so I guess its time to pull out the Ol Credit card.. lol

  12. -I want to spend money on the game-


  13. My only gripe is that the disparity between win and loss xp ratios can be frustrating. I’m about an average player (certainly not a good one) but when I’m trying to grind, even if I have a good game, I’m annoyed when I get so much less for it because my team just didn’t win.

  14. Good example from my side. Finally made it till my T10 Hidenburg. But still can’t play it because I don’t have enough credits… 8 million short

  15. More tips to free to play players:
    Join a clan for extra xp and ship discounts
    Use some of your daily containers to get coal, or play the right gamemodes for it. You can get a tier 5-6 premium relatively quickly and you don’t have to wait for an event

  16. I have to grind to up grade my Iowa I use my other ships because higher Tries suck at grinding there to expensive to run …

  17. Optimise your camo/flags/ and x2 XP’s as well as premium ships and premium account etc. Clan up…do your events grab freebie stuff. Wows is massively generous compared to World of tanks. Also if you have amazon prime check your twitch TV prizes…I got a texas and lots of freebies.

  18. Even missouri is gone. I still getting cracked ton of credits and FXPs when I’m playing jean bart or alaska (got smolensk 3 days ago) BTW F2P player here

  19. I’m a “free” player, i have 7 TX ships and like 15 premium ships… the game is unique in the way that it doesn’t really punish you for not spending money on it.

  20. In addition to the in-game play advice here, use flags and camo in randoms and/or operations. Premium time is probably the best way to spend your money on the game if you can. Costs $4 per month if you buy a full year at half price at Christmas.

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