World of warships – How to Kamikaze R

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  1. anything that can torp beyond its detection had plenty of torp range :-p

  2. Will standard youtube video’s (not highlights) be in 1080p?

  3. i just tried the Japanese CV line got sick of the us one… i tried 3 games then used free xp to get to t6 couldn’t imagine doing it as a new player

  4. muhahaha… 6 torps to an afk and no single hit? ..must report this to Omni to fire you 😉
    Hans on Rudder confirmed 😀

  5. video starts and i hear “Makimanz, welcome!” i was like what witchcraft is this??? (im makimanz btw) lol

  6. Thanasis Anagnopoulos

    are you and flamu no longer in OMNI ? I don’t see you in the members list

  7. Hans, the best torpedo man ever 🙂

  8. Should do this with shima F3 torps ^^

  9. Kamikaze R – the anti-dd dd

  10. I once ran TA on Kamikaze. It was back when Kagero was T9 and had awful torpedo choices, and I used that captain. Funny thing, I didn’t notice I had shorter torps until halfway into the game, after a several hits. Staying just out of range and aiming for advancing targets is just so easy in that ship. Also, the guns are surprisingly good. They’re very punchy.

  11. A Division of 3 Kamikazes. You think you could swing it?

  12. I know there’s probably always someone who asks it but what is the name of the first song?

  13. Ha ha! I wish I knew that no one would take this seriously and spec TA on their Kamikaze/Fujin … but someone surely will.

  14. My favorite ship. The only reason I don’t play it all the time is because I don’t want to feel like a pure sealclubber.

  15. Carriers can’t defend themselves – well zuihou can, requires only a good timing and both TB squardons…

  16. Hi. Kamikaze has normaly 7 km torps with a 5,4 km concielment. So you have 1,6 km range to play stealthy. But you have a Captian-Skill active…so you loose 20% range!!

  17. This a old clip or you back in omni lol?

  18. regular kamikaze has 7km torps

  19. WTF torp acel on a kamikaze thats really speshuul given the fact your giving up all your concealment benefit just for that useless speed increase.

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